Tea Party and Wall Street Occupation Movements

Boston Tea Party 1773

Are Essentially One In The Same

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Part II

It’s About The Personal Money Instead of Moral Rectitude


Everyone, from government, to "Wall and Main Streets", to the all the American Revolutionary movements, are in blatant hypocrisy in the class struggles between those who have the lesser, and those who have the most money, reject effectively addressing the Homeless 0%, thereby forcing the latter to languish under the twin systems of rogue Capitalism and deceptive Socialism.


Remember, certain American founding fathers helped to ignite the violent 1776 Revolutionary War by willfully, with anarchial-type intent of breaking colonial, British law when they boarded corporation, ocean-transit cargo vessels, to dump tons of privately owned tea into the Boston Harbor, even while disguised as indigenous peoples-Indians whose lands they had taken.


Well, ironically and hypocritically, these original, historical, Tea Party participants were also in possession of other men as their personal living property, that is, chattel slaves, even while conceiving, writing and legislating the Declaration of Independence and plotting a new nation where liberty reigns supreme.


Will these twins now continue that materialistic legacy of self-oriented, nation-destroying American Dreaming, or will we truly begin to live out the American CREED, instead of  the American GREED.


On the left of political posturing: Where were the peace marchers against the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq when it came to the war against the poor and homeless peoples in Americ?


The anti-war protestors brazenly questioned the morality of President George W. Bush and his father before him as they totally blinded themselves to their own immorality.  Attempting to remove the speck out of our brothers eye, when we have a log in our own.


On the political right posturing: Where were the Tea Party-conservatives,et al, in support of our Troops who went to Afghanistan and Iraq in face of anti-American demonstrations? Where were/are they on the question of the foreign civilian invasion of the United States against the Descendants of the Chattel Slaves?


Except for a few, most conservatives and Tea Party participants have for years dismissed my and others clarion cries for those Americans tortured by unwarranted poverty at the dark bottoms of society?


Check the placards and literatures of these twins movements, and you will notice that they are devoid of message about our poor, homeless fellow Americans and those throughout the earth.  Every American issue ranging from jobs, owning homes, bank bailouts, taxes, news programs, Presidential and other elective, political campaign agendas, are all about money instead of moral proclivity.


Every issue of the elective office campaigns from jobs, home ownership, bank bailouts, taxes, economy, are Money oriented, instead of the moral proclivity demanded of us by the GOD under Whom our New Nation exist.


Wall Street “Occupiers” and Tea Partiers are upset over the exact same things, money and materials it buys, and yet they each lack serious concerns for those who far less fortunate than ourselves, such as the homeless, who are the utlimate eptome or ultimate statement of Wall Street greed and corrupt government. Yet we don’t hear moral rectitude in either of their correct, rhetorical criticism of the "hated" establishment.


As conjoined twins:

  1. Each say that large corporations – the rich have too much power, i.e., Money

  2. Each say that the government has way too much power, i.e. Big Government or Big Brother-ism

  3. Each agree that special interest entities hard lobby (with money) immoral government officials in return for laws, regulations and policies favorable to large corporations. This is a quid-quo-pro alliance against the peoples of the world whom they intend to enslave, even was done in the West African Slave Trade.


Americans, before continuing to complain about a lack of personal gain, it is time that we instead, NOW seek the General Welfare of the nation, begining with the homeless, especially the unfinished business of the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution concerning the Sons and Daughters, descendants of the Chattel slaves.


If each movement does not become a moral imperative for the folks at the bottom of society, they are worse than the Wall  Street "pigs"& "fat cats" and corrupted government officials, because we say that we see better, and that they are blind.


Thanks for your consideration and all the Blessing of GOD and the Laws of Nature to you and yours,


Ted Hayes

America’s Black Shield



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