WARNING Against Violence

To Anyone Who Inflicts or Attempts To Inflict Intimation and/or Violence Upon Blacks For Simply Struggle and Speak Up Against and Resist Illegal Immigration, Proves That Our Concerns of Ethno-Racial Cleansing Leading To Our Genocide Are Well Correct and Well Founded

American Black US Citizens Are Dwelling Under The Threat of Hispanic/Latino - Mexican Violence

"Second only to the failure of African American Civil Rights leaders, illegal immigration is the greatest threat to Blacks since chattel slavery"  Ted Hayes

Should job (government and private sectors) and school place intimidation, threats of and even acts of violence either in out streets or penal systems not immediately cease and desist, we must conclude that the Hispanic/Latino La Raza movement is seeking to Ethno-Racially Cleanse and genocide Blacks"   Ted Hayes

The Last Civil Rights Activist make the claim or even accusation, that American Black US citizens in the Los Angeles area are oppressed under government sanctioned threat of violence by Hispanic/Latino - Mexican/Central Americans.


Such threat is especially true when any Black expresses disagreement with or even concern about the masses of citizens of foreign nations enter and consuming the bounties of America without official permission from the proper federal authorities.


It is a fact, these masses of illegal immigrants and their children have a devastating effect on American Black US citizens, that if not stopped will certainly lead from mere Ethno-racial cleansing to outright mass murder - genocide of the very people who by their struggles in chattel slavery and subsequent racist Jim Crow laws for 87 years (1877 -1964) made if possible for immigrants - legal and illegal to come to a Civil United Stated of America.


Forms of Intimidation

Yet, if we should express our opinions that differ from the pro-unlawful immigration agents of La Raza, MEECHA, MALDEF, LULAC, Aztlan, et al, we are threatened with the following accusations of being:

* Racist against Mexicans and all other Hispanic/Latino peoples;


* Racist and hateful against immigrants;


* Are associated with Anglo-White (Caucasian-European - "Gringo") KKK, Nazis or other racist

   entities, if not outright members them;


* Job loss - that is ostracized by fellow employer and employers and subsequently dismissed or forced into lower position;


       > Nearly 99 % of Blacks in the employ of government, law enforcement, school districts, et al 

          are keenly aware of the situation that they see daily surrounding them, yet due to fear and

         pressure to remain "politically correct" they refuse to speak up...which is fascist-like



     > In Los Angeles, it is not politically incorrect to say what it is that you see and experience

        due to illegal immigration, even though it is killing you, such as the Ethno-Racial Cleansing of

        Blacks by the presence of illegal immigrants and their children, and their children's children;


While these aforementioned accusations are difficult and paralyzing upon us Blacks is bad enough, the gravest threat is that of violence ranging from in our school districts; to our neighborhoods where we are "mad-dogged", beaten and gunned down in cold blood; even to the penal systems where Blacks are constantly under fear for their lives; as well as our children in school must comply with the wishes of the Latino/Hispanic students and must go-along in order to get-along.


Of course, there are meaningful friendship between Hispanic/Latino school students and Blacks, just as it is so among adults.  However, as with the adults, the Black students must not let their sentiments be known publicly for fear of retaliation.


For posting this true, enlightening and shocking information on this Web-Page "Lynching the Black Man", I expect that more racial pejoratives as well as threats of violence will hurled at me and anyone else who learns this message and presents it publicly.


The Alarming Clarion Sound

Perhaps, the Last Civil Rights Activist are alarmist as some would say, accusing us of being liars or at least exaggerating the facts "on-the-ground", and that such language and sentiments is hate filled, racist, divisive, incendiary or inflammatory, therefore we must cease and desist of speaking such.


Simply for speaking the truth about what we see, real or perceived, the La Raza agents believes that it gives them license to "take off" on and commit verbal abuses and violence against us because they the illicit numbers.


The Table of Brotherhood To Avoid Genocide

The Last Civil Rights Activist wants peace by joining other stakeholders in this matter at the Table of Brotherhood to resolve them.


However, though such is our wish and intent, it is our sentiment that the abuses against us will continue until the mood of Ethno-Racial cleansing of Blacks will result in the 21 Century, Hispanic/Latino - La Raza government sanctioned genocide of American Black US citizens, the emancipated slaves.


Point Made Clear

If our sentiments are wrong, we challenge the Hispanic/Latino and otherwise, including African American leadership to waylay our concerns and fears.


However, the Last Civil Rights Activists is putting any and all perpetrators of verbal abuse, government and school district jobs, school and prison intimation; threats and acts of violence; et al, that if they attack the Last Civil Rights Activists and/or any of their families, friends, associates or Blacks in general, our point will then be clearly made that Ethno-racial cleansing and genocide is definitely the agenda for Blacks by Hispanic/Latino La Raza agents.


If we indeed are wrong about our sentiments, then allow us to practice our Constitutional and Civil Rights to express ourselves as "emancipate slaves" on the road to eventual full citizenship "...as is enjoyed by White citizens". 


Also, we call upon Hispanic/Latino leadership to meet with us at the Table of Brotherhood and immediately cease the violence against Blacks in the penal systems, in the school districts and in our neighborhoods.


If the La Raza agents can not do these simple things, then we must conclude that they as Spaniard White (Euro-Caucasian) Latino/Hispanic illegal immigration movement is determined to Ethno-Racially Cleanse and genocide Blacks in this early 21st Century.


Given this bleak scenario, American Black US citizens must for sake ourselves and only home nation that we know, the United States of America, we will make it known by shouts, screams and clarion sounds to world to stand up against what is tragically occurring to us by Hispanic/Latino - Mexican dominated illegal immigration and government who is either encouraging or at least is complicit with it.


Last warning:  They touch or harm us in anyway, they prove our point.  If we are wrong, let them prove it.  Hopefully, they are right.


Think about it

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