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The Emancipation Proclamation


The Great, Nation-Threatening, Moral Vacuum In America

Unlike the Democratic Party, or any other political entity in history, the Republican Party clearly established from its beginning, dared to associate itself with high moral-spiritual and social values within the United States of America, primarily that of Judaic-Christian.

See The 740,000


However, and unfortunately, frustrated with its inability to rectify the generational aftermaths of 245 years of chattel slavery, the republicans abandoned its noble two phase mission in preference to strictly an individual, materialistic quest for property, thereby loosing its way and subsequently leaving a vacuum to be filled with self-centered matters that are of a foreign and contrary nature to American society.


Initially embracing the moral values of GOD only to abandon them, makes republicanism a form of corruption worse than that of the Democrats, as it is practiced by those who profess to be republican, and therefore enlightened and knowing better.


What is American Republicanism?

Since 1876 thru1964, accept for the brief period between 1952 and 1960 under the Dwight David Eisenhower, US Presidential Administration, “republican” has erroneously and fatally become synonymous with the term “conservative", and thereby transformed into a pejorative like the “Nigger”, which by the way, once was a term of nobility.


Emphatically, without controversy, the two terms, republican – conservative are not, can not and must not be equated.  They are not the same.  Even as “cracker” and “nigger” are not the same.


Honest research reveals that, not only is republicanism not conservatism, but neither is it liberalism.


As wonderful as each may appear to their respective adherents, the philosophies aren’t equated with Republicanism, which is the form government specifically accompanied by a special moral proclivity for the USA which destroys all aspects of injustice in any society here and abroad.


In other words, an American republican can be a conservative, liberal, communist, socialist, monarchist, theocratist, any religious/spiritual persuasion such as Jew, Christian, Muslims, Hindu, Buddhist, pantheist, and even atheist, as long as it practices the ideals worthy of the title.


According to the most sacred and defining doctrines of the United States, the term “republican” has a two phase objective for American people and all nations of the earth. 


Similar to AGAPE, republicanism is a certain kind of action committed by American patriots to the ultimate benefit of humankind, i.e., a GOD-kind of love activated in and through our, USA republican form of government


The Sacred Defining Doctrines of the USA are:

  • The Declaration of Independence, which is We the People's first legal document;

  • US Constitution, the Enforcer of the Declaration of Independence;

  • the 1854-56 birth of the Republican Party doctrine, as well as those of its' presidential platforms 1856, 1860, 1864, 1868, 1872, 1876;

  • the trilogy of Constitutional Amendments being 13th, 14th, and 15th along with its’ codified into the Constitution progenitor, the Emancipation Proclamation, of January 1,1863;

  • the Civil Rights Act of 1866;

  • The Gettysburg Address;

  • and the MLK, Jr. “I Have A Dream” speech of 1963.

This two phase mission of American Republicanism is the true American Dream, which is to end the peculiar, inherited institution Chattel Slavery and its’ generational aftermath and ensure that the freed slaves of such and their succeeding generations of children will experience US citizenship “as is enjoyed by White citizens” according to Section 1 of the Civil Rights Act of 1866.


Anything less this than this definition of “republican” is not republicanism. 


Therefore, the present political entity known as the “Republican Party”, controlled by the elite Republican National Committee (RNC) and as well as state and county chapters of the GOP which have based national salvation upon the “sandy shores” of the economics instead of the “bedrock” foundations of moral values, are not Republican.


The Republic Warned By Jefferson

When this unprecedented Republic was conceived and born between 1776 and 1789, it was in possession of human beings as chattel slaves, originally brought to America as captives from West and Central Africa by the British Empire, upon whose existence our founding fathers were building the republic of the United States, “land of the free”, but hypocritically embarrassingly, “home of the slave”.


Though Thomas Jefferson, a slave holder himself and member of the Democrat-Republican Party, warned the nation about the Justness of GOD in light of chattel slavery, the former POTUS said that he trembled for his country, saying, “Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just: that his justice cannot sleep for ever:” June, 1885.  See The Jeffersonian Warning


The Mighty Swift Sword of The LORD

Sure enough, by the person of Abraham Lincoln and Civil War, Almighty GOD punished this new "nation of immigrants" in which hundreds of thousands innocent American boys and men, lost their precious lives, and millions more were wounded in body and mind for life, because of chattel slavery.   See “The Battle Hymn of the Republic”


The entity which became known as the Republican Party established in Rippon, Wisconsin in 1854, recognized the path of total destruction by the Hand of GOD if the Union did not free HIS Personal human property exiled out from Africa.  Google “Republican Party 1854”


As horrific as the "swift sword" of the Civil War became, the Radical Republicans understood that there could be a worse catastrophe if the Union did not take immediate measures to end chattel slavery.  See The 740,000


Note: As GOD is the Center of the Declaration of Independence, and slavery being a product of rampant “love of money, root of all evil” idolatry, chattel slavery practiced in the Union was the replacing of The LORD with earthen deities, i.e., ideals of individual, material gains, such as property, is contrary to HIS Name and Character. 


Biblical idolatry is always associated with personal, financial prosperity and material gain, as in holding other human beings whom also "are created equal, and endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights" in chattel enslavement.


Chattel slavery also placed We the People in direct competition with GOD, which is the attempt to dethrone The LORD of HIS authority and majesty by taking HIS personal, living, human, property away from HIM as our own.  Of course, this meant and continues to mean war with HIM!

The Return of the Swift Sword of the GOD

Essentially, Phase I of the Republican mission to liberate the chattel slaves via the "mighty swift sword of the LORD", and subsequently enacting Step 1, which is the three, conjoined, constitutional Amending, Civil Rights laws that by active enforcement, guarantees and maintain their freedom, was a great and noble, but temporary, stop-gap measure of staving off the sword of the LORD upon the Union.  See The 740,000


However, Step 1 was enacted, but Step 2, which actually is Phase II fulfilled, whereby the freedmen, Freemen, refugees, whom are the descendant, African Negroes-blacks and *colored peoples, i.e., un-willing immigrants, experience, as people, US citizenship "as is enjoyed by white citizens", has not been fulfilled.  Hence, the "birth of a new nation" is in breach.  See Gettysburg Address Warning

  • "colored" - plethora shades of black resulting from biological mixture of white masters and black slave females, not the recent conjured fabrication of so called "peoples of color" minorities coalition, which is a racist design against dominate, white-Caucasian US citizens.

As a consequence, when viewing the national security threatening condition and situation of the United States is today, it appears as though the "mighty swift sword" of The LORD is increasingly returning to this Union to finish what it started in 1861...eliminating it from the earth, due to its rebellion against HIM concerning the matter of black lives enslaved in the generations-destroying practice of chattel slavery.


In order to retrieve that which is HIS, it may be that HE has resumed the sad task of rendering this racially "wounded", "house divided against itself" Union to its final destruction, until we return back to the basics of the 1854-56 Republican mission.


In light of the timing and matters at hand, We the People can now become confident in HIM, that perhaps, in the midst of the darkness, the light of republicanism will finally be seen by our active practice of it, and HE will providently bless us again.

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