The Historical and Unprecedented

"Lynching" The Black Man,

i.e, Descendants of Chattel Slaves

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The Continuing On-Line Civil Rights Demonstration Protesting  Unlawful Immigration


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Los Angeles City Hall

200 N. Main Street, Los Angeles, California, 90012

(Wednesday, February 25,2009)

The "Lynched" Black Man

is holding a sign that reads...


Illegal Immigration = the lynching

(symbolized by the noose) of Black US Citizens

Originally, The Black Man, that is, the West African Americanized Emancipated Slave,, Freed Chattel Slave, Freemen and his children were regularly lynched by American White- Anglo Terrorist, particularly of the political Democratic Party sponsored, the bloody

Ku Klux Klan (K.K.K.)


Today, in the 21st Century, the Klan With A Tan (K.W.A.T.) or Tan Ku Klux Klan (TKKK) 

The folks holding the signs of outrage are Homeless from Skid Row, the "Ground 0" of American Homelessness.

In fact, Los Angeles is considered by all authorities as the Homelessness Capital of the United States of America.

Citizens of the United States, most particularly our Military Veterans must receive any and all assistance before citizen of a foreign nation within our borders without official permission from the appropriate authorities, does.

Yet, millions of foreign citizens, primarily from the United Mexican States are receiving not only governmental benefits, but their unaccounted-for presence threatens to destroy very existence of American Black US Citizens in America.

This view is scene from the west side of the Main Street where LA City Hall proper is located.  It is rumored that the Mayor Antonio Villariagosa came down from his 3rd floor office to view his living effigy "lynching" the Black Man also in living effigy. 

Of course, instead of confronting us, "after we called him out", ran back upstairs, instead being a leader and dealing with the situation.

In Los Angeles, Blacks must assume the roles of either   "sell-out" Jim Crow type minstrels of comedy, entertainment and sports; even wearing sagging, "underwear showing" pants; gangster and commercialized clothing fit for clowns; or be gagged and suppressed employees of the City government and the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), such as most of the African American elected and appointed officials who refuse to stop the Ethno-Racial Cleansing - "lynching" of Blacks.




What will it take for the leaders of this city and nation to realize that their abominable behavior is on a dead course collision with the All Mighty Justice of the Peace.

This demonstration is an Omen of the dark days to come for Los Angeles leaders if we don't come to the "Table of Brotherhood" to dialog for amicable resolutions.

Several years ago, Les was attacked, beaten and shot by Hispanic/Latino gangsters in the 18th Street area of downtown Los Angeles

Les in front of LA City Hall holding poignant sign that reads...

Illegal Immigration =

(photo of noose)

Black US Citizens


Black people are GOD's children too

One of the unidentified Homeless

volunteers holding the

"Los Angeles -

Jim Crow City"



The Jim Crow era (1866-1964) is a time in United States in which the fore fathers of the Democratic Party implemented a campaign to undermine the Abraham Lincoln Promissory Note of emancipation, full citizenship and voting power to West African Americanized slaves and their descendants.


Using the weapons of anti-Black race legislation and the terror of the KKK, the Democrats subdued and pursued the emancipated slaves until they "recaptured" them with lure of socialist, government welfare programs.

Due to the attention and resources given to illegal aliens or unlawful immigrants, primarily of Mexico, as is the Mayor...masses of American US citizens remain Homeless.

Elzie - another Homeless gentleman and associate of the "Last of the Civil Rights Activist" community organizer, holding a sign in front of City Hall protesting the Ethno-Racial Cleansing of American Black US citizens by influx of illegal immigrants.

The Hon. LA-La Raza Mayor, Antonio Villariagosa has stimulated the devastating movement of illegal immigration by blatantly and treasonously accusing the US Federal Government of being wrong and that hordes of illegal immigrants were right to invade the United States and Ethno-Racially Cleanse Blacks.

He says to them...

"The federal government is wrong and you are right."

As in the days prior to the 1964 Civil Rights Act, the policy of legislated racial segregation from the bounties of America known as Black Codes, i.e. Jim Crow...Blacks left in Los Angeles are rapidly becoming limited in where we are allowed to move about for fear of being accosted by Hispanic/Latino peoples. 

Atune Re, associate of  "The Last Civil Rights Activists" also holding signs reading "Illegal Immigration = the "lynching" of Black US citizens

Citizens of foreign nations are unlawfully removing Black US citizens from our rightful place in Los Angeles and American society, replacing us with themselves.

It is a fact, the illegal immigrants have and continue to remove and replace Black US citizens, including teens from jobs ranging from construction to fast food restaurants. 

Making matters worse, their employment is below US wages and labor standards because the workers are either illegal immigrants or Anchor-children of the same.

This is called Emploslavery, in which employers are hiring workers below US labor laws and standards/

Fred - veteran community organizer and associate of "the Last Civil Rights Activists" holds sign that admonishes Black US citizens to boycott establishments that refuse to hire them

in preference to illegal immigrants.

Terrance portraying living effigy ofMayor Villariagosa, holding the rope that is noosed around living effigy of the "lynched" Black man, symbolizing the cleansing of Blacks US citizens from housing, neighborhoods, gainful employment, healthcare, education, government, et al

Neither Blacks, nor all American citizens, nor those of the world will continue to stand idly by while the Nazi - La Raza Mayor leads the immoral effort to Ethno-Racially Cleanse and/or "lynch" them in the name of benefiting poor Hispanic/Latino illegal immigrants.

If not stopped, this present Ethno-Racial Cleansing process will lead to the eventual genocide of Blacks US citizens in this early 21st Century.


La Raza - Spaniard Conquistador Mayor Villariagosa the "Brown" neo face of the Ku Klux Klan, i.e. the Tan KKK or the KWAT (Klan with a tan)

Until recently, the "face" of the KKK was Anglo White.  Now, it is Spaniard White.

However, the Neo "Brown" power Ku Klux Klan of the 21st Century is far more dangerous than the Anglo-White KKK ever was.

The Honorable Los Angeles Mayor,

Antonio Villariago, who is


Behold, The Neo Face of the racist Spaniard-White

KWAT or TKKK  or Neo-KKK La Raza, Movement Against Black and Anglo-White American US Citizens

La Raza for the Hispanic/Latino Peoples means,

"For Our Race Only" and "For our race, everything.  For other races, nothing."

Ironically, the Department of Justice and Commerce does not consider "Hispanic/Latino"

 a race, but rather, an ethnicity.

In tradition of the Jim Crow cities of pre-1964 Civil Rights Act, the Mayor arrested Ted Hayes for coming to his office to redress grievances concerning the negative impact of illegal immigration on the Homeless and Black US citizens. 

Ted was jury tried and found guilty, and the case is now pending appeal.

Yet, the fraud is continually perpetrated that Hispanic/Latino - La Raza is a race even as that of emancipated slaves of the West African Americanized slaves

Terrance passionately speaking about the "Lynching" of the Black man in front of LA City Hall.

While American history, especially that of the "old" West is filled with images of lynching...most particular mob lynching, which in many cases were Anglo-Whites individuals, however, rightly so, the noose has a most special place in the psyche of Blacks as everybody know.

The Last Civil Rights Activists have taken it upon themselves to utilize that dramatic and emotional iconic image as a tool to startle Blacks and all of America the grave danger of illegal immigration

The Last Civil Rights Activist have no animist, resentment, disdain, or ill will for Hispanic/Latino - Mexican peoples nor any other ethno-racial group whom enters our homeland without official permission from proper federal authorities...rather we do love and care deeply for them.

As the Emancipated Slaves, we are faced not only with Ethno-Racial Cleansing, but actual genocide itself.

While we know that the Hon. Mayor Villariagosa is the face or "poster child" of the 21st Century neo KKK and the Nazi La Raza movement to eliminate Blacks...

However, to everyone's' shame, the final insult lays in the fact that the African American leadership, elected or otherwise, is mysteriously silent about their peoples' devastations and impending doom.

  The deafening silence is giving encouragement to Villariagosa and Nazi-Facist La Raza.

See Pink Slip

(The Firing of the African American Leadership)

The Last Civil Rights Activist are not claiming that the Mayor and La Raza movement speaks for all Hispanic/Latino ethnicities, unlawful immigrants or not.

We believe that the major portion of the Compancinos' and Companeros' are not racist, nor are aware of the gravity of damages being waged upon American Black US citizens, because if they did know, being decent people, most being Roman Catholic Christians, they would immediately  reverse their course and intents.

As former slaves, we empathize with suffering Hispanic/Latino Homies and look forward to "struggling-school" together for Civil - Human Rights in Mexico & Mesoamerica, et al. 

LA City Councilman, the Hon. Tom LaBonge, braved political correctness and paid due homage to the demonstration repeatedly saying for all to hear, "Ted Hayes is decent human being"  We salute Mr. LaBonge!




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