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The Central Figure of the Campaign Platform,
is the Same Person of/within
the US Declaration of Independence, there identified as: GOD, Nature’s GOD, Creator,
Supreme Judge of all the world, Divine Providence, recognized as The Most High GOD
of the Hebrew Holy Scriptures. (Torah-Tanakh The Bible)

The Most High, Who “rules in the kingdom (governments) of men, and gives it to whomever HE will, even the worse of them” (Daniel 4:17)…

…is also HE Who covenanted with President Abraham Lincoln for the issuance of the January 1,1863, Presidential Executive Order the Emancipation Proclamation most imperfect imperfection, of chattel slavery.

This sacred Order, also officially known as Proclamation #95, is forever, as long as this Republic “shall not perish from the earth”, bequeathed to its cognizant, literate, Subject Beneficiaries and their descendant children the authority to achieve their “actual freedom”.

The Ideals of the Campaign is super charged by injecting Ted Hayes as Homeless Czar into the 2024 Presidential election, the winner of which will be responsible to lead We the People in making the greatest, moral decisions since the Civil War era, and perhaps, world history.

It’s evident by HIS behavior with ancient to modern day Israel, whether within the “Holy Land” or scattered through goyim lands, that the Supreme Judge wants accountability from the world’s peoples for its state of existence.

This is assuming that “Ted Hayes” is the appointed, White House established, Federal Homeless Czar, back with the full authority needed to accomplish his stated task, listed are the projected objectives, the strategic actions to achieve them and the Ideals for why Ted Hayes is greatly, and unprecedentedly qualified to be Homeless Czar.

Transcendent Ideals That Causes’ Divergent Peoples To Work In Unison

The Ideals of the Campaign, authored by Ted Hayes, are devised to transcend the natural barriers of partisan politics, social-economic class statuses, cultural, religious/spiritual convictions, ethno-racial, i.e., white – black differences, even enemies, causing them to willingly work together as instructed.

These Ideals are able to transcend generational disdains, arguments, violence of warfare between neighbors of the same regions of earth, all warring in the present, from wars of the past, to continue them into the succeeding generations.

The Ideals’ Qualities of Healing individual, collective, generational, Soul Wounds

When implemented in earnest, The Most High GOD will decree the necessary healings administered by the operation of HIS Holy Spirit.

EXODUS II: The Only Rational Resolution to Homelessness Strategic Plan

The implementation of the Justiceville EXODUS II: 2028 Los Angeles Olympics Initiative, will humanely (non-military enforced) resolve to “visible” homelessness and its mainstream societal causes, by the July 14th Opening Day of the 2028 Olympiad.

EXODUS II is the only such comprehensive, strategic, national policy and plan in the United States, and being imperatively time sensitive, must therefore be immediately implemented.

“Comprehensive” Equals Local Stakeholders, Nationally
Comprehensive, means that the policies, plans, and actions of EXODUS II (EII), are more in the interest of the local stakeholders, i.e., property industries, such as lands, rental/mortgage housing, retail storefronts, parks, beaches, wildness, school zones, etc., of communities and neighborhood besieged by the visible consequences of society in dire distress, and in need of salvation.

In a time-sensitive way, EII will resolve that matter, as incentivized, Voluntary relocation of homeless from the urban centers, into planned, properly prepared, permanent, government chartered, socially mixed, villas, townships, small cities. See….

The Campaign Possess the Moral High Ground Cause of America

Such moral high ground (MHG) understanding removes intimidating guilt insecurity, replacing it with courageously bold-hearted spirit, that empower such person(s) to wield with impunity, the “cutting” authority that protects of our Union Republic.

Awareness Campaign and Intentions
Before physical implementation of EII, a nationwide campaign of awareness of the initiative’s intentions, and a basic understanding of how all US citizens can in unison, makes it the reality that everyone desires and needs, including the homeless, the ultimate manifestation of societal abuse all people.

The Imperative of Re-imagining  American Homelessness, and Traditional Intents of Resolution

Revealed I:
How To Apprehend, Execute the Implementation of the Power and Authority of We the People

Revealed II:
Mystery of what We the People actually means.

The Unifying Elements of the Message
The catalyst that stimulates and draws together the various, differing sects of We the People>
The cohesive that keeps the differing Americans together as a one body politic nation under GOD, The Most High

Healing America’s Soul
“The Battle for the Soul of America” – Joe Biden

Including rectification with Indigenous Americans

(The Int’l Award Winning Docu-Movie – Featuring: Ted Hayes)

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