Los Angeles –
Sanctuary City

“Jim Crow”

City Of America
Racist Jim Crow-ism Means:
· Blacks Are Not Allowed Civil Rights
· Blacks Are Denied The Rights Of Speech

Remember Leimert Park,
Saturday, June 23,2007 ?

· Blacks Are Denied Peaceful Assembly
Remember Liemert Park,
Saturday, June 23,2007 ?

· Blacks Can’t Go Into Spaniard Neighborhoods
Try East L.A. or any Spanish Dominated Areas

· Blacks Are Suppressed and Threatened In Their Own Schools

Blacks Are Threatened With Latino Gang Violence For Uprising Against White Spanish Jim Crow Control
Remember Leimert Park? Highland Park? Harbor Gate?

First It Was The Anglo -White KKK Jim Crow
Now It Is The Spaniard -White KKK Jim Crow

Both Have One Thing In Common - They Deny Civil Rights To Blacks

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[BEWARE of The Spaniard Klu Klux Klan]

“Just When We Thought It Was Safe To Go Into The Water…Now, Here They Come!”



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