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For nearly 14 decades, which is over 3 generations (40 yrs. equalling a generation) of 137 years (1877-2015), there has been an ever inceasing restlessness, confusion, frustrating identity crisis about the nature of republicanism as practiced by two particular expressions within the Republican Party, aka, the GOP, i.e., the Republican National Committee (RNC), as well as its state and county chapters throughout the country.

Most Americans think that the terms, republican and conservative are synonymous, that is, one in the same, of which nothing could further from the truth.  Herein lays the confusion and unrest.

This survey will help you dicifer between the two political philosophies raging within the Party, even demontrating that while a republican can embrace conservative values, a conservative is not necessarily a republican, nor a republican a can conservative.

Objective research reveals that there is clear, distinct differences between the two political philosophies.

The Two Political Masters
As Jesus-Yeshuah Christ says that we can't serve two masters, loving one and hating the other, so it is true of these two political philosophies, in that either a person is republican or conservatuve, placing one supreme over the other.  They can't be be equally served, lest confusion reigns, as is presently occurring.

Due to the fact that the Republican Party, the only political entity based on a moral foundation in human dignity and civility has been unable to complete its Two Phase mission-purpose as We the People, Guardians and perfecters of Union republic, the whole nation is in a state of growing, fatal chaos and turmoil.

Central to the confusion is repubilicanism and conservatism has too often merged into one identity. 

Republican Party, aka GOP Has Lost Its Soul
Like anyone or organizational entities and movments that has lost their heart-soul purpose, as well as identity, others, especially enemies will define and exploit them.  So it is the case of American republicans.

 It is ever more apparent that the republican movement has lost its heart and soul message along with its identity and is being defined by Marxist-socialist, Democrats, Muslims, criminal immigrant - illega aliens, and worst of all, conservatives.

Essentially, in 1877, the RNC abandoned the Party's foundational, presidential election winning, romantic, 1854-56, moral, Two Phase mission-purpose and replaced it with consevatism and its preservation, as the banner theme and high cause of the Republican Party, thereby loosing its' soul.

Such tragic loss of soul to the Guardians of the republic has allowed the domestic and foreign enemies of states to drag the Union of We the People, whom have thus far been unable to perfect its greatest imperfection, to the very brink of dissolution as never before, including that of the Civil War.

Most Americans who consider themselves to be conservative, generally know what conservatism is, whereas, those who adhere to American republicanism, obviously have no idea as to what it actually means, as so poignantly demonstrated by the antics of the Party establishment ove the years.

This survey is to help clarify the confussion and differences between the two political philosphies in order for us patriots, whether republican or conservative may wage a more intellegent, therefore, effect fight in defense of our beloved country.

Upon completing the survey, please let me know your thoughts by emailing me at Ted@TedHayes.US

It is suggested that before taking the actual survey, please read the narratives of each.

Thank you for your participation and Re-Radicalize Republican


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