Ted Hayes For 2024, US President Appointed, Federal Homeless Servant Czar

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Disclosure Clause
Google has erroneously noted me, Ted Hayes, as a present member of the Republican Party, which is no longer true.  For most of my life, I voted with the Democratic Party, being black, etc., and tried the Republican in 2003, but left in 2007 discovering that it was not that of the original 184-56, and became an Independent Voter to this present time.

I intend to motivate You to influence the 2024, US President-Elect, to APPOINT me as our nation’s First in US history, FEDERAL HOMELESS SERVANT CZA, commissioned to resolve “visible”, homelessness throughout the country humanely.

By Presidential commissioned authority, it’s my intent and duty, as an ardent defender and promoter of the US Constitution, to achieve this lofty, plausible, “can do” objective, first rippling out of California by the July 14, 2028, Opening Day of the 2028 Olympics, hosted by Los Angeles, ironically, the National Capital of Homelessness, and that of homeless, US Military Veterans.

This new, federal office, instituted by you, We the People, is under the Jurisdiction of the President and located within the White House.

The Office of Homeless Servant Czar will instruct the US Interagency Council On Homelessness (USICH) on executing the Justiceville, EXODUS II: 2028, LA Olympics, Homelessness Resolution Initiative.  See: EXODUS II

The We the People, VOTING PROCEDURE For FEDERAL, HOMELESS SERVANT CZAR (Non-traditional government balloting)
See: The “Voting” Process (here)

Thank GOD and yourself, as this is in your utmost interest.

For further informational instructions on “Voting” process.




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