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It Is Here...the 21st Century

Neo K.K.K. or K.W.A.T. 101

The Neo-Ku Klux Klan with A Tan

(KKK-WAT or Klan With A Tan - KWAT for short)

NOTE: The late, great, legendary Terry Anderson insightfully and correctly coined this phase.

Let's memorial him by spreading this offensive tool term throughout our beloved nation


Make the La Raza racist deny that their movement is the modern day KKK against

American Black US citizens, i.e. descendants of British-American Chattel Slaves

The True Meaning and Mission of the KKK

Anyone or Thing (System, Ordinance, Statute, Policy, Practice, Custom...) that impedes American Black US Citizens from attaining full "equal Justice under the Law" citizenship, "...as is enjoyed by White citizens..." according to the mandates of the 14th Amendment and Civil Rights Act of 1866...

 is in effect the Ku Klux Klan

Race, color (White, Brown, Red, Yellow or even Black), ethnicity, nationality...is inconsequential

According to the 1866 Civil Rights Act, Section 2, which is the foundation of the 14th Amendments, nothing has the power-authority, not even municipal, state nor federal laws, individual of entity to override the Act - Section 1 that warrants emancipated slaves, i.e. American Black US citizens their very special, one-of-a-kind National Birth and Identity Rights.

Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That any person who, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, shall subject, or cause to be subjected, any inhabitant of any State or Territory to the deprivation of any right secured or protected by this act (which citizenized emancipated slaves. my edition)  shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and, on conviction, shall be punished..."

"The Greatest Threat To Blacks Since Slavery"

Ted Hayes

The Original Anglo-White K.K.K. Created by the Democratic Party of the Southern United States between 1866 until 1964 Terrorized & Disenfranchised American Black US Citizens of Our Constitutional and Civil Rights According To Edicts of the Civil Rights Act of 1866 and the Subsequent 14TH Amendment

This vicious, systematic attack upon an unsuspecting, confused, and terrorized people recently freed from enslavement via a very bloody war in which hundreds of thousands of young White men - North and South were killed, maimed and wounded in their souls for the sake of West African Blacks in the United States.

Not ever wanting the emancipated slaves and their children to achieve the objective of full citizenship "as is enjoyed by Whites" in the United States, the Democrat kabal against us, has consistently and continuously taken complete unfair advantage of our state of generational shock.

Since our emancipation and escape from the Democrat massa in 1865, they have successfully dominated our citizenship status and progress, thereby stealthily regaining control over something more precious than our body, that is our soul.

The wizardry clever Democrat was fatefully and ironically supplied with the "gift" of the late President, John F. Kennedy from the time that he made the historic, unprecedented "check up on jailed Martin Luther King, Jr." phone call to the formers' Abraham Lincoln-like assassination.

The assassination of JFK had such a profound emotional and psychological effect on the already shocked souls of the emancipated slave race, that we became blind to the fact that were being bamboozled back under the control of the same entity that was/is the continued, prolonged cause of our state of pain and shock...the Democratic - KKK White Supremacy movement.

It is the intent of the Democrat to destroy the idea of the American Dream which is embodied in the emancipation of the West African slaves and assurance to us citizenship "as is enjoyed by White citizens"

Dr. King, Jr. says we Blacks too have our own "...dream, deeply rooted in the American Dream".

Essentially, the American is the dream of the emancipated slaves who have their dream in that of the White citizens.  Dr. King says...

"...our White brothers...realize that their destiny is tied up with our destiny and their freedom is inextricably bound to our freedom"

The Democrat strategist assigned to this particular effort of the movement, knows that should ever the mandate of the 14th Amendment be obeyed and achieved, their particularly version of the American dream would be destroyed as well as their "let's enslave the whole world" movement. 


Based on the historical philosophies and intent of the Democrat, Anglo White citizens who have been seeking the continued mental-emotional enslavement and ultimate destruction of the c slaves since 1866 after their surrender at Appomattox in April 1865...

today, the Chattel Slave Peoples -Blacks are confronted with a more dangerously than ever before the stealth version of the KKK, however supported and encouraged by the Democrat


It is understandable that the Democratic Party is pro La Raza movement, unlawful immigration policies and practices such as, Anchor - Security and other so-called "pathway to citizenship" amnesties.


The Democrat knows that such policies and practices, along with encouraged abortion is sure to finish the unfinished business of the abject subduing the emancipated slaves for ever.


To our surprise, chagrin and embarrassment,

the KKK of today is

the Neo-Spanish Ku Klux Klan,


The Klan With A Tan (KWAT) Does The Very Same To Chattel Slave Peoples & Worse than the racist American Anglo White citizen KKK

         Some Neo-Spanish KKK Wear Terror Masks & Bandanas On Their Faces as The Original Anglo K.K.K. Wear White Sheets as a "weapon of intimidation.

 The Anglo-White KKK & Neo-KKK-KWAT


Seeks To Silence and Subjugate the Chattel Slave Peoples...even as they did on Sunday, June 23,2007 at has become known as the Leimert Park insurrection against the USA incidentd, when due to threats of violence from the La Raza movement the LAPD denied American US citizens their freedom of speech and assembly. 

See Leimert Park Incident of June 23,2007

·      The Neo-KKK-KWAT Steals…

The National Birth and Civil Rights of Blacks

The KKK- KWAT Are Craftier

Than Original Anglo-White KKK,

By Bilking the Chattel Slave Peoples out of their 14th Amendment

National Birth and Identity Right

                                The KWAT Seek To Genocide The Chattel Slave Peoples By Stealing Our Birth Rights

                                            Spaniard-White Racist Supremacist Are Actually Attempting To Stealthily Slip Into The Skin of the Chattel Slave Peoples who happed be  Blacks, Negroes, so called African-Americans, Thereby Laying Claim To Something That Is Not Theirs, i.e. The uniquely AmericanCivil Rights Legacies and Heritages

                                                   *  The Neo-KKK Are European, Spaniard Cultured,    Whites Falsely Posing As A "Brown" Minority To Trick Disenfranchised Chattel Slave Peoples Into A Racist, So-called "Brown-Black" Coalition Against Patriotic White US Citizens

                                      White, European Spaniards Under "Brown-Skin" Sheets Attempting To Conceal Their True Identity...

                                         While Stealing Ours

According To Birth Certificates, The Departments of Commerce and Justice - The FBI and All Other Law Enforcement Entities, These “Browns” Are Actually Caucasians

Therefore, Racist Spaniard WHITES Are Posing As Supposed Allies of Chattel Slave Peoples While Stealing Their Legacies, Heritages and Constitutional Benefits

The US Government Has Made It Clear, That Hispanic/Latino Is A Language Based Ethnicity and With Several Variant Cultures

                                 * The Original KKK Never Pretended To Be Black or Chattel Slave Peoples,

         Yet, This Version of the Klu Klux Klan With A Tan Is Sliding Into The Skin of the Black Man By Stealing Our National Birth and Identity Rights 

                  * At Least The Original KKK Never Pretended To Be Black

Not All Anglos Are White Supremacist KKK, Therefore…

· Not All Hispanic/Latinos Are Spaniard White Supremacist KKK.

· As Anglos Fought and Do Fight Against Their White Supremacist KKK…

· Hispanic/Latinos Will Also Fight Against Their White

Spaniard KKK

        The KKK-KWAT, Is The neo-KKK

                 Don’t Be Bamboozled By The “Brown-Snow”

  Courtesy of The Last Civil Rights Activists

“Perfect Love cast out all fear” GOD

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