Go Back To Africa?!?


There is no feasible way that we American Blacks can return to ancestral West Africa as some the La Raza movement activists who claim to represent the Campacinos' and Campaneros' have demanded of us.


They shout, "You Black Niggers and Mayatas...go back to Africa...this is not your land" as they shout at us with threats of physical violence for exercising our United States citizenship rights to freedom of speech, to march in our own streets to redress our government for grievances, et al." (* Of course, these are not your sentiments)


Perhaps, if we could orderly, prosperously and in good conscious of our ancestors, and of GOD who ultimately directed us here, repatriate or go "back" to Africa, we would do so, but we can't! 


In fact, while not a part of what the late Dr. King called the "...dream deeply rooted in the American Dream", the idea of repatriation to West Africa has often been considered and even attempted.


Once by the late, Mr. Marcus Garvey in the early 20th Century in the United States, which was proceeded by the simi-successful re-turn migration of my peoples to West Africa in 1822 under the Presidential leadership of James Monroe, which resulted in the creation of the Republic of Liberia in 1847.


USA: Home of the Black Emancipated Slaves

However, such a repatriation venture is not feasible, especially at this time, nor should it be expected of us emancipated from slavery West African Blacks to leave the only homeland the we know of.


It is in the rich dirt of this country land which bears the "scars" - "DNA" of our blood, sweat, and painful tears of existence as forced immigrants into the slave institution under the jurisdiction of Britain and United States.


WE CAN NOT LEAVE AMERICA even if we wanted to, because we owe it to our ancestors and our children's children to remain here and struggle for it.


A Witness Against US

Besides, being that  99% of us believe if we abandon America and the sacrifices of our ancestors, fore parents and parents from Crispus Attucks on  March 5, 1770 to the present, Black West African blood in the "ground" figuratively and literally of the United States, will cry out before the Throne of GOD as witness against us in our Day of Judgment


Therefore, my school mates in struggle, unfortunately for us all, your quest for a better life by unlawfully entering into my only homeland, along with other travesties such as abortion,is becoming, the primary cause of my peoples' continued demise, Ethno-Racial Cleansing, and eventual genocide.


Compacinos' and Campaneros' and anyone else reading, we Blacks were already dwelling a catastrophic existence in the United States as it is (* no fault of your own) due to the severe failure of the Negro, African American, Black, et al leadership, whether in government or otherwise.


The Unfinished Business of the Civil Rights Acts


Immense power was granted to many so-called Negro-African Americans by GOD, the governments and the peoples to resolve the conflict between between Anglo-Whites immigrants and Anglo-Black emancipated slaves to thereby help HEAL America's slavery wound.


Instead of working to complete the unfinished business of the Civil Rights Acts, they accumulated riches and fame as these leaders "Black" "played-the race-card" to further agitate racial strife and specifically by race baiting against the confused, hurting and guilt ridden conscious of certain American-Anglo-White US citizens..


The "usual suspects" so-called Civil Rights leaders would rather use manipulation upon the weak, instead utilizing what Dr. King and Mahatma Ghandi identified as "soul force" to achieve Justice in America.


The particular Justice grants to Black emancipated slaves and their descendants that eventual US citizenship "...as is enjoyed by White citizens..." according the 14 Amendment of the Civil Rights Act of 1866.


This is a reality in the United States for Blacks as a whole people that has never occurred due to racism from the Democratic Party and Ku Klu Klan, et al, as well failure by our leaders.


On May 5,2004, I issued a "pink-slip" notice to the "usual suspect" Civil Rights, so-called African American leadership.  See Pink Slip 


Doomed Future of American Black US Citizens


Like it or not, according to all credible-scientific studies, we American Black US citizens lead all other ethno-racial groups, including Hispanic/Latinos in the United States in nearly every negative social statistic.  Yet, we Blacks are barely 11-13% percent of the national population.

As the descendants of slaves and not immigrants, we are a distraught and dying people languishing under the frightening oppression of the a La Raza influenced US federal, state, county and municipal governments, encouraged by the abject dereliction of so-called African American leaders.

The government and corporate business supported, anti-Black La Raza movement is determined to immorally use the oppressed peoples of Mexico and Mesoamerica to remove us from our only homeland.

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