The Priority of Participants

 The priority of participants is to remain within this effort to help save the world by gravitating around the singularity of the ultimate objective, by routinely implementing the basic critical mass principles daily.


Unionization of the needed, global body politic entity is the idea that a given number of participants who are in conscious agreement on a singular thought (issue) or even a cluster(s) or string of such thought, will cause the critical mass effeccts that we desired on earth.


Therefore, while there are a myriad of issues related to human sufferings throughout earth, accompanied by various competing political, economic, and social affiliations, as well as doctrines of religion and philosophy, etc, it is imperative that the good energy of this Initiative ignites, propel and draw all participants up beyond the gravitational realms of natural barriers between human beings.


Such union is achieved by participants versing themselves in the theme objectives, plans, and general strategies, styles and attitudes.


Our initiative is driven/inspired by the Spirit and attitude of Love-Agape (ancient Gk: GOD-Love), in which participants from the financially richest to poorest, to seek edification for all concerned, that we may evolve, transform and/or morph into the next, new order of the ages – Nordu Ordu Seclurium. See "Why GOD"


Therefore, while not ruling out the Americana tradition of civil disobedience acts, we avoid ethno-racial-cultural-class-national-religious pejoratives, as well as physical harm to human beings and property as a demonstration of wishes and intents.


Our demonstrations are based on the singularity of our objective, which is to help salvage humanity by fixing the hole (black hole) in the bottom of the society where the 6.5 billion homeless, poor, sick, destitute, refugees, victims of war, et al reside.  See “The Doomed Ship”


Thank you for your sincere participation.


Agape-Shalom in Jerusalem, Blessed Bethlehem