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(Drafted by Ted Hayes, 12/2015)

The Emancipation Proclamation and Definition of Republicanism Pt I

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The Premises

We the People E Pluribus Unum – “Out of many one” of the United States, charged to perfect the Union, are a self-professing, exceptional, Judaic-Christian, “one nation under GOD”, with the belief of Annuit Ceptis – “HE has favored our undertaking” as the Ordu Norvu Seclorium – “New Order of the Ages”, based on the Declaration of Independence in and of which GOD is the Central Figure.


However, though “conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal”, the Union was born on July 2-4, 1776 with a potential fatal defect that POTUS Abraham Lincoln correctly identifies as “a house divided against itself”.


That division was and continues to be due to the British inherited, peculiar institution of chattel slavery slated to last 245 years, ending with the deaths of 740,000, Union and Confederate, young, innocent white boys and men, plus 38,000 blacks, and Abraham Lincoln, who suffered, bled, and died in the Civil War over the matter of black lives whom were hypocritically held in enslavement within this imperfect Union of the United States under GOD.


From this foundational premises that We the People can better analyze our country’s present state of existence in order to fulfill our Constitutional Preamble oath as US citizens to perfect this Union of the Republic.


The Definitive Definition of Republican

It is the explicit duty, responsibility and therefore, culpability of the professing republicans as well as the political entity representing their interest, i.e., the Republican Party, a.k.a. GOP (Grand Old Party), to perfect, sustain and maintain, this uniquely American republic, by defending its Constitution, particularly the enforcement of the 14th Amendment as originally intended by its’ 1854-56 mandates, which is the fulfillment of the Declaration of Independence.


Definition of Republicanism Pt I


Role of the US Military

In fact, under the executive powers of POTUS Abraham Lincoln, the United States federal government began its long, difficult, but morally correct journey to rectify the incomplete-unjust application of the new nation’s first law by the exclusion of the Americans whom were held under its jurisdiction as chattel slaves and Freemen, by issuing the Emancipation Proclamation, even backed by the power of the *military.


Such military involvement, which is to defend the citizens of the United States and their guest from foreign invasions, is also deployed by either the Act’s designated enforcers and entities; and/or the POTUS, including those whom he designates or appoints, to ensure-maintain the freedom, i.e., citizenship of the freed chattel slaves, from all the nations foes, foreign and domestic which seeks to adulterate or even steal by unauthorized granting or application.


Hence, the 14th Amendment, “equal protection-justice under the law” clause, designates the freedmen, et al, the social-class status of specially, “protected” citizens!


Apparently, military protection for these specific citizens indicates that the national security of the United States is correctly contingent upon their state and fate, being the only non-willing immigrants, and rather un-willing, chattel to those whom are of such heritage.


Therefore, as the state and fate of the freedmen, et al, is of such importance to the military, which is under the direct jurisdiction of the republic’s President, all the more, must the republicans of the Union and their Party, whom and which are its’ Guardian personnel and entity be committed to the same objective began the Emancipation Proclamation.


Subsequently, regardless of occupation, or conservative-liberal philosophies, being absorbed with the 1854-56, two phased mission-purpose of the party’s founding platform, true republicans direct all of their energies and resources to achieve it!


Anyone who professes “republican”, but doesn’t adhere to this definitive definition of American republicanism, is not republican.


Or, as ignorance is tolerable as long as knowledge is being pursued to rectify such lack, republicans can see themselves as growing in stages toward full maturity of understanding republicanism.


Unlike conservatism, republicanism is not a mere doctrine of competition between political entities, but rather the highest, moral cause of the Union, which is the state and fate of the nation’s most special citizens, not due to their race (skin color-racial features and characteristics), but rather their unique entry into the United States of America.


However, to profess conservatism or any other such socio-political doctrinaire as the banner and mission-purpose of republicanism and the Party thereof, are not republican.

Definition of Republicanism Pt I


Republican or Conservative: Which Is it?

Dangerously, apparently, circa 98% of American professing conservatism and republicanism, either combined or as one doctrinaire are ignorant of the differences, and the imperative importance of knowing what they are.


Of course, such ignorance has led to woeful state of our country not knowing itself, hence, supported b by the aide and abetment of domestic enemy traitors, foreign influences ranging from people to philosophy have invaded, infiltrated the fabric or society as well as government, and even into the heart of federal, i.e., Oval Office, White House.


If a people are insecure, double-minded, and therefore unable to define themselves, others will do it for them. Hence, the Biblical Scripture, “A double minded person is unstable in all his ways.”  [James 1:8]


This is precisely why the Democratic Party strategist have managed to successfully transform both good terms, “republican” and “conservative” into demeaning, shameful, political and social pejoratives.


It translates into “Democrat” and “liberal” being enlightened; cool, appealing to youths; therefore, compassionate with a moral causes.


Whereas, republican and conservative, is depicted as cold, selfish, bigoted, and ignorantly stupid!


The Difference Between Republican and Conservative

Conservatism is a worthy lifestyle, whereas, republicanism is a moral weapon by which American patriots utilize to safeguard as well as perfect the Union, and promulgate the ideals of the United States of America, the Republic.


The sentiment, but fatal, nation-destroying mistake made by most Americans professing to be republican is, “I am a registered republican, but I’m as conservative first”. 


Frankly, that is fine, but it must now be clarified, that except for the reality, that the two loyalties are not synonymous, but are rather, very different in nature and mission purpose as to how the sanctity of the Union of the United States is to be preserved.


First of all, these professors of both ideals confuse being a registered member the political entity with being in practice a republican.  There is a difference.  It appears that this sentiment of being conservative as opposed to republican has to do with the failure of the Party, GOP itself and being embarrassed by it.


In fact, due to this misunderstanding, the Democrats, whom are the former, chattel slavery masters, were empowered to turn the noble term, “republican” into a pejorative.


This anomaly is primarily because the Republican Party is practicing policies, such conservatism outside of the 1854-56, mandated, two phase mission purpose, while the RNC establishment feigns to represent the Union of the Grand Republic with conservative ideals.


This sentiment cuts at the very core as to why our country is faltering to the enslavement of socialism and others, which is, that patriot Americans are confused and don’t know the difference between conservatism and republicanism, erroneously thinking that they are the same, when the absolute opposite is the case.


Republicanism Saved the Union, Not Conservatism

Again, while a great lifestyle, conservatism is not equipped of GOD to save the Union, as evidenced by the fact, that the boys of the Civil War did not die over conservatism, but rather the sacred mission of the republic.


As We the People Guardians are designated to perfect the Union's deadliest imperfection by vindicating the Declaration of Independence, through liberating the chattel slaves, ending the practice that held them, and ensuring their citizenship rights "as is enjoyed by white citizens."

Other than being concerned about their own descendant children, the proponents of conservatism, whom generally are correct in nearly all aspects of geo-political matters, has the image of lacking a high moral cause, thereby unable to deflect the incorrect accusations of racism, et al, liberals have pinned on the name “republican”.


Whereas, liberals, whom generally are wrong on the issues, tend to champion the causes of the poor and working classes, families, disabled, minorities, such as blacks, Hispanic/Latinos, illegal immigrants, et al, therefore affording themselves the illicit, moral high ground of political concourses, even usurping the Civil Rights legacies.


As patriots, without a moral cause, we can’t successfully safeguard the Union if we don’t understand this fundamental issue, as history and the present circumstances are proving out to be true.


Republican Vacuum Draws Democrats Into The Legacy

It is clever of the liberal-socialist strategist rules the Democratic Party to “flip the script” of historical truth by taking advantage of the Republican Party’s denial of its incomplete, original 1854-56 sacred mission purpose, by branding “republican” with everything that is counter-productive to human progress, especially as it relates to blacks and “peoples of color”.


Therefore, because the establishment leadership of the Republican Party chooses to not properly identity itself thereby leaving a welcoming vacuum, by which the Democrats, who also knows the historical truth, taunts and labels republicans whatsoever negative, imagery upon them that they will.


As the republicans whom are first conservatives have no higher moral cause other than their own, what appears to onlookers as self-centered, individual quest for the American Dream, they have been and remain vulnerable to unjust, racist attacks from democrats.


Unfortunately, in attempt to avoid its original duties, and out-maneuver the Democratic, the Republican Party establishment has unwittingly become a lower form of same.


Only by professing republicans re-radicalizing themselves to the original form of the 1854-56 Party-GOP, can we take back the Union’s highest, moral high ground cause to save it.


Definition of Republicanism Pt I


Republican, the Chosen National Security “Political” Party

From the beginning, GOD, the Central Character of the Declaration of Independence, under Whom our republic exist, has preordained republicanism, as the instrument by which the *Guardians are to protect the national security, and promulgate its ideals to the nations of the world.


  • “Guardians” – Correctly named after the form of government of the United States, being that of a republic, based on the mandates of the first law of the land, and its destiny depended on rectifying the founding father’s hypocritical application as it pertained to the matter of blacks held in chattel slavery, rising to the occasion to perfect the Union’s greatest imperfection, the patriots appropriately naming themselves the Party of republicans, are hence, the Guardians thereof.


Ø     In order to save the Union, the Guardian republicans

A.    first won the Civil War over the matter of chattel slavery April 11, 1865, and abolishing the practice in the same year by the 13th Amendment, and;


B.    second, sought to rectify it and therefore, perfect Union with the Congressional enactment of two consecutive, conjoined, interlocked with the 13th, Constitutional Amendments of the most controversial, 14th, upon which the destiny of the nation now depends on its proper enforcement, and the 15th, including the anti-KKK Acts of 1870.


Conservatism is primarily a great political doctrine, lifestyle and/or cultural ethos, whereas, the unique, American-practice of republicanism is a moral, not political code designed and assigned by HIM for the republican Guardians to access for a time such as now.


Actually, republicans are simply an active, Judaic-Chris tian person exercising GOD’s precepts of Judgment and Justice via an exceptional government, whose destiny is dependant upon the outcome of the two phase mission of the 1854-56, Republican Party, chosen of the LORD.


Whereas, according to the nature of the Declaration of Independence, republicanism is a spiritual, Bible belief concerning the relationships between GOD and humanity, practiced in a morally-based, republican form of government.


Due to such a basic, moral belief and practice, the Republican Party of 1854-56, transferred and manifested its faith into six, unprecedented, consecutive, presidential wins.


Bulletin: Republican Party, aka, GOP Mysteriously Dominates Presidential Elections

Surprise! Yes, it’s true. The Republican Party has significantly and substantially won more presidential elections than its arch rival, the Democratic.


From 1860 thru to 2014, of the 39 presidential elections, the Republican Party - (RNC) GOP, won 23 presidential elections to the Democratic Party’s 16 victories.


  • Or, from 1880, the first election after the 1877 ill-devised Comprise, of the 36, the Republican Party dominated the presidential elections with 21 to the Democrats 16.


In fact, of the recent 11 presidential contests since 1968’s election of the Hon. Richard M. Nixon, the Republican Party won 7 to the Democrats 5, even with them having an average of 90% of the “black vote”. 


With all those republican victories, the state and fate of our nation should not be on the brink of doom, but rather one of peace, “pursuit of happiness”-prosperity, “liberty and justice for all” whom are first, US citizens.  Instead, the horrible opposite is true.  


It appears that this watch of the founding father’s posterity, charged to ensure “the blessings of liberty” to succeeding ones, is on verge of not only failing to perfect the Union, but also, horrifyingly losing it, that it shall indeed “perish from the earth”.


Alarmingly, We the People are about to allow the America of our founding fathers dream to be transformed into an Islamic-socialist regime or caliphate causing a chaotic global nightmare of unprecedented proportions in world history.


The Union of this Grand Republic is in worse shape today, than when it was threatened by our Civil War 150 years ago.  A great mystery, given all those Republican Party presidential victories!  Just what is the problem?

Definition of Republicanism Pt I


Mystery Revealed

“For a lack of knowledge, MY people are destroyed.” GOD speaking in the Bible


What is not known by professing republicans, is that in 1877, the Republican Party *abandoned its original two phase mission purpose in exchange for materialistic-financially, based American Dream quest.  “The love-worship of money-mammon is the root of all evil.”  The Bible


Instead, the Party leadership led unsuspecting republicans into the business of investment in big industry; railroad building; mineral and rare metals mining; free capital enterprise and Wall Street investment; illegal expansionism onto Indian lands for the massive importation of most European immigrants; and particularly, the erroneous embracement of the conservative ethos to be its new banner as Guardian of the republic.


  • “abandoned” – Research reveals that for a plethora of reasons, the post war efforts to rectify the generational effects of 245 years of chattel slavery dubbed “Reconstruction”, was a 12 year disastrous failure by the well-meaning” Republican Party.

Ø     See the Democrat / Republican Compromise of 1877


 Therefore, it was a relief to give jurisdiction over the freed chattel slaves back into the hands of their former masters, which was/is a mockery to the memory of the 740,000 plus whom perished in the Civil War, a mere 12 years earlier concerning their matter.


  • This action has proven to an enormous miscalculation for We the People who suffer from it today, hence, the misguided, Black Lives Matter movement.


While a wonderful lifestyle to pursue, apparently conservatism on the geo-political point of the Republican Party and rhetoric has not been able to defend the ideals and mission of the Union Republic, because it is not qualified in the sight of GOD. 


Hence, patriots are loosing the country.  It is insanity to continue in what we now know is not working, especially given the resurgence against the RNC by the awakened republicans.


Definition of Republicanism Pt I


“HE Has Favored Our Undertaking”

There is only one ideal that is Annuit Ceptis – “HE has favored our undertaking”, i.e., qualified and authorized by HIM to mend the wound that continues to divides the Union House into two antagonistic, self-destructive (domicidal) factions, that has been the draw for foreign “vector” with their societal diseases, and that is, American republicanism.


  • “vector” – Medicine teaches unhealed, that open wounds to the body is a vortex that naturally draws disease-laden, foreign vectors.  The only way to rid the body of vector and protect it, is to cleanse, medicate, close, bandage the wound and take prescribe medicines that GOD can heal it.


It was such republicanism that saved the Union 150 years ago, not conservatism. In fact, the 740,000, who died in the US Civil War to the bereft of their families over the matter of black lives held in chattel slavery, was the phase I of the Republican mission, which was completed with the end of the war and enacted the13th Amendment in 1865.


  • Also, the tens of thousands physically and mentally wounded


Therefore, as then, the only hope for our Union today is the immediate return of the 1854-56 Republican Party by resurgent republicans, whom rightfully own the Civil Rights legacy and the laws that make it so.

Based on the original, upstart, Republican Party’s two phase mission-purpose, it is fact, that it won six, consecutive, unprecedented, presidential terms starting first with Abraham Lincoln in 1860 thru to the 1876 election of Rutherford B. Hayes, brokered in 1877. 

  • See the Democrat / Republican Compromise of 1877.


However, since the time of the 1880 election, according to its presidential platform, the Republican Party had fully abandoned the two phase mission purpose for which it was/is specifically established.


Subsequently, driven by the ideals and policies of conservatism instead of republicanism, though dominating them, the Republican Party has had to intermittently split elections wins with the Democratic, unlike its original six consecutive wins. 


This record reveals the ethos of the American people as being one that prefers their nation to be of a high moral cause as the way to sustain itself before humanity and GOD.


Also, these victories are an obvious indication that the original republican message is from Heaven.


Republican Party Silence

Except the 1952-56 eight year term election of Dwight D. Eisenhower, from 1880 thru to 2014, the Republican Party had no interest in the matters of its original 1854-56 party platform(s).


This benign neglect left US citizens and their descendant children, whom were former chattel slaves in the hands of the Democratic Party, their former chattel slavery masters.


  • “citizens” – Those whose freedom from chattel slavery was purchased via the 740,000 plus 38,000 innocents and Abraham Lincoln.


    Definition of Republicanism Pt I


Being that GOD is the Central Figure of the Declaration of Independence; and that chattel slavery is the greatest imperfection of the Union; and that republicanism was sent by HIM to cause the eradication of it, as well as secure the former slave’s right to equal citizenship status with white citizens; thereby making the Republican Party the guarding entity of the republic; in order to save the United States, it is therefore imperative that republicans re-radicalize themselves to the core of the Union and the Party’s original intent.


The practice of such core, deeply embedded in the soul of We the People, will perhaps encourage GOD to grant us republicans re-access to the moral high ground secures the existence of the United States of America.


Not Again!

It appears that matters in the country have developed to where those who profess to be republican, desire a presidential candidate who exemplifies conservatism, such the iconic Hon. POTUS Ronald W. Reagan.


Yet, once again, professing republicans are about to make the same insane mistake that has thus far allowed the Union to be dragged to the brink of destruction by foreign incursion elements infested within the villainous, racist, Democratic Party.


Unfortunately, the losing strategy of conservatism has *implicated republicanism into the insanity of attempting to save the nation without being in possession of its highest moral high ground, granted by GOD himself.


  • “implicated” – The term “republican” has been demeaned into a pejorative.


However, conservatism can’t get the job done, because it is not the appointed message of GOD to We the People charged to perfect the Union. 


HE has chosen-ordained only the Guardians of the republic to present and execute HIS message, which was embodied it in the person of Abraham Lincoln, the 740,000, young, innocent, white boys and men, plus 38,000 blacks who perished in the Civil War over the matter of black lives held in chattel slavery, and now us who must finish what they began.


The Factions Within The Confused Party

Today, the 2016, Republican Party presidential primary race reveals two distinct kinds of professing republican adherents!  They are in order of prominence:


A. Traditional conservatives (and evangelical Christians), many of whom are rallying around Reaganist, ultra-conservative, presidential candidates such as, the Hon. Senator, Ted Cruz; former US Senator, Rick Santorum; former Arkansas governor, Mike Huckabee; et al.


B. Neo, “different”, republicans whom tend to be supportive of business magnate, Donald J. Trump, primarily around his central campaign theme of stopping “illegal immigration”, and particularly, the usurpation of the 14th Amendment, the major Civil Rights matter, which is the intellectual property of the republicans, not conservatives, especially not liberals nor democrats.


Definition of Republicanism Pt I


The Witness of Conservatism Against Itself

While the United States is a nation of a Judaic-Christian heritage, its’ practice of Christianity was divided between the northern and southern states.


The northern states were loyal to the Union and its cause to end chattel slavery, and grant special Civil Rights benefits and protections to the freed chattel slaves, et al, lasting until 1877 Compromise;


Whereas those of the slave holding south, demonstrated a more radical, fundamental practice of faith in Jesus-Yeshua Christ, even being dubbed, the so called “Bible Belt” of America.


Yet, as believers, the southern Christian maintained the belief that GOD had ordained the enslavement of African slaves to them forever.


However, these Christians also considered themselves as staunch conservatives, almost to the point of practically seeing conservatism as being manifestation of Christianity in their doctrines such as: patriotism, traditional family values; small taxes; 10th Amendment states over federal rights; strong military; 2nd Amendment rights as well the other bills of such; free capitalist enterprise; etc.


Ironically, this conservatism of the former southern confederacy’s “Bible Belt” is very similar to that of today, beginnings in 1877, has dominated and continues to dominate republican policies since.


Also, ironically, for various reasons, these professing, slave holding, Bible believing, Christian conservatives actually denied such wholesome practices to the chattel slaves, most of whom adopted the faith of their masters.


Enter: Conservatism

Yet, immediately after taking over the Party by the 1877 Compromise, conservatism entered into the era of winning and loosing to the Democrats.


Even though the GOP dominated the presidential election wins of republicans 23 to democrats 16, the state of the United States is far away from its founding intentions than ever, even being nearly socialistic.


Such is proof that while being a wholesome lifestyle, conservatism (nor liberalism or any other such cultural ethos) is not favored of GOD to save the nation.


Whereas, there is ample proof that it was the messaging of the original, 1854-56 Republican Party that was Annuit Ceptis by six, consecutive, presidential terms, which will always will resonate with American peoples, because when presented, it is essential the fulfillment of the Declaration of Independence.


Given its’ nature, regardless of their lifestyles and political persuasions, all human beings can and will continue to resonate with republicanism, which is a moral belief in political practice.


The followers of Donald J. Trump, whom are seeking original republicanism, can now exploit the disarray of RNC to bring the Party back to its basic, foundational roots.


Back To the Basics

When a sports team finds itself in a loosing position, in order to regain the upper hand in the competition, often the smart coach will shout to the exhausted and demoralized players, “back to the basics”, which generally will return it to the winning mode.


If we patriots are to help save America, it is imperative that we return to the basic of the 1854-56 Republican Party, while still maintaining the good lifestyle of conservatism.


While maintaining conservatism is a great lifestyle, remember, republicanism is a moral code of judgment and justice for all humanity.


Back to the basics and re-radicalize the Republican Party.


See Definition of Republican series and Re-Radicalize Republican

      The Emancipation Proclamation