Finally: “HEAL AMERICA” The Int’l Award Winning Docu-Movie – Featuring: Ted Hayes


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Winner, Best Directer, January 2023, Chamballa, Indian International Film Festival


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* ** In Memory of the Late Jeanie DeCarlo, Co-Producer ***

Directed by:  Award Winning Director, Von Kochar
Co-Produced by: Jeanie DeCarlo
Featuring:  Ted Hayes,
veteran, social justice, Civil Rights activist of 38 years

EMERGING from years of mysterious silence, is the welcoming, refreshing, clarion and inspiring voice Ted Hayes, who views this docu-movie as ‘the opener” to his unique “medicine cabinet/prescriptions” of Divine Ideals for individual, collective and generational healing.

Inspired by what he identifies as Divine passion, Ted courageously declares that such healing to reconciliation, ironically will come via the vexing and mysterious matter of homeless persons within the We the People governance experimental, United States of America, Union Republic.

Ted views “Heal” as ‘’the opener” his phasing Divine healing messaging.

The brilliant artistry of video/film award winning Producer/Director, Von Kochar, for this work, winner of Best Director Award Winner: 2023 Chambala Indian International Film Festival, Kaoto, India, and Jeanie DeCarlo, Co-Producer have the imagery and essence of an actual, healing messenger (Malachi) for our extremely vexing time, a living beacon of light.

Thank GOD, The MOST HIGH for His gift of Von and Jeanie to us all.

The Miracle of The “Hidden” Congressional Apology Resolution For White – Black Healing and Reconciliation

To View the Web Sight of the exciting, “Ted Hayes 4 Presidential Homeless Servant Czar” Campaign

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