We Are The Children's Champion

Soldiers of Justice For The Suffering Masses

6,500,000,000,000 Human Being - Mostly Children

 "Live, live for life. But let live everybody.  Live life for the children.  Oh, for the children
You see, let's save the children. Let's save all the children.  Save the babies, save the babies"
  Marvin Gaye


The Moral Inspirational Imperative To Win

By championing those who dwell in homelessness at the very zero - 0 bottom of society, the inspired youths of America will embraced as romantic heroes, similar as those who 150 years ago during the US Civil War sacrificed their own young, promising their lives for the sake of others.


Theirs is most noble fight that will endear the heart-feld emotions of the earths masses that are abjectly stricken of life sustaining resources, being homeless, and slaves of all sorts, including child prostitution and warfare, etc.


Due to the circumstances that most of them just happen to be innocently born into, though we don't know their minions individually and personally, they are known to us however, our actions demonstrates that as fellow human beings, we feel them, their pains, frustrations, fears, and desires for comforts, health, education, etc.


The youths of the US Civil War (primarily boys) rose from their personal discomforts to suffer, fight, kill and die to free another people from the tyranny of chattel slavery according the mandates of the Declaration of Independence, the Emancipation Proclamation, and of being a Judaic-Christian "one nation united under GOD."


Ironically, the majority of the boys of the Northern Union probably never met, nor seen a slave, or even seen a Freeman both whom are of Black African heritage; and the those of the Southern Confederacy though probably seen many chattel slaves and Freemen, did not own any. 


Yet, there they were, White American, Patriot brothers warring against each other due the presence of African Blacks in the United States as chattel slaves, but both believing that their sufferings were redemptive for the sake of others and not themselves.  The ulitmates in sacrifice!


Ironically, though these young suffering in the civil war were all of European immigrant heritage, many being first generation, were fighting for a "foreign" country, killing each other that they and their descendants may be part it.


In a certain weird, "glorious" beauty, but horribly painful, these immigrants fought each other on behalf of either those unlike themselves, non-immigrants, i.e. exiled out of Africa, West African, Americanized, chattel slaves,. or as sourtherners for their countries and loved ones, very much like themselves. 


Either way, these young boys and men, suffered for the sake of others.  This was/is human nobility at its finest!


Now we are poised to repeat such similar heroism, but not just for America as was the US Civil War, but this time the whole Hum Bub world as well, with America the "trigger" point.


Human Bubble Movement Focusing On The Bottom of Societies

This is especially poignant given the present global, slavery-like enviroment whereby of the 7, 000,000,000 plus human beings through earth, 6 1/2 billion of the total 7 billion are homeless, destitute and socio-economically, politically, religiously oppressed, and witout a clarion voice and champions.


They are a peoples who have been consistently trod under, cast out, aside and abused by the powerful elite few.


By raising this moral banner of the GOD-given Rights of "life, liberty and pursuit of happiness" experienced by the One Percent - 1% rich and Ninety-Nine Percent 99% equalling the One Hundred Percent 100% are to finally include  the 0%, the Human Bubble Initiative will ignite a new paradigm in global economic policy and practice.  See They Are The 0 %


For the first time in world history, a generation is being challenged by The Non-Scientifically Dectectable (Invisible) Progenitor of the Universe to utilize its special gifts, talents, unique attributes, and blessings of an unprecedented, modern society, love radically and work quickly with HIS Laws to save the world by prioritizing.


 Being connected by into a single body politic by "real-time" global village of Hum Bub's communications techonologies, human beings are equipped and positioned to have the earth and its inhabitants Healed for global salvation.


 However, unlike the preveous generations of the past 5,000 plus years who lacked our abilities, therefore, practiced "trickle down" policies as a prescription for the suffering masses, ours will first and formost properly address the state and fate of the masses at the bottom of the society as the equitable remedy for all!  Note the passenger ship analogy at "Doomed Passenger Ship"


Money verses Morality

Our primary dispute is no longer about gaining our individual "fair-share" of money power for personal material happiness and aspirations such as the "greedy/corrupt" Wall Street and government officials whom we correctly castigate. 


Our cause deserves special attention from all  concerned on earth, because those whom we accuse of selfishness, is not the driving motiff of our protest against the 1% rich whom are universally despised, but rather one in which we learn equitable etiquette and civility for all classes of societies.


We know that reaping wealth is a temporal, relative issue that is void of moral and spiritual authority or credibility.


Whereas championing the homeless, descendants of slaves and the Indigenous Peoples throughout the earth provides us the "cloak-covering" or moral authority that outweighs our human frailties that we may make special demands upon the powers elite of the world for the masses, etc.


Soldiers' Love and Justice for the Poor, Slaves, Indigenous Everywhere

This sudden evolution in thought by the Human Bubble Initiative, we throw Wall Street et al, back on their heals with no defense, because of the moral climate that our struggle is.


Temporal money (who has it and who doesn’t, and how it is gotten, spent, and lost) is no longer the primary focus of our struggles, but rather justice for all – the 99% of the world, as well as the 1%, beginning with the 0%...we own the high moral ground.


The billions of poor and oppressed peoples of the world are watching and waiting for us Americans-westerners, including those in Europe and Asia, with all of our lofty ideals and platitudes of “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness”, to lead them to the Promised Land of global, socio-economic and spiritual  Justice!


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