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Occupy Wall Street Part I

 A Free Peoples' Occupation Movement That Occupied Itself

Occupation means the invasion of an area, region, nation, etc by unfriendly forces who ravages upon its peoples and resources until they either voluntarily leave or are driven out by Patriot insurgents.


However, the occupiers must be able to maintain their status by clever antidotes to any uprising that attempts to occur.


In this case, the enemy invaders and would be occupiers are the primary young, disgruntled, "have-nots" of the 99% population of America who feels disenfranchised to "keep up the Jones" by 1% greedy Wall Street type rich, corporate elites of America.


The invaded is none other than Wall Street which knew the self-destructive folly of the occupying invaders and that all was needed to defeat them was to wait until they became their own worse, self-conquering ruin...perhaps never to rise again. 


So far, so good! The strategy of the "occupied" Wall Street seems to have worked as predicted.  The occupiers were powerless to hold the occupations, therefore they had to retreat and thus far have not returned.


Essentially, the Wall Street Occupation movement simply ended up becoming occupied with occupying itself.


While the Occupy Wall Street movement swiftly and cleverly "invaded" Wall Street and grabbed "occupied" the attention of the world by their correct, courageous, naive romantic criticisms of the financial institutions, but naturally were unable to maitain their "occupation".


Of coarse the establishment powers knew that there was no substance to the movement, which is why the authorities allowed "occupations" to continue for as long as they did, most notably, Los Angeles, because when asked for practical/realistic solutions, there weren't any, nor leaders to present them such existed.


Lacking Objective, Plan and Strategy

Occupy Wall Street, the leaderless, agenda-less movement of primarily young adults who are feeling disenfranchised (have-nots) of the essentials elements and resources that it cost to live the lifestyles expected of those in the mainstream or classes of American society, culture, politics and religion.


Though the peoples' movement of the 1960's was single issued, whereas the the Occupy was/is multiplex, they are the same in that they seriously lact realistic resolutions to the issues and leaders to lead the effort of liberation.


As a leadersless movement with no specific objective accept to vent legitimate criticism at the super elite, greed elements of wild, free market, corporate, capitalist enterprises that controls the Wall Street business of exobitant, global, financial and material gain, supported by corrupt federal, state, county and municipal governments of the United States.


Presumably, the idea of the "people before profit" daring to uprise and take occupation of the geo-physical Wall Street in New York City, New York, is addresses the whole idea of the super rich elite no longer have freedom to hold the right to "life, liberty and puruit of happiness (material possesions) above that of the masses of disenfranchised of earth, even denying them the opportunity to experience these same GOD-given rights.


Without an ultimate objective, accompanied by plans and strategies to correct the assessments of the established powers in the private, public and religious sectors of society, the Occupy movement was merely a flash of discontentment of western society youths too intimidated to take leadership responsility.


The Masses Not Meant To Lead

However, such timidity is understandable, being that 95% of human beings on any level would rather be ordered than to order which means leadership, followed by responsibility and the culperability for any mistakes made in taking on such a role.


Whereas, of the remaining 5%, perhaps, only 3% are willing to take responsibility for leadership and a mere 2% are willing to absorb culpability for failure.  This why societies have always been orchestrated and governed by an elite class primarily of the nobilities of monarhies.  History has consistently demonstrates that human beings are desperately religious and hopelessly crave monarchal control over their existence and even subsistence.  It is like our DNA to be ruled by an elite or individual.


It appears that like literal human form having a head-5% and body-95%, the athereal body politic of our collective, trans-generational, conjoined existence is our natural posture for being governed.  What is being recently attempted on a global scale by the sudden advent of the United States, a porported exceptional, Judaic-Christian nation, is almost completely the opposite, contrary to all other forms of governance which has been monarchal from the beginning.


The Irony of The United States

The aboration of the United States brings the unheard of liberties of democracy, practiced within a Repubican form of government, interpreted as freedom of the Nordu Ordu Seclorium-"New Order of the Ages" thereby ending the Anticus Ordu Seclorium "Old Order of the Ages" with the caveat of Annuit Coeptis-"He Has Favored Our Undertaking".


This new concepts of global liberty and freedom, particularly as prescribed by the First Amendment of the US Constitution, has ignited the fire of courage to express ones existence to be equal to those who tend to have more subsistence and power than themselves, even demanding a fair share of the same bounties of life, or at least not be prevented from seeking such.


Ironically, as the home of Wall Street, etc, it is the ideals and legacy of the United States that has empowered so many otherwise "disenfranchised" people in this country and throughout the world to stand for right, freedom and liberty, even if it is the object of criticism itself.


The Sheaples' Free Democratic Movements

Though romantic, one of the misnoamers about "democratic peoples' movments" is that they are naturally primordial and emotional based and reactionary, thereby not being planned and without a clearly defined objective, which is the primary cause of confustion disorganization, making them to be taken over by neferious outside elements.


Like sheep, people,i.e., "sheople" without a confident sheperd (leader), tend to follow whatever will benefit their personal desire to feed and be in a much comfort as can be provided for them, hence, the "sheaples free democratic movments" to be taken over.


Like ravening predators stralking a weak prey, these clever "organizers" creep into the unsuspecting, ignorant, gullible, freedom seekers infusing them with ideas that leads them back into other forms of monarahy and religion such as capitalism and socialism of various forms.


It was no secret before, during and until now that the "occupy Wall Street" movement had no substance whatsover other than unique, colorful and creative ways to express the self-oriented disgruntleness of youthfurl "have-nots" of the vaunted 99%.


Also, there is no wonder that leadership could not rise and still doesn't in the ranks of those disgruntled peoples of the occupy movement, one is due to the severe lact of objective and direction and obvious leadership vacuum as nobody saw a cause worthy of their risk to be a leader.


This Time We Can Do It

However, in this Human Bubble movement of love, there is a realistic central objective, with a practical plan and strategy to achieve it, that is presented by someone who has an unprecedented in US history experience and resolutions to many of the critical and legitimate points of concerns raised by so many people throughtout this country and world.


Folks of all walks of life, including religious, ethno-racial, political persuasians, etc, of the western 99% "have-nots" societies, especially of the United States equiped with talents, gifts, technical skils and equipment who are combined with the experience, knowledge, wisdom, solutions, pratical tactics of strategic actions of this person, can together with powers of GOD alter-change the coarse of this world without the use of the electoral systems.


We have now learned enough from the past that there is no reason that we can't cease the insanity in this, our generation...the greatest of them all.


"Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth"

"Blessed are the peace makers, for they shall be called the children of GOD"

Jesus Christ

"Here! It is ours for the occupying"


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