The Republican Presidential Election Campaign Platform
1854 Republican Party Platform - Founding Principles established in Rippon, Wisconsin

                                                            1856 -1880

The new, brash, unstart Republican Party created and established by American Patriot citizens who were *radical in their understanding of and passionate fervor to ensure that the intention of the Declaration of Independence, The US Constitution, its enforcer, and The Bible, i.e., The GOD within it, was indeed fufilled by We The Peoples of the United States.

 * Radical - The latin root is radai, meaning the roots, foundation, bottom, supporter, etc.

The GOP, either meaing the Grand Old Party or The Gallant Old Party won 6 unprecendented Presidential elections because the Party Campaign Platform pre Civil War was to end chattel slavery and post was to ensure that the freed slaves, Freemen, Survivors of Jim Crowism and their descendant children experienced "equal justice under the law" US citizenship "as is enjoyed by White citizens" in accordance with Section 1 of the 1866 Civil Rights Act, the progenitor of the 14th Amendment.

It was this moral, Judaic-Christian ideology that the American people resonated with, thereby moving them to vote 6 consecutive times for the Republican Presidential candidate.

If the present day Republican party wants to legitimately win elections, it must follow the foundational principles and example of the original GOP, knowing that the hearts and souls of human beings in the mid 19th century are the same as those of the early 21st...human beings do care about each other.

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