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Conservativism and republicanism are not synonymous

One must the master, the other is servant.  One is first, the other is second.

The two can't share co-equal space as they are antithical to one another

The Conservative Identity Survey


Hopefully, at the end of this survey, you will discover whether or not you are Conservative.  Perhaps, not previously knowing what you thought was “Conservative”, this survey may reveal such definition is not to your liking.  Also, you may realize your previous assumption was erroneous, but now you want to embrace true conservatism.

1.  The Union of the United States of America functions upon a republican form of
     government and not a democratic according to popular assumption.

  • democracy is actually mob rule.

  • republican is representative government 

Note: at the close of the 1789 Constitutional Convention, founding father, Benjamin Franklin, declared the USA Union a republic saying, "We have given you a republic, if you can keep it."

The Preamble, the most important portion of the Constitution, is the Oath of Office of We the Peoples citizens whom gives life to the document that enforces the ideals of the Declaration of Independence.

3. By Preamble charge, every US citizen is to strive to patriotic adherence to the ideals   
    of the Pledge of Allegiance.

4. By divine providence, the Union, republic of the United States of America, is a self-    professed, Judaic-Christian, E Pluribis Unum ("Out of many one"), “one nation 
    under GOD”, civilization, that is, exceptional as Annuit Ceptis...
    ("HE has favored our undertaking). 

5.  The foundational documents of the United States are the Declaration of

      Independence and the US Constitution which enforces it.


6.  Regardless of race-skin color and other physical characteristics; ethnicity; minority-

      majority and/or immigration, as well as social-class status; gender or sexual

      preference; or religion, the Rule of Law must be maintained, as there are no

      exceptions to it.


7.  Racially “color blind”, meaning that skin color and other ethno-racial characteristics

      are irrelevant in the American Dream and is therefore not an entitlement for success,

      but rather the opportunity to be successful or fail, depending on good and increased

      chances of good fortune. 


8.  Adherence to and striving for American, dominant, traditional family structure of

     one-man/one-woman, non-premarital sex, heterosexual, marriage.


9.  Second Amendment is the safeguard to all others amendments and constitutional


10.  Maintain the most powerful military in the world in order to deter foreign nations
       away from war with the United States, i.e., the doctrine of "Peace through strength"

11.  Government must be regulated to low taxes, fiscal responsibility and frugality, and
      subsequently smaller size of bureaucracy and wasteful spending.


12.  The United States remain leader of the free, westernized, world nation.


13.  The American Dream one of individual, economic prosperity through free market
       capitalist enterprises, with minimum of governmental, regulatory control.


 14 Conservatism and republicanism are not the same

One must the master, the other is servant.  One is first, the other is second.

The two can't share co-equal space as they are antithical to one another


If you hold to these truths and definitions of American conservatism, and aspire to them, then you are indeed conservative in the finest tradition, legacy and purpose of conservatism.


Thank you kindly for your cooperation

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