Lynching The Black Man

The Ethno-Racial Cleansing of

American Black US Citizens, i.e, so called African-Amricans, Descendants of The British-A,merican Chattel Slaves

by LA Mayor Antonio Villariagosa

 and the Nazi-La Raza Movement


Wednesday, February 2007

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* The Holocaust-like Washout of Abortion which has eliminated around seventeen million (17,000,000) individuals since the passing the US Supreme Court Decision of Roe vs. Wade of January 22,1973 (35 years).


* Illegal Immigration, and the policy and practice of Anchor-Children Security, which is the illicit and twisting of the 14 Amendment of the US Constitution


The "Lynching of the Black man" in living effigy by the living effigy of Antonio Villariagosa, illustrates the tragedy of the rebellious antics of certain municipal, county, state and federal government officials in Los Angeles and throughout nation who blatantly practice a policy that is in the same natural vain as that of the Democratic Party's  intimidating, violent paramilitary arm known as the Ku Klux Klan (KKK).

e the progress of the emancipate

14th Amendment and the Civil Rights of 1866
The Three Great Amendment

When you study the Civil Rights Act in conjunction with the 14th Amendment, you will please notice the succeeding Sections of it, which presents a list of certain mechanism or instruments to ensure the eventual fulfillinh of the Dream of our American Founding Fathers and that of the Radical Republicans and the late President Abraham Lincoln, the architects of the sacred and very special legislation dedicated to the Free Chattel Slaves, Freemen and their children.


This law does not apply to foreigners, especially those within the United States without official permission from the proper federal authorities.


Historically, since the end of the Civil War (1861 - 1865), the lynching of Blacks has always been conducted for whatever reasons by American White or Anglo -English speaking US citizens.


The ghostly image of the white bed sheeted and pillow cased-hooded KKK, with its' burning cross, and hangman's nooses has traditionally represented the suppression of Blacks by racist Democrat Whites...literally, thousands of whom have had a rope noose slung around their necks and hanged, while tens of thousands more have been injured and property (such as homes) damaged.


However, the 21st Century threat of the KKK is no longer represented by racist White-Anglo, English-speaking Democrats alone, but rather, and primarily another suppressor of the Chattel Slave Americans who are also White...but Hispanic/Latino instead, commonly known as the KKK - Tan Ku Klux Klan or Klan with a tan...i.e. the Brown Beret - Brown Power - La Raza, LULAC, et al.


Obviously, the KKK is not necessarily a color, race, religion, ethnicity angst, but rather anyone, entity or thing (laws, ordinances, customs, etc) that deliberately and overtly or inadvertently impede the progress of the Freed Chattel Slaves, Freemen and their respective descendant chilren on the "road, not path" to the full US citizenship "as is enjoyed by White citizens".


Hence, along with the scourge of abortion, illegal immigration with its policy and practice of Anchor-Security, which is essentially the grand theft of the National Birth and Identity Rights of American Black US citizens,i.e., Chattel Slave descendants is the greatest threat to us since chattel slavery by the illicie use of the 14th Amendment Section 1.


Without controversy, illegal - criminal immigration is a vicious, hateful, racist attack upon the people to whom the 14th Amendment is meant for, because it was upon their ancestors and fore parents backs this nation of immigrants was cruellyl built.


The US Government enacted three consecutive Amendements to the US Constitution in a generational attempt to rectify and vindicate the Name of GOD, not because of the race of the Chattel Slaves, nor skin color (racial characteristics), ethnicity, religion, minority-majority status, etc, but rather it is due to the unigue way, unlike the immigrants, in which they were brought into the jurisdiction of the United States of America.


This is the fatal flaw of the invaders, because they have erroneously based their theft of the Civil Rights legacies and heritages on their Hispanic/Latino brown skin color an nothing esle.


Example: Anchor-Children/Baby Political and Electoral Bomb

The process of Anchor-Security is extremely sinister and dangerous to th existence of Blacks in America, and consequently for all of the United States of America.


Hordes of Hispanic/Latino, unlawful immigrants, primarily of Mexico are suddenly (within last 30 years) and rapidly removing Blacks US citizens, Chattel Slave peoples out of the bounties and civil liberties of America, which is called Ethno-Racial Cleansing...a practice that is leading to eventual government sanctioned mass genocide of Blacks in the 21st century.


Los Angeles County Sheriff, Lee Baca calls such a society altering phenomena, "continuing population growth and demographic change".


The Power of the La Raza, Illicit Hispanic/Latino "Brown" Vote  

Power in a democracy is supposedly based on numbers of free people showing up at the voting polls for candidates, ballot measures, initiatives, etc.


Whatever constituency produces the highest number of votes for a candidate of ballot measure or initiatives, wins that has say in the governing actions of government officials (elected and appointed).


Fewer or no number, the less representation.  The greater the numbers, the most likely to be represented.


The Grievous Danger

Babies - children born to parents-women-mothers of unlawful or criminal immigrants within the geo-physical borders of the United States being considered legitimate citizens who are presently 16 and 17 years will be the required voting age of 18 in 2010, thereby adding to the ever rapidly bulging Hispanic/Latino population being as high as 45 % in Los Angeles alone, compared to Blacks at 11%.


Making matters even more critical is the fact that the tens of millions of 14 and 15 years of age anchor-children in 2009 will be the required 18 in 2012 adding to the already millions of 2010.


Soon, there will be no more need for cries of "amenesty Now", because the illegal alien invader-occupiers will have the sudden voting masses to vote into law anything amesty related they desire.


Due to our lack of representation in government, our special 15th Amendment Right to vote in America will be nullified as voting block because the numbers of Hispanic/Latino Mexican voters will so overwhelm us that we would not be able to effectively redress the government.


In this odious day of electoral politics, government officials will understandably address needs and concerns of their voting constituency.


Such loss of voting power, brings into danger our citizenship Rights granted to by the 14th Amendment itself.


Without citizenship protection from the government, the descendants of the chattel slaves will find themselves heading towards the second portion of the 13th Amendment about slaving being abolished in the United States, "except for imprisonment", and even worse, that of ethno-racial cleansing and eventual genocide.


Such a danger is why the Last Civil Rights Activist have, are and will continue to take these kind of dramatic actions until we as a people receive the justice due us, beginning the abolishment of the anti-US Constitutional, Nation destroying policies and practices of illegal immigration and "continuing population growth and demographic change".


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