Spirit Soul Body

The Human Existence On Three Basic Levels

 In The Good Seed of Hope Empowerment

Spiritual, Soular, Geo-Physical


The Good Seed of Hope Empowerment affects the three basic realms of human existence on earth which are the spiritual (direct connection with GOD - often unconscious), the soular (the ethereal non-material) and geo-physical realms


Spiritual Realm – Above all others proscriptions, there first must be laid a spiritual foundation constructed of substances that can only be found and purchased in the realms or “frequency” beyond-higher than those of dark matter and even dark energy, i.e., Heaven.  In order to fully grasp the reality of world condtions to resovle the crisis, it is imperative that human beings have direct and conscious connection with GOD, the Creator, Progenitor of the Universe. To attempt world rescue with such empowerment is not only futile but also dangerous thereby making matters even worse.


HE says, "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts." [Isaiah 55:8,9]


This valuable eternal substance is purchased from the Central Figure Himself of the Higher, Heavenly realm by the acknowledging the Creator-Progenitor of the Natural Universe, perhaps as a body politic, critical mass.


Maybe such an organized action in the acknowledgement of the Creator-Progenitor of the human- sustaining nature of earth, and the accompanying universe in a supporting role, HE would in turn exercise HIS resources in direct aide of our noble venture to Healing the nations. 


Indeed, as the American founding fathers tells us, Annuit Coeptis – “HE Has Favored Our Undertaking”, that is the mission of the United States to make the world free of tyranny.


  • Subsequently, this re-connect with GOD empowers the spirit that HE has formed in man/humanity (collectively) which actually is the offspring and tiny mirror of Himself, Who too is A Spirit.

Ø      The key to moving The Judge of all the earth and/or HIS laws, is the spiritual elements of Hope, Faith and Love –

          Agape which is the triad prescription for the Healing of the global triad crisis, beginning in the United States of

         America, a self-professed, Judaic-Christian “one nation under GOD” civilization, even being therefore Divinely

         Providentially, Exceptional.


Soular Realm – Standing strongly upon the spiritual foundation is healthy body politic of emmense soularic character with the moral proclivity to pursue this unprecedented venture initiative of actually Healing the nations.

  • The transforming of the soul (intellect and emotions) by the GOD empowered spirit in humanity enables his/our (collective) ability to equitably decipher triage applications to the impatient and demanding suffering masses of the world, the whole crux of our crucibles on earth as these populations are the overwhelming majority.


Ø      This process empowers the soul to remain calm and patient, as a well trained para-medic in action.  In fact, the empowered Soular character will transcend “normal” reactionary responses to crisis with such a resolute focus on the cause supreme, that is will appear to the unaware to be of a supernatural quality thereby causing them to hope as well.


Ø      Those to whom the Progenitor has granted the GOD-given rights, demonstrated by their birth into and dwelling in the wonders of westernization, are subject by HIS laws of human civility, to the duty of applying the triage to the Healing of the Nations.


Geo-physical – The power to actual physically implement the chosen plan and strategy to Heal the nations is derived from the strength of the properly equipped Soular character.


  • Given the daunting enormity of the grand objective, though noble and wishful, it is impossible to achieve the geo-physical components without the first two being in place.


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