Lynching: PR 1 Demonstration


 ATTENTION: Alert - Media/Press


On A Certain Day This Coming Week

(presently date and times are classified information for obvious reasons)



A Black Man Will Be “Lynched”


From An LA City Hall Tree


In Protest To

Los Angeles Rebel Jim Crow City

Ethno-Racial Cleansing

The “Lynching” of Blacks



LA Mayor Antonio Villariagosa,

is the Face of La Raza Black “Lynching” and…

The Theft of Blacks Civil Rights Legacies and Heritages

By Massive Illegal Immigration


·     Sanctuary City” Policies

·      Theft of Blacks Birth and National Identity Rights

·      Illicit Use and Twisting of the 14th Amendment

(Un-Constitutional Anchor-Security Birth Right Custom)


While Black Leaders (public and private) Acquiesce

In Paralyzing Fear of the T-KKK - (Tan Ku Klux Klan)


Barack Hussein Obama, Rescue US NOW





See ya at the Hang-N


Contact: 310-722-9486


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                                              Introduction: Lynching the Black Man 


                                   "Lynching" the Black Man Scene Demonstration Photos                                                       

                                             Lynching: PR 2 Demonstration  

                                     Lynching: Flier 1 Demonstration


                     KKK - KWAT 101: True Mission of the KKK



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