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Google has erroneously noted me, Ted Hayes, as a present member of the Republican Party, which is no longer true.  For most of my life, I voted with the Democratic Party, being black, etc., and tried the Republican in 2003, but left in 2007 discovering that it was not that of the original 184-56, and became an Independent Voter to this present time.

October 2019 The Ominous Message From Ted To POTUS Trump

* OMINOUS WARNING/ALERT of Pending Military Enforced Homeless Relocation
“Potential Military Enforcement Relocation of Homeless” vs. “EXODUS II”

For Three and A Half (3 1/2) Decades, All Tax Payer’s Sponsored Homelessness Social Services To Resolve It Have Failed, Instead,  Transformed Into A Multi-Billion Dollar, Industrial Complex, Similar To That of The Prison, Both of Which Are Stealth Forms of Human Trafficking. 

It’s Time To Implement The Comprehensive, Strategic, National Policy and Plan of Ted Hayes. Don’t You Think?!?
See The 38 Years Old Plan (Conceived in 1985), Now Dubbed, “EXODUS II”

Also see: “HEAL AMERICA” Ted’s Docu-movie on the healing and reconciliation of America 101

The National Day of, The National Day of: “THE JANUARY 1,1863, EMANCIPATION PROCLAMATION” Campaign


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