The Human Bubble Initiative
a movement to help save the world

Mobilization of Body politic
Committees For Practical Action
"This time we are organized"


Enlistment Procedures

Greeings Candidate,

Welcome to the Human Bubble Initiative, a movement to help save the world, and thank you kindly for enlisting as an active participant.


Please view the below information and follow the instructions.


First: Read and Study all pages of this sight

     * Report for qualifying quiz


Second: Read and study the National Homeless Plan While you will enjoy viewing the Dome Village etc, your primary attention must focus on the National Homeless Plan section and follow those links. 


It is imperative that all participants have a basic grasp of the Plan to envision its objective, maitain their courage having with the ability to it to others.

     * Report for qualifying quiz


View the committee cells and according to your time, talents-skills-gifts and resources, they then choose which one(s) will be more suitable for maximum effect with minimum input.


Provided you pass the Right of Passage quiz

Purpose of Committees

To be effetive, we must instigate and lead a movement with a singularity theme accompanied by plans and strategies.  This time, we know what we want to achieve and how to implement it.

In order to avoid failed "the people united, shall never be defeated" of the past including thos of the 1960's to the recent "Occupy Wall Street" efforts to move the "too-big-to-fail" power establishments such that of "Wall Street" and government entities to conduct themselves with human dignity, it is imperative that we have a vibrant, progressive, well organized body politic of active committees.

These select committees are orhestrated by real "facto" leaders working under the auspices of the singularity of our sacred purposes of love, justice and peace on earth, beginning with the United States.

The theme to conserve, protect and promulagate our GOD-granted liberties and rights to be enjoyed by all human beings on earth, our energy must be able to bring the powers of establishment to the Martin Luther King, Jr. "Table of Brotherhood" negotiations, and know what we negotiate for.

The Strategic Process
Armed and equipped with our singular, proposed and detailed objective, the committees conjointly, syncronisticly, and wage their respective battles that will force or draw our intended, simulataneous, "critical mass" response from the various power establishments of the world, such as Wall Street.

A Responsible Body Politic
Unlike previous movements that were reactionary oriented, therefore disjointed, unorganized, with a plythora of condradicting demands of personal desires with no intelligent, nor practical means by which to achieve the, this very special body politic is organized the transform, morph or evolve itself into a responible entity.

Responsibility for this body politic means that its leaders, being non-de facto, willingly assumes accountability and culpability for its leadership.

Imperative Training
Every would-be leader of the committees must be taught, learned and well trained in the basis policies of the movements initiative.

Therefore, it is incumbent upon such leaders to have read and versed themselves in what has been provided at this and other web locations, with the possibility of meetings depending on locals, time and resources.

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