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The Difference: Conservatism and Republicanism Are Not The Same

"As Jesus-Yeshuah Christ admonishes that we can't have two masters equally.  We will either serve the one and not the other.

 Therefore, we can't serve Republicanism and Conservatism at the same time. There must be a priority." Ted Hayes


The term “Core Values” are doctrinaire central, foundational or fundamental to a belief system that either drives, motivates or inspires action on the part of those who adhere to them.

In politics, “core” would be the very essence of a cause, whether liberal or conservative that identifies and defines a political party persuasion.

If the Republican GOP (Grand ole Party or GOD’s Original Political Party) is to ever put an end to losing key Presidential elections, to once consistently win them again, it is imperative for to understand that Republicanism and Conservative Core Values (CCV) are not one in the same.  This is a horrible misnomer!

In order to stop the multiple conflicts between various Republican factions on the County, State and National levels, we must understand the fact that the Founding Fathers’ Republicanism is not the Conservative Core Values, and Conservative Core Values are not necessarily Republican.

All Americans regardless of political party affiliation must first and foremost embrace the foundational principles of the Republican Party as the most advanced prescriptions for governing ourselves as a tyranny free nation.   

The foundational message of the GOP is the greatest one since that of the ancient Hebrew prophet Moses and the Good News of Jesus Christ, because the Truth of it will set us Americans free.

Even a quick overview of the Party’s foundation reveals that it was established in Ripon Wisconsin in 1854 to remove the stain of hypocrisy from the United States by emancipating its slaves and ensuring them eventual, and ultimately full, “equal justice under law” citizenship “as is enjoyed by White citizens” according to the mandates of the Constitutional 13th, primarily the 14th and followed by 15th Amendments.

There is no other purpose of the Republican Party or movements.  Anything other than what has been afore defined is not Republican.

The geo-social and political ideals f Republicanism is the primary reason that has afforded “We the People of the United States” the unprecedented legacy of one race of people who warred against itself for the sacred purpose of freeing another from its own tyrannical institution of slavery.  Plainly, White people killed White people to free Black people. 

However, after a mere 23 years ranging from 1854 to when it was abandoned in the Spring 1877, the sacred Legacy of our Founding Fathers remains a journey of their business which we Republicans posterity of today as in all generations, are charged to complete and forever safeguard.

Definition of Core Conservative Values

Perceived Conservative Core Values are generally defined as follows:

  • Traditional family structure such as Marriage being between one man and one woman and their combined children – natural or adopted family unit based on the Judeo-Christian ethics;


  • Sexual morals such as sexual intimacy only within marriage as consenting heterosexual adults, et al;
  • Economic capitalism and Free Market Enterprise;
  • Fiscal conservativism in governmental spending spending particularly for social programs, federal waste and bailing out corporations and banks etc with tax dollars;
  • Little or low taxes with small government;
  • Defense of States Rights, including, religious, speech, property, health, judicial, etc, over against rampant Federalism;
  • Adhering to the original mandates of the US Constitution;
  • Saving and conserving the 1st Amendment;
  • Saving and conserving the 2nd Amendment in particular;
  • Maintaining a globally superior, US military or armed forces to protect and even promote Core Conservative Values, i.e., “Peace through strength” until all of humanity learns and practices civility along with the United States of America.

Conservatism is not the sole possession of Republicans, because other political persuasions or parties can and do also adhere to the various and many policies of CCV, including Libertarian, Constitutional, Decline To State, Independent, and even Democrat.

Core conservative values was practiced by most Americans prior the advent of the Republican Party as they continue to do so today.  America is a politically center-right society.


What troubled Founding Fathers, such as Thomas Jefferson who when thinking about slavery and the Justice of GOD said, “I tremble for my nation”, was the factual truth that such wonderful privileges of “Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness” were legislatively and/or governmentally denied to another people whom CCV “We the People” Americans were hypocritically holding or allowing to be held as institutionalized chattel slaves, living, human, property.

The Republican mission clearly distinguishes itself from all other political parties and/or movements. 

Political parties are from "below", that is, terrestrial and materialistic oriented.   The philosophy of American Republicanism is vastly different.   It is from "above", heavenly in nature, a manifestation of the Kingdom of GOD on Earth...socially-politically. 

Unfortunately, since the spring of 1877, Republicanism has been confused with Conservatism of various kinds, thereby making Republicans and their Party essentially the same as all others, therefore ineffective in fulfilling the Founding Fathers’ American Dream.

Our Self-Created Kryptonite

Though comic book American character superman was/is the most powerful being on earth originating from “above”, and therefore of a different celestial element than earthmen, he nonetheless was/is plagued by a substance from his very own planet-world that actually weakens his strength even to the point of killing him.

As wonderful and much to be practiced as it is, the self-professed title of Conservatism itself has become a Kryptonite of American Republicanism.

Instead of proclaiming until now, the hidden foundations of the Republicans Party, leadership has abandoned the two-phse mission and embraced the so-called moralistic conservative values as the banner of the Republican Party, which is like kryptonite to superman, thereby killing it.

The High Moral Bar of Conservatism

Though noble and indeed right in their scope, such values that places an undue and impossible “to-live-up-to” light on the personal lives of mere mortal humans as the virtue of rightness in America, is a task that is beyond human achievement on a proven consistent basis.

The imposition of moralistic values tends to berate other human beings as unworthy to govern in society. 

 While such an assessment may be true to some degree, without the necessary spiritual components that empowers the human soul to function in the ethereal, supernatural realm above the natural inclinations of the physical and emotional, existence, is doomed to failure.  Only Jesus Christ was able to live up to such high supernatural moralities.

There is nothing in the foundations of the Republican Party that places members into a “holier-than-thou” position above other human beings and political parties. 

To do so causes resentment in other human beings who either can’t or won’t for various reasons attain to such a lofty, personal and moralistic lifestyle that licenses them to govern others with the same exact natural tendencies as their own.

As we know, Republicans are yet human and are tempted like all others to indulge in material pleasures, even those deemed illicit, especially of the sexual sort, as folks of other political parties supposedly indulges in, most notably the Democrats and liberals.

Based on what is percieved as Republicanism, too many folks feel unable for whatever reason, attain to such high personal qualities, therefore they are repulsed at the thought that person similar to themselves pontificating governance to them, or reversed...which is hypocrisy!

In fact, in an effort to be conservative, Republican have erroneously placed the bar of governorship high above reality, so that they are ridiculed when they themselves fail to live up to them.  Seeking public office on a platform of personal moralistic values is self-destructive.

Most American US citizens don’t expect such high, lofty conservative roles for Democrats, because Democrats, while many privately do hold to such values, they don’t make it the core of their Party makeup, as do Republicans

The seemingly core of the Democrat-liberal elements are issues that concern the betterment of the poor and working classes; race and color related matters such as fighting racism, bigotry, xenophobia etc., which relates to populous of the American people

The Core Conservatism that were aforementioned, though noble, are not the values that laid the foundation of the Republican Party.

Definition of Republican

The ideals of the Republican Party are tools by which to implement and fulfill the ultimate manifestation of the Founding Fathers American Dream, which “hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are Created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and pursuit of happiness”.


Definition of Founding Fathers’ American Dream “Brand” of Republicanism Is Back To The Basics of fulfilling the mission of the Declaration of Independence.

The Founding Father’s American Dream is to emancipate the slaves and eventually bring them into full “equal justice of law” US citizen “…as is enjoyed by White citizens” according the edicts of the 14th Amendment and its’ codified into the US Constitution, 1866 Civil Rights Act.

When conservatives say that they want to take “our country-America back” they err, because until the Founding Fathers American Dream is fulfilled America is yet to come!

What conservatives need to be saying is want our country to return to the pathway the leads to America

This is why the late Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. prophetically proclaim in his “I Have A Dream” speech of August 28,1963, “I have a dream…deeply rooted in the American Dream?

The American Dream remains but a noble quest, until the Emancipated Slaves are practically equal in US citizens as “White citizens”

It is the intent of the Marxist/socialist-led, Democratic Party, to deny that purpose by any means necessary including pretending to be the Champions of the Chattel Slave descendents, which in reality is a role solely belonging to We the People of the American Republic.

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