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The Narrative Parts I & II                       Nov. 19,2012

The Original Occupier                             Nov.19,2012

Big Bang Human Bubble                         Oct. 29,2012

Human Bubble Population Chart              Oct. 29,2102

Occupy Wall Street Part I                        Oct. 29,2012

Tea Party/Occupy The Same                   Nov. 23,201
The Zero Percent - 0 %                          Nov. 28,2012

Doomed Ship of Society                         Nov. 23,2012

The Children's Champion
                       Dec. 2,2012

Three Basis Levels of Human Existence    Nov. 26,2012

Our Peace Movement                           Nov. 23,2012

The Three Minute Proposal Contest      Nov. 26,2012

"Cash" The Promisary Note                  Nov. 28.2012

Mobilization Committees                       Nov. 19,2012

Mob Organizational Chart                    Nov. 19,2012

The Priority of Participants                  Dec. 28,2012

Homelessness Always                          Feb. 4,2013