The 0 %
zero percent
Do We Really Care?
"Who really cares?  To save a world in despair. Who really cares?  Who really cares? 
Who's willing to try.  To save a world That's destined to die.

When I look at the world it fills me with sorrow. Little children today are really gonna suffer tomorrow
Oh what a shame, such a bad way to live  All who is to blame, we can't stop livin'

Live, live for life. But let live everybody.  Live life for the children.  Oh, for the children
You see, let's save the children. Let's save all the children.  Save the babies, save the babies

If you wanna love, you got to save the babies.  All of the children
But who really cares.  Who's willing to try.  Yes, to save a world].
Yea, save our sweet world/ Save a world that is destined to die"
Marvin Gaye

These are the voiceless innocents

6,500,000,000 (six and a half billion) Homeles, hungry, sick, dying


We are their blessed westerm champions

It is we who really cares.  We are willing to try... We will live and let live.  We won't allow the children to suffer tomorrow, because we live life for them. Yes, we will save the babies. We demonstrate love as we save all the children.  By GOD we will save a world no longer destined to die.

They are the Zer0 percent - 0 %

This Is Sacred Math

The One Hundred Percent (100 %) vs. The Zero Percent (0 %)

The 99 % are the “Have Something” plus the 1% who are the “Have the Most”

equals 100 % of everything wanting more at the expence of the suffering 0's


The zero percent - 0 % are ignored by the 99 % and 1 %. 

Therefore, the 1% + 99 % = 100 % against the 0 %     

Got it?

The last US Presidential election campaign whereby the privileged Americans on behalf of all people on earth chose the leader of the free, western world, and never expressing a concern for the folks at the botton of society, but rather on the so called Middle class, i.e., the 99 %.


The Occupy Wall Street demonstrators (OWS) of the 99 % are in the same blessed, Western World of the 1 %


In comparison to the world, westernized, Americans and Europeans as well others who have benefited from a free market enterprise capitalisms, et al, the professed 99% waging legitimate concerns against the ruling 1%, are actually in the same zone as those whom they castigate as selfish and insensitive.


With at least 6 ˝ of the 7 billion human beings suffering under the ravages of homelessness, abject poverty, and horrifying social injustices as well as unnecessary sicknesses and diseases, comparatively, the so-called 99% are actually within the realn of the 1 %.  Disgusting realization, isn't it?


Everybody Wants More

Essentially, the present tenor of the disgust with Wall Street greed and government corruption from the political left "liberal" being the OWS (99%) and right "conservative" Tea Party (99%) is not after all one of the “Haves vs. the Have Nots”, but rather, “The Have Less who want what the Have Mores have vs. the Have Mores who want even more."  Apparenly, the greed factor is within all classes, not something reserved only for the so calle rich.


Actually both representations of the 99% along with the 1% equaling the 100%, are all ignoring the 0% who are the Homeless, Sons and Daughters of the Slaves and The Indigenous peoples of America, and the billions of poor folks around the earth.


Example: Being focused on their discomforts and refusal to champion the greatest victims of corporate greed and government corruption, the 99 % inadvertently aligns itself with the 1% by complaining about their own personal discomforts in life.


The fact that the exploding 7 billion plus population of the world is abjectly poor, destitute and homeless (6 ˝ billion?) as the 0%, while the indulgent, western world OWS are actually in the 1% as possessors of expensive, corporation produced, high tech communications tools, expensive camping gear, homes and apartments to retreat to, some even have gainful employment, automobiles, skate boards, oil-based credit cards, trust funds and even bank accounts that they are transferring to credit unions, etc as displayed in the various Occupy Wall Street encampments throughout the nation.


Morally, it is a hypocritical travesty for anyone, whether of the political right or left to not prioritize as first on their agenda for justice, the desperate needs of the Homeless and poor at the bottom of society while correctly castigating Wall Street greed and the government corruption.


In this fierce urgency of now, that the OWS and Tea Party, et al, can become inspired to transform into heroes of others rather than takers for themselves.


“Now is the time”

We may not have another opportunity greater than this, either or final or finest hour. 

We and GOD prefer the FINEST.  Are you with us?


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