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American republicanism is Judaic-Christian, moral values practiced in republican form of governmental system that was initially activated by the early stage of the original, 1854-56 Republican Party that has been a major part of American, civic thought since the American Revolution of July 4,1776.


The ideals of Republicanism not only caused the American Revolutionary War, but it also ignited the Civil War 85 years later, almost as its’ “Part II”.


Those American ideals are liberty and inalienable rights as central values, which makes the people as a whole, sovereign, and rejects monarchy, oligarchy, aristocracy, as well as anarchy, preferring republicanism.


Judaic-Christian, American republicanism expects citizens to be independent of such repressive, governmental systems in their conjoined performance civic duties as We the People, body politic. See The American Creed

Historian, Thomas Kidd (2010) argues that during the Revolution, Christians linked their religion to republicanism.


Kidd states, "With the onset of the revolutionary crisis, a major conceptual shift convinced Americans across the theological spectrum that God was raising up America for some special purpose."


Kidd further argues that, "new blend of Christian and republican ideology led religious traditionalists to embrace wholesale the concept of republican virtue."  As virtuous republicans, citizens had a growing moral obligation to eradicate the corruption they saw in the monarchy.


This became the case with the central American issue of Chattel Slaves and their descendants. 


As with the Revolution, virtuous republicans, citizens had a growing moral obligation to eradicate the corruption they saw in the peculiar institution and industry of chattel slavery within the United States, which was inherited from the British in 1776.


Historian Gordon Wood has tied the founding ideas to American Exceptionalism, our beliefs in liberty, equality, constitutionalism, and the well-being of ordinary people came out of the Revolutionary era, so too did our idea that we Americans are a special people with a special destiny to lead the world toward liberty and democracy”.


However, as US President, Abraham Lincoln admonishes and warns that until the work which was begun to liberate the new nation's chattel slaves, enforce the special Constitutional laws to protect them and their descendant's GOD endowed rights our republican form of government of, by and for the people will perish from the earth…and rightly so. See Gettysburg Admonition and Warning


The American Dream Is Not A Conservative Venture

Due to the misconstrued definition of “republican”, the foundational meaning of the so-called American Dream is also confusing by defining it as an exceptional venture of individual/family rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness meaning financial-material gain.


Nothing could be further from the truth of what our founding fathers had in store for us their posterity to accomplish for the New Nation and those of the earth.


Until now, the priorities of all RNC Presidential campaigns have been primarily about the economy, that is, money and how its’ made and spent; personal or individual prosperity and property ownership; a lifestyle, i.e., conservatism defended by strong US military forces; instead of the ideals upon which the GOP was originally founded in Rippon, Wisconsin in 1854.


It is no wonder that America is rapidly transforming into a socialist regime instead of the free market, capitalist enterprise, where individuals are rapidly loosing their freedoms to big government, while being taxed into the same kind of slavery that the founding fathers warred against their imperialistic British masters.


Since 1968, of the eleven Presidential elections, though the Republican Party has 7 to the Democrats 4, America has become more socialist than capitalist. See The Omen In The Tea Party


Due to Republican abandonment of the original business that our founding fathers entered us all into with GOD, according to Judaic-Christian, Bible teachings concerning rebellious nations, HE is turning the United States over the economic globalist and socialist masters as a chastisement for our rebellion against HIM in the unfinished matter of chattel slavery and its generational aftermaths.


In other words, the vacuum created by the RNC's abandonment of the original mission for which the Republican Party was established, is being filled by foreign elements detrimental to the true American Dream ideals, foreboding the end of the Union, that is shall indeed "perish from the earth."  See The 740,000


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