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Do Business With GOD now

“Cash” The Promissory Note “Check”

America has given the Negro people a bad check which has come back marked ‘insufficient funds.  

But we refuse to believe that the bank of justice is bankrupt” MLK, Jr. 


The General Bullet Points

According the Declaration of Independence, the Sacred Business Contract that America has with GOD concerning the Sons and Daughters or descendants of the chattel slaves and Freemen, and by the Authority of the US Constitution, as well as the Holy Bible of this Exceptional Judaic-Christian, it behooves all US citizens, their guests and those seeking citizenship to move the federal government to "cash" the Promisory Note "check".  See Promissory Note


Rescuing the Sons and Daughters - Descendants of the Chattel Slaves and Freemen "Cash" The Promissory Note

  • This sacred matter is not about legal or criminal immigration, nor race, the “haves and the have nots” who are the 1 % and the 99 %, nor the rich, middle class or poor, but rather the unfinished business that “Wall Street” and the government of the United States of America has with the surviving descendants of the Chattel Slaves and the Freemen.

      > The immigrants came willing to America seeking their personal dreams of success, while the slaves

          were brought from Africa to this land of the free against their wills in chains upon whose back the

          Ameicans of immigrant heritage built the United States for themselves and their descendant children.


Unlike immigrants, the chattel slave classes didn't arrive to these American shores with that vaunted Dream in their eyes, but rather one that envisions the immigrants who built this nation upon their backs and enjoying its bounty, now turn to aide them to achieve that very special, unique experience authorized by US Constitution, i.e. the 14th Amendment 1866 Civil Rights Act, as well as the Declaration of Independence and the Holy Bible.


Focusing on the fact that the USA and Wall Street is built upon the back of chattel slaves by immigrants, hence a nation of immigrants and slaves.


* Due to the fact that at only 11% US population:

 Ø   Children of the Slaves lead the nation in negative social statistics. 

     Ø  Children of the Slaves are 17 plus % national unemployment rate!

     Ø  When children of the former slave owners are hungry, those of the former slaves are starving!

     Ø  When other Americans are in recession, we are in double-dip depression!

     Ø  When immigrants have a cold, Sons and Daughters of the Slaves have pneumonia!

     Ø  Over 60% of Homeless are descendants of the Slaves


* Whenever the American economy falls, the state and fate of the slave children fall even farther, and when the economy recovers, the sons and daughters of the slaves remain at the bottom


All we are saying, is if America and Wall Street should get “religion”, then it is by natural triage, that the American citizens upon whose back this nation is built by immigrants which they enjoy, should be ministered to first.


All Americans can agree, unite and have critical mass on this “Urgency of NOW” matter.


Let all the world unite around the ONE COMMON CAUSE, rescue the beleaguered and languishing Sons and Daughters of the Slave for their great contribution to the whole the world, because upon their backs there is laid an American Dream that immigrants (legitimate and criminal) are rushing to. 


As a popular American singer sings “They’re Coming To America”.

The Children of the Slaves say, “Then Come, but Respect US”


In conclusion, our Hub-Bub Initiative movement will see to it that finally this beleagued American people will revieve their just rescue as an examplary model for the nations of earth to emlulate in their particularly struggles for generational reconciliation and healing.



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