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The Tea Party Identity Survey

Are You Tea Party, Conservative or Republican? 

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Narrative: The Legacy of Tea Party

Clarification Clause

It is with respect that I speak of and to the Tea Party participants the view espoused in this survey narrative, and not to denounce its policies, but rather to demonstrate the difference between it and Republicanism.


In fact, I have addressed a few Tea Party gatherings only being asked back by one, which is that of the San Diego region.  Also, given my work and subsequent persona in Los Angeles, it could be well to reasoned that speaking arrangements for invidividuals such myself would have been plentitiful, but instead they have not.


This leads me to realize that apparently, I have not been aware until now (08/12/3013), that my messaging was touching a "nerve" within the leadership of the movements, that the rank and file were not privy to.


Also, my experience has demonstrated to me that while as in any group or movement, there exist characters of ill repute such as racist, the Tea Party participants that I have associated with are descent American Patriot citizens seeking to find their way in the United States.  Many of whom are US Military Veterans which I salute and honor.


General Definition of Tea Party

Born as a reactionary movement to the Big Government acceleration by the “Obama thing” Presidential Administration, the Tea Party movement has correctly morphed into a real and viable political force between the dominant “two-party” system of the United States!


The Tea Party movement was a reaction to failed Republicanism as well as the general compromising of conservative values, even espousing the belief that neither the RNC (Republican National Committee), nor popular conservatism was conservative enough.


Some political observers state that the Tea Party represents the far right of conservatism, being “extreme” and non-compromising, which is fine.


Tea Party Is A Form Of Conservative Purity

Conservatives such as popular FOX radio & television talk show host, Sean Hannity, Tea Party participants hold their “core, conservative values” supreme over their memberships in the Republican Party or voting its electoral tickets. As Hannity proudly touts, “Though I primarily vote Republican, I am a conservative, voting my values over Party loyalty”, is the sentiments of nearly all true conservative.


It appears that true and pure Tea Party-ism is a political philosophy that advocates strict, conservative, fiscal policies as the only practical means by which to save and prosper the United States out of its economic woes.


Like their ancestral December 16,1773 founding fathers, Tea Party adherents, comparatively care nothing for social related issues, such as Civil Rights to the disenfranchised, etc; nor the ongoing crisis of so-called minorities, especially that of the Descendants of the Chattel Slaves and Jim Crow survivors.


Tea Party Notables

Note: When committing crimes against the private property of others, i.e., British Tea Merchants during the now infamous “Boston Tea Party”, in demonstrating total disregard to the sufferings of the Indigenous Peoples by the hands of their fellow colonialist, the ancestral Tea Party members disguised themselves as such, in an apparent attempt to lay blame on innocents.  If this is not the case, perhaps,  it needs to be explained why those Patriots chose not do their "just" deed in the guise of their own colonial styles.


Therefore, in the “roots” and foundational qualities of the present Tea Party movement, there exist a strong lack of sensitivity to the social needs of others.


Note:  The impressive numbers in the thousands that publicly stood/stands justly against Big Government taxation oppression of the US tax payers, were never seen during the early years of our Troops going to Afghanistan and Iraq, supporting them against the tirade of hundreds of thousands were protesting our countries agenda to stop Islamic terrorism.  Where were these Patriots?


The Sacred Middle Classes

Tea Party members, most of whom are of the middle classes lifestyle, have for years enjoyed their individual "GOD -given" and freedoms, never even communicating with each other en masse for our nations' salvation, nor held flag-waving Patriotic rallies, nor educated themselves on the fundamental principles of the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitutions, etc.


By the way, the term, "GOD-given rights", is not in the Declaration of independence, nor the US Constitution.


However, and suspiciously, as soon as the Obama “thing” ramped up Big Government expenditures etc, touching their individual, personal “wallets, bank accounts, lifestyles”, the conservative middle classes suddenly got “religion”, that is, flag-waving Patriotism and profession in GOD.


“Thou Shall Love Thyself As Thyself”

Nation-destroying matters such as homelessness and hunger, abortion, illegal or criminal immigration, US Military Veterans and Troops issues; inner city, suburban and rural youth crisis, societal unrest, environmental disasters, etc, etc., apparently is not something attractive to the Tea Party or conservative movements.


It appears that the only matter of great concern to the Tea Party adherents is their individual “GOD-given” rights to personal liberties and freedoms to seek their own “happiness”, i.e., money and the property, as well as political power and people it buys.


Yet, at the same time, the Tea Party claims Patriotism and Judaic-Christian values, which actually run contradictory to the fundamental, money oriented, fiscal conservative causes that it advocates.


As a Judaic-Christian nation, we are commanded to “Love thy neighbor as thyself” as an affirmation of that we love our Heavenly Father Who loves our neighbor.


However, given the fervor around money, and it false promises to save the nation from the Bible catastrophes executed by the "Judge of all the world" upon a rebellious nation, Tea Party as all other branches of conservatism has morphed that duo commandment of Love, to “Thou shalt love thyself as thyself.” 


Money vs. Patriotism

It is evident, that Tea Party is primarily held together by financial interest alone and not Patriotism, because prior to the “Obama thing’s” acceleration in tax spending, the middle class conservatives were idol in defense of our beloved nation, while enjoying their individual rights to personal freedom and material happiness pursuits, hence, their own, individual, personalized, American Dream...which the "Obama thing" is threatening to end.


The middle class conservatives are rightly concerned about future generations being transformed into tax slaves, especially their own children, yet for so long they have cared nothing of other Americans wellbeing who suffer far worse than they, especially those of our US Military Veterans.


If Tea Party - conservative movments fought for our Veterans and Troops, as well as other issues threatening our national security such injustice in the judical system, etc, as they fight for their fiscal desires, the nation-destroying, socialist antics of the "Obama thing", would not exist.


This is not an appeal for the Tea Party participants to cease holding to their core values, but rather a humble appeal, entreaty for them to consider more deeply their purpose and meaning in America.


Thank you kindly for your consideration,



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