The Republican Identity Survey

Are You Republican or Conservative?

FACT: Circa 98% of US Citizens Who Identify As "Republican" Don't Know What It Means, Nor The Mission-Purpose of the Party


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The Survey

Hopefully, at the end of this survey, you will discover whether or not you are Republican.  Perhaps, not previously knowing what you thought was “Republican”, this survey may reveal such definition is not to your liking.  Also, you may realize your previous assumption was erroneous, but now you want to embrace true definition.


  1. Do you consider yourself Patriotic and adhere to the Pledge of Allegiance?  Yes  /  No


  1. Do you believe that the United States functions upon a republican form of government and not a democratic one according to popular assumption?    Yes  /  No


  1. Do you believe that the America is an exceptional, Judaic-Christian “one nation under GOD” society by Divine Providence?  Yes  /  No


  1. Do you embrace the mission of the original foundations of the Radical Republican Party aka GOP – meaning the Grand Old Party of 1854 and 1856 and on through to 1876?  Yes  /  No


  1. Do you know the two phase mission of the original Republican Party?  Yes  /  No


  1. Do you believe that the original, foundational, Republican mission is yet to be completed?


  1. If “yes”, in one sentence, can you describe the two phase mission of the Party?  Yes / No If “yes” please do so here.


  1. Are Republicans the de facto guardians of We the People’ American Republic?  Yes / No   If “yes” why and how?   I two sentences, please describe here.  


  1. Was freeing the chattel slaves and ending the peculiar British-American institution, the primary cause of the US Civil War of 1861 -1865?    Yes  /  No


  1. Do you believe that the Emancipation Proclamation made ending the British-American institution of chattel slavery the primary issue of the Southern Confederated States rebellion against the Union?  Yes  /  No


  1. In the Gettysburg Address, do you agree with the admonition of President Abraham Lincoln, that the only way to maintain the Union of the United States is for living Americans to “finish the great task remaining before us”, of bringing the Chattels Slaves and their descendants into the GOD-given rights proposed for all human beings declared in the Declaration of Independence?  Yes /  No


  1. In quoting the statement of Jesus Christ’s of a house being divided against itself can’t stand when referring to the chasm that has haunted America since the days of the founding fathers, do you think that Lincoln was speaking of the issue of chattel slavery which was inherited from the British Empire on July 4,1776 as being source of this new nations’ division?  Yes  /  No


  1. Do you believe that the title GOP (Grand Old Party) is due to the brilliant political rise of new upstart Republican Party of winning 6 straight presidential elections energized by the moral cause of ending chattel slavery and its generational aftermath to this present time as the highest objective this New Nation?   Yes  /  No


  1. Do agree that the Jeffersonian Warning to the new American nation was about the wrath of GOD concerning its role in chattel slavery, especially in the United States with its lofty platitudes of freedom?  Yes  /  No


  1. Do believe that Republicanism and Conservatism are not synonymous?  Yes  /  No



  1. Do you agree that the Republican Party abandoned its original and only mission in the 1877 Presidential election compromise with the Democratic, which removed federal troop that protected the former chattel slaves, refugees and Freemen from racist terrorist according the Civil Rights Act of 1866, for the sake of mining, railroading, Wall Street investing and other super industrial commercialism, as well as importing huge waves of European immigrants for cheap labor?  Yes  /  No


  1. While benefits of the law subsequently aides other Americans, do you agree that the 14th Amendment and its Constitutional codified progenitor, the 1866 Civil Rights Act is originally, first and foremost, specifically legislated for the former chattel slaves and Freemen and that its use for any other unrelated causes, such a criminal immigration is forbidden by the Constitution as well as the Holy Bible?


  1. According to the edicts of the Civil Rights Act of 1866 (while there specific instructions concerning the state and fate of freed Chattel Slaves, Freemen and their descendant generations of children charged to federal marshals, Circuit, District and Supreme Courts, as well as the US Military), do you believe that since Lincoln, the way for the President to faithfully fulfill his oath of office is by first assuming the lead role charged to him in it?  Yes  /  No


  1. Do you believe and/or understand why the only Americans specifically mentioned in the US Constitution, even alluding to their occupation of involuntary servitude, i.e., chattel slavery and their racial characteristics of skin color are the Chattel Slaves, also known as refugees, as well as the Freeman and their descendant children?  Yes  /  No


  1. Based on Presidential obligations of the 1866 Civil Rights Act, do you adhere to the reality that President Dwight David Eisenhower conducted himself accordingly, second only to Abraham Lincoln himself?  Yes  /  No


 If you hold to these definitions of American Republicanism, and aspire to them, then you are indeed a Republican in the finest tradition, legacy and purpose of the original GOP.


However, if you do not embrace this definition of American Republicanism, then please cease and desist using is, because it posses great dangers to those US citizens who are true foundational, radical Republicans as well as adds to the national security threat.


The survey is complete.  Given your answers, would you now consider yourself Republican?


Thank you kindly for your cooperation

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