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Civil Rights Act of 1866
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The Two Phase Mission

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The Republican Party

aka. GOP (Grand Old Party or GOD's Original Party)
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The Emancipation Proclamation


On February 28,1854, in a school house of the village of Ripon, Wisconsin, the Republican Party, was established to accomplish a two phase mission objective, it being:


Phase I. Saving the Union from dissolution by ending its hypocritical practice of institutionalized chattel slavery inherited from the British Empire July 2-4,1776, be ending chattel slavery; which occurred with the Union victory of the Confederacy April 11, 1865 and by law of the 13th Amendment on December 6 of the same year. 

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Phase II. Ensure that the freed chattel slaves, Freemen, refugees, negroes-blacks, colored peoples (those of biologically mixture of white master and black slave woman), EXPERIENCE "equal justice-protections under the law" US citizenship "as is enjoyed by white citizens" according to Section 1 of the 1866 Civil Rights Act, the Progenitor and "Rosetta Stone" (interpreter) of the 14th Amendment by which it is codified into the Constitution.


This two phase mission objective at the very heart – (spiritual morality) and soul – (emotions, intellect) of the Republican Party, is the only reason for its existence as a viable political entity, nothing more, nor less.


The Republican has no other purpose than to free fellow Americans from chattel slavery and ensure that they and their descendant children experience “equal justice under law”, US citizenship “as is enjoyed by White citizens” according the Civil Rights Act of 1776, Sec. 1, no matter how many generations it takes.


Gratefully to GOD, the Central Figure of the Declaration of Independence, the Republican Party was able to accomplish the first phase, but unfortunately, it has so far, utterly failed in achieving the second, which turns out to be a far greater task.


Nonetheless, the original intent and the actual December 6, 1865 completion of Phase I remains perhaps the most noble, moral and romantically inspired story in the history of the world between the clashing of two distinctly different peoples “marooned” together in a new nation.  See The 740,000


Should the present Republican movement re-embrace its original cause by seeking to accomplish Phase II of the original mission objective, the GOP will inspire and draw the masses to its wonderful cause.


However, most importantly, it will bring reconciliation and peace between GOD and We the People, thereby once again moving HIS Providential Hand to save the Union of the United States even as HE did 150 years ago, when POTUS Abraham Lincoln came to realize and understand what it meant to be American Republican.


If you adhere to this understanding, then you, like me, and many others yet to stand up, are the neo-Radical Republicans that the world has been waiting to see.


They wonder if the vaunted Posterity of the founding fathers spoken of in the Preamble will instinctually show up at this unprecedented, nation-threatening time, rising by Divine Providence to successfully defend the United States in what could be the dreaded "last days of America".


The American Patriot, Republican Posterity (ARP) is charged with finally completing Phase II in order to save America and the re-birthing a new nation under GOD, called America.


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 Agape-Shalom in Jerusalem, Blessed Bethlehem

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