The Divine Providential, Moral and Legal Authority of The Federal Homeless Servant Czar (HSC)

 (Ted Hayes) (vot-dir)

The Most High GOD, El Shaddai, is the Central Figure of the Declaration of Independence“With full reliance of the protection of the Divine Providence, we pledge…”

In its closing sentence, the Declaration of Independence, the First Law of the United States, Union Republic, speaks of the Divine, Providential Personage of the worlds Supreme Judge, in this nations’ bold undertaking to protect and promulgate the Heavenly Ideals of freedom bestowed equally upon humanity by Nature’s GOD, The Creator.

That is, Annuit Coeptus – “HE Has Favored Our Undertaking”, in the Constitutional establishment of the Nordu Ordu Seclurum i.e., “New Order of the Ages”, by its self-professed of existence under HIS Jurisdiction, the “Divine, Moral Federal Authority”.

As the greatest governance experiment in global history, challenging both human nature, and global, historical record of civilizations, this nations’ internal, civil war struggle to determine its destiny, through its continuing “cold”, which officially began July 2-4,1776, and raged until the present of 2023, albeit erupting into “hot”, in that from April 11,1861 to April 11,1865, circa 750,000 primarily young, therefore innocent, white boys and men, as well as American Africans of such, including, US Federal President, Abraham Lincoln, perished in violent, political conflict over the matter of chattel slavery.

Under the auspices of the Executive Branch, i.e., the President of the United States (POTUS) by the enforcement of the military, destroyed the armies of the anti-Constitution, chattel slavery maintaining, confederated southern States rebellion.

However, the federal government officials recognized and oHowesensed the unknowable magnitude of a myriad, generational damages awaiting the liberated chattel slaves, and their descendant children, including they of the slave masters themselves.

To remedy this greatest imperfection of the self-admitted, imperfect Union, by Presidential Executive Order, and Constitutional mandate, the federal government of 1863-1875, exclusively bequeathed an unprecedented, enormous amount of authority into the hands of liberated American Africans, transformed into black citizens of “super’, extraordinary, even exceptional citizenship status.

Access to this authority depends upon three (3) prospects, they are:

  1. The cognizant literacy of a certain numbers of American African, black citizens, chattel slave descendants who can comprehend and espouse the laws written about and for them;
  2. The well articulated, moral, and legal cause for the federal release of such authority;
  3. The qualified, responsibly functioning, We the People body politic of black citizens, as well as those who are not, i.e., “white citizens”, led by central figure, and associated, responsible, accountable persons of leadership qualities in place, from oratory to organizational, etc.

The Authoritative Powers According To US Declaration of Independence and Constitution

  1. First, 1861-1862 Congressional Military Confiscation Acts
    Being living human property, whenever the federal armies defeated a confederate, the chattel slaves of the region were seized as such , and granted “freedom” under military jurisdiction, and hence, even initially reluctantly, President Lincoln as Commander in Chief of Armed Forces.This was the foundation of the first legal authority concerning freedom of chattel slaves.
  2. Second, Presidential Executive Order – January 1,18673, Emancipation Proclamation by POTUS Abraham Lincoln

Note: This unprecedented, moral, i.e., spiritual, GOD-driven, Executive Order was the first, federal legal act addressing the liberation, freedom of chattel enslaved, American Africans in the then, 87 years history of the United States, imperfect, Union Republic

  1. Third, US Constitutional, i.e., Civil Rights Acts/Laws, which are The…
    1. 13th Amendment, abolishes slavery in America;
    2. 14th Amendment, Citizenship of forever liberated, chattel slaves and their descendant children, which is proceeded by, and therefore is, the 1866 Civil Rights Act, Progenitor of the 14th Amendment, hence, that of all succeeding Civil Rights movements and act/laws.
    3. 15th Amendment, governance by voting, that is, males, which gave rise to Amendment 19, female vote.

To this day of 2023, our, Union Republic is still suffering from the generational shock of the assassination of Lincoln suddenly cut off the good work of the federal government of complete its moral and legal business of rectifying the 245 years of generations-destroying chattel slavery, thereby leaving the huge gaping wound of injustice in generational-collective soul of We the People America.

As a nation of homeless peoples (willing and unwilling immigrants) under GOD, there is a dual matter of homelessness which is rapidly taking center stage of America’s focus, particularly as it relates to the 2024 Presidential Campaign and beyond.

The dual challenge is that of the national population, the chattel slave descendants, being 11-12% of the general, are over 60% of homelessness, while in LA, its National Capital, black citizens are 8-9 % of both city and county, they are over 40% of their respective general.

This disparity is due to 404 years of unrequited injustices against American Africans, and especially that which occurred concerning the murder of Lincoln, whose intentions were to set in order and motion whereby, as a people, they will someday experience the full “equal justice/protection under law” citizenship “as is enjoyed by white citizens”. (Section 1,1866 Civil Rights Act)

The Purpose of Fed. Homeless Servant Czar
Empowered by both Constitutional and Presidential authority,
the Homeless Czar, who morally is American African, federal, black citizens of super citizenship status, will by the Creators’ Spirit, orchestrate the implementation of EXODUS II.

As long as this Union Republican Form of Government, under GOD “shall not perish from the earth”, in order to rectify it, the federal government bequeathed the authorities of:

  1. January 1,1863 Emancipation Proclamation, Sentence 2, B, and 5, B, and Sentence 8
  2. The 1866 Civil Rights Act, Sections
  3. 1, citizenship “as is enjoyed by white citizens.”
  4. 2, punishment for rebellion against Sec. 1
  5. 3, direct orders to District and Circuit Courts, marshals, district attorney generals commissioners appointed by the circuit and territorial courts
  6. 4, 8, 9, direct mandates of POTUS
  7. 5, 9, direct mandates to military
  8. 10, Supreme Court

Direct Laws Authoring “The US Fed. Homeless Czar” and/or Special Presidential Envoy, whichever the case may be

  1. The Act, Section 4, Presidential appointments of “special” Envoy

“the officers and agents of the Freedmen’s Bureau, and every other officer who may be specially empowered by the President of the United States, shall be, and they are hereby, specially authorized and required, at the expense of the United States, to institute proceedings against all and every person who shall violate the provisions of this act, and cause him or them to be arrested and imprisoned, or bailed”

Homelessness in the USA is the ultimate Civil Rights matter since the end of the 245 years (1619-1865) nation-destroying, institutionalized chattel slavery industry itself, because the disproportionate majority of homelessness of the national population are the descendants of America’s chattel slaves and Jim Crow survivors, i.e., American African, black citizens, whom are the Subject Beneficiaries of the Laws.

Being clearly out of the hands of the federal government, via the White House, demonstrates that they and traditional social services are without a humane, comprehensive, strategic, national policy and plan solution to it, therefore, it’s now imperative that We the People, by Constitutional authority bequeathed to, and ordered of such “to more perfect the Union, establish Justice, ensure domestic Tranquility, etc.,”

It’s perfectly legitimate, morally and Constitutionally legal for the POTUS to appoint the Homeless Czar.

  1. Section 8, Presidential Audience With Czar“…whenever the President of the United States shall have reason to believe that offences have been or are likely to be committed against the provisions of this act… it shall be lawful for him, in his discretion…for the purpose of the more speedy arrest and trial of persons charged with a violation of this act;” (editions mine)The Czar demonstrates the reason for POTUS to believe, thereby taking the subsequent, Executive Actions to properly address the matter.

“It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us —
that from these honored dead,
we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion.”
(President Abraham Lincoln, Gettysburg Address Nov.19,1863)

(Also See: “HEAL AMERICA”  The Docu-Movie) on the healing and reconciliation of America 101

 (Ted Hayes) (vot-dir)

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