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Our Peace Movement part i

“When the elephants fight, the grass gets bruised” anonymous

“This time, the grass grows thorns.” Ted Hayes


“And you shall hear of wars and rumors of wars:..For nation shall rise against nation,  and kingdom against kingdom” The Holy Bible


Ironically, it has always been young people who have peacefully resisted war and yet simultaneously this demographic of humanity are the very ones who end up having to wage them.


Whether they participate in the assorted efforts to stop or end organized, violence and bloodshed, or in that of the forces that kill fellow human beings for the sake of rich, old men who are in philosophical and political tension with each other, generally young people are ignorant of the issues surrounding the conflicts.


The fact of the matter is that youths are innocent of the situations, circumstances and conditions of the world that they have been born into. 


For better or worse, they gave been naturally fated by the cosmic laws of the universe to reap the consequences of recent and distant past generations’ failures, even as they also inherit the certain benefits left to them by their predecessors.


Therefore, though recently awakened to their own existence, it is incumbent upon them to embrace the responsibility of their reality, seek and implement measures that will annul the destructive effects of the past, re-set history to a course of improved society, and eventually leaving earth in a better state for future generations


While it is only a very mere fraction of a fraction of humanity that actually causes, orchestrates, and fight wars, the vast majority of the humanity wants all bloody conflicts cease forever.  “Good will on earth.  Peace towards humanity”


Anti-War Movements of 1960’s

In the 1960’s, during the emerging Civil Rights movement to obtain the US Constitutional benefits and protections entitled to the descendant-children of America’s peculiar institution of chattel slavery, young American, primarily college students began an uprising against this nations involvement in the civil war of Vietnam.


Note A: This action severely weakened the cause of the chattel slave descendants, because it drew media and   

                 government attention awayfrom the their concerns to those of college students etc. who were shouting “Hell

                 no, we won’t go!”


             Unfortunately, this insensitive and individual-freedom action of these particular young men and women caused

              a set-back to the progress of the Civil Rights movement, even attracting its primary leadership to adulterate it

              with what appeared to be an anti-American, pro-communist interest.


              Unlike the Civil Rights movement, the Human Bubble initiative will not be deterred, nor intentionally weaken

             any other movement for justice, but rather in fact, enhance them in their respective causes due to its own,

             secure, clearly defined and understood objective.


In the fabled 1960's, thousands and millions of young people in this country and around the western world, courageously launched and waged their own non-violent, ideological wars against the Vietnam War as well other establishment corruptions that emanated from the “Wall Street” of that time in what became the legendary, landmark, peace and/or anti-war (*Vietnam) movement.


 Note A:  As in all such efforts, the 60's peace movment, like today's "occupy", it too was plagued by weaknesses that

               guranteed its doom and diverted it away from root causes of that and all other wars, such as:

                    1. fringe anarchial elements with a separate agenda of using the masses to gain their power of disruption.


                   2. Though not de facto as the present day “occupiers”, the leadership of 1960’s didn’t have a  susinct and  

                        tangibly clear objective either, as to what do about the war and how to realistically stop it or prevent

                        others in the future.

                            * As a consequence of the failed leadership, the youthful participants, though most were sincere,

                               were clueless as to the realities of their protest, and not knowing how the world truly functioned,

                               they were prey for predators of world sufferings.


                          *  Essentially, the ignorant young activists were used as “idiots” for the purposes of special interest

                               that had no concern for them, nor the issue that they cared for, espoused and demonstrated about.


Note B:  While all these movements were/are self-oriented like the present Tea Party, and all other such efforts except

               that of the chattel slaves Civil Rights, "occupy" was the first to not be about war and peace, but rather

               personal economic security. 


              In the 60's one of the most popular, hip banner songs which actually embodied the spirit of the peace movment

              was the Isley Brothers, soul hit, "It's Yo Thang, Do What You Wanna Do". 


             Ironically, this iconic tune is more appropriate for the "Occupy Wall Street" movement today than the it

             predessors of the 60's.



It is the intention of the Human Bubble Initiative to establish a peace movment that rectifies the root matters that provides the environment which causes the outbreak of wars from the beginning of human civilization to this present time of consumation, perhaps, known as the Ordu Nordu Seclorium - "New Order of the Ages".


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