The Seed of Hope, Healing of the Nations

“Think Globally, Act Locally”

Three Minute Proposal


The separate nations, civilizations, etc., are interconnected or locked within each other’s spheres of concourse, especially in the modern age of communications and transportation technologies


Therefore, as one persons trash is another’s treasure, a solution could also be or cause some else’s crisis.


Thee Minutes To Speak To The Whole World, What Would You Say?

Hypothetically, is there is a body politic of authority representing earths’ whole population seeking a simple solution to the myriad of complex interlocking crisis of the world, and you were granted by it 3 minutes to present a solution to the worlds complex, interlocking crisis, what would you say-present?


Solutions are chosen through a two stage process whereby in the first, each candidate makes their 3 minute to initial or introductory proposal.


Should the authorities embrace the proposal, it passes onto a second stage for the opportunity to present a more detailed overview.    


This Is What I Would Do and Say

First, I identify as my base of motif operandi, which is my personal faith and experienced belief practices in GOD according to the Holy Bible and the First Legal Document of the United States which is the Declaration Independence backed by the Constitution, particularly of the 13th, 14,th and 15th Amendments and the Constitutionally codified 1866 Civil Rights Act, as well as this nations foundational association or alliance with and submission to the government of Heaven as being Judaic-Christian.


Second, present a finished vision or fruit of the solution the authorities seek, and the seed from which is derived.


The Seed

As in any seed product, all the germ components that would result in mature plant and fruit thereof is contained within it…so the same holds true for the solution that I present.


The planting, cultivating, harvesting processes

  1. Ground or soil preparations is caused either by natural circumstances of the crisis itself or deliberate manipulations of circumstances or a combination of both, which the Holy Bible calls “breaking up the fallow (hard) ground”, essential authorities coming to humbly realize their need for such planting.


  1. Planting the seed which is convincing authority to embrace it


  1. Cultivation of seedling plant which is the all important middle process of transitioning from seed, seedling, plant to harvesting


  1. Harvesting fruit of planted seed, that is, implementing the solution, which is essentially cyclic process.


Dome Village: Seed of Home

The National Homeless Plan embodied in the seed pod of Dome Village a microcosm of the world, is such a simple solution that will rectify the ills of the world because of its moral foundations of the homeless who are poorest of the poor in any society.


Such is especially true in light of the fact that Wall Street corporate and individual greed combined with corrupt government is the polar opposite and cause of homelessness and its perpetuation.


The very heart of the National Homeless Plan strategy is the action of the US President encouraging Wall Street to invest in non-tax, government sponsored plan to eradicate the ravages of homelessness.  See 


All the germination ingredients needed for the desired fruit-harvest is build within the Dome Village seed, itself!


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