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 Narrative: The Legacy of Conservatism Part I

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General Definition of Conservatism

Apparently, the term “conservatism”, like liberalism or any other "ism" is a belief system based on sets of values by which American, We the People, US citizens, primarily of Judaic-Christian ethics and heritages can civilly conduct themselves in all of society, whether in the various public and private sectors.


Nonetheless, the doctrine of the Democratic Party has melded with those of political left and socialism; and the Republican are engulfed by that of right and conservatism. 


The core values of these respective philosphies are guiding guiding principles that drives the soul of each Party to win control-govenorship over the Union's destiny.


This restless struggle in our "divided house", especially poignant in the matters of presidential elections.


The Values

The fundamental values of conservatism range from those of traditional family, low taxes, small government, especially invasive, federal oversight, vs. State's Rights, "peace through strength" military supremacy, world leadership, fiscal frugality, belief in GOD and the US as an Exceptional, Judaic-Christian “one nation under GOD” society, the American Dream of economic prosperity through free market, capitalist enterprises, minimum governmental regulatory control; embracing the nations’ foundational documents, i.e. The Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution, the latter being immutable to fundamental change (non-breathing); second Amendment activism; open patriotism; being “color-blind”(not racially oriented); law and order advocacy; etc,


It is said, that individuals who adhere to conservative values, particularly those of fiscal and economic matters, tend to be older and have gained property, or made significant sums of money, and often have children.


Whereas, having false sensations of immortality, ignoring the future, the younger tend to be more carefree, liberal, romantic, daring and naturally rebellious against established authority as well as family values…not having birthing children.  However, if and when children do arrive, reality is real!


High Platitudes of Conservatism Takes Over Republican Party

The concern here is not liberalism in all of its orchestrated, chaotic, antics, but rather conservatism. While highly potent for establishing long term society, conservatism can be potentially more dangerous than liberalism.


Unlike liberalism whose platitudes are a-moral, conservatism claims its values be true, even invoking the Blessings of GOD Himself as demonstrated by providential advent into the affairs of the United States, i.e., Annuit Coeptis – “HE has favored our undertaking”, which is  the building and perfecting the Union into "America".


However, it now appears that conservatism has completely engulfed the Republican Party, causing understandable despair with the RNC through out the nation.


Recognizing that the noble cause of the Republican Party of 1854-56 thru 1876 seems to no longer exist, US citizens have no choice but to heed the sirens of the Democratic Party spinning emotionally laced messages of government promises to and about the races, ethnicities, working classes, poor, women and minorities et al.


Nevertheless, even though these people are used as political fodder in campaign, thereby settling into a worse state, the Democratic Party continues hold their loyalities, particularly, and strangely that of chattel slave descendants-Jim Crow survivors.


Furthermore, of the 39 presidential elections since 1880, the Republican Party won 21even through the Republican it seems that the socialist via the Democrats are winning the country over into the socialist 


Though conservative messages are more geared to the long term, generational benefits, and intellectual reasoning instead of emotionally oriented “instant” benefits, it does not identity with the masses of working classes, the poor, women, ethnicities, races, minorities, et al,, whereas, liberalism cleverly does.


Conservatism, primarily that involving fiscal matters has driven the soul (emotional) and spiritual morality out of the Republican Party.


What is the “heart and soul” of the Republican Party, and that of the conservatism?  A hint is, they are the same as that of the US Constitution.

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