Hernando Cortez


The Rise of the Spaniard Conquistadors

European - Roman Catholic Subjugators and Oppressors of the Indigenous Mesoamericans, including the Aztecs, Incas, and the many other Peoples of Those Sacred Lands

Though we American Emancipated Slaves indeed have our own struggles to gain full Constitutionally Mandated "equal justice under the law" US citizenship "as is enjoyed by White citizens", yet however, we do recognize that the politically, socially, economically, religiously suppressed indigenous peoples of the Regions of Mexico-Mesoamerica have been suffering under European, Spaniard persecution ever since Hernand Cortez, the Spanish Conquistador-Pirate, in the name of the Roman Catholic Church, set his swashbuckling boots on the shores of your homeland in the early 15th Century A.D.


Mind you, it was not the European, White (Caucasian) primarily English speaking "Gringo" who initially suppressed and continues to suppresses your peoples, but rather the European, White (Caucasian), Spanish, Roman Catholic who has ravaged you endlessly.

Over the generations, from the days of Cortez, the European lineage Conquistadors of Spain have knocked down and kept their boots heels on the back of the neck of the indigenous peoples with impunity, while "We the People of the United States of America" and our government, as neighbors, have never taken the proper action to liberate them the Spaniard invader.  Shame on the USA!


The Spaniard Conquistadors Continue To Conquer, Subjugate and Use Campacinos' and Campaneros' As "Weapons" Against Blacks and The United States



But...We Believe In You

It is our belief that if you Campancinos' and Campneros' "our schoolmates in the struggle" would become aware that your understandable, but frenzied flight from oppression in search of a better lifestyle in the United States is causing the Ethno-Racial Cleansing and the eventual genocide of Blacks, you would cease your unlawful international behavior and seek another plan of salvation for your peoples.


We believe that because you, the Campancinos' and Campaneros' are decent folk who believe in the Mercy, Grace and Majestic Justice of GOD, the Judge of all peoples past, present and future affairs, you will choose to work with us to seek an amicable resolution of peace and prosperity between us and for all concerned.

Even as such Mexican Black Heroes featured below, we too believe in "Viva Mexico" and "Viva Mesoamerica"



                  Gaspar Yanga or Nyanga

  Vicente Guerrero     



Pio Pico

        José Maria Morelos

 Gov. Pio Pico

"We Shall Overcome"  "Si Se Puede - Yes We Can" 

Beware of the La Raza Movement

Campacinos' and Campaneros', in the name of liberating you from the "Gringo White man", the leaders of the La Raza movement actually are your oppressors, even as we, the Emancipated Slaves are oppressed by them in that they don't want our two peoples to dialog and find common grounds of understanding and cooperation.


That is why they tell you lies about us, the Minutemen, SOS and other Patriotic groups or individuals who are against the policies and practices of unlawful immigration.

The La Raza leaders I make hate speech against "immigrants-migrants" and that I am racist against Mexicans and/or Hispanic/Latinos in  a desperate attempt to cause you to shut your ears to my voice.

That is why whenever we Blacks march for our Civil Rights, the La Raza movement leaders harass, threaten with violence and seek to shut down our First Amendment Rights of Freedom of Speech and Assembly, even in our own country.

In fact, La Raza and company fear so much that you will learn the truth of what I say, on June 23,2005, the folks who say that they represent the Compancinos and Companeros, literally, with threats of violence from behind the cover of children, shut down our Civil Rights March.

Even though our group possessed government permits in hand to conduct our meeting, the Los Angeles Police Department under the intimidation of La Raza denied stopped it.

Surely, such activity and philosophy is not of your fondness.  I look forward to working with you to resolve our mutually serious concerns.

Thank you,

Ted Hayes

American Civil Rights Activist


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School Mate. The Struggle Will End In Justice!


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To Help Stop Ethno-Racial Cleansing of Blacks

and To Liberate The Campacinos' and Campaneros'




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