Black-Tea Party Conservatism


Our Conservative Values and Why

Historically, American Black US citizens, i.e., descendants of chattel slaves and Jim Crow survivors, dubbed, African-Americans have more in common with the Tea Party-Conservative-Republican movements than they do with their

Democratic Party sponsors of recent 46 years.

As conservatives, Blacks believe in most of the same conservative values that Patriots in the Tea Party movements adhere to.

According to certain scientific surveys, statistics demonstrate that while many Blacks, i.e., descendants of chattel slaves and Jim Crow survivors are not practiciing the various conservative values that certain Whites citizens tend to claim as life their own, unique set of qualities (family), we nevertheless desire and aspire to them as well.

Though apparently not a quality of ancient West Africa, American Judeo-Christian values have been a yearning bedrock desire in Americans of chattel slavery heritage since 1620 to the present.

In fact, such a desire for conservatism was one of the driving forces behind the racial integration movement of Black US citizens seeking to intergrate with those who are White. 

They, like anyone else in the United States, including poor Whites, believed that if we could simply just integrate and live around “White citizens”, instead of our own who were devoid of conservative values, especially family, we could in turn become more like them, and therefore enjoy improved lifestyles, erroneously called the American Dream.

The Acquired American Dream Image

The driving image of the “big white house” on the plantation hosting all the warm family trimmings about it, is deeply rooted-ingrained in the minds (DNA-d) of chattel slave descendants, which has been called the “…dream deeply rooted in the American Dream”, was viewed from the lowest social strata in America, and the destructions of the slave quarters.


"I say to you today, my friends, that in spite of the difficulties and frustrations of the moment,

I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream."

* The late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., leading pro-integrationist or anti-segregationist figure of the 1960's Civil Right struggles, while facing down racist oppression on his epic quest for the Promissory Note proclaimed in his landmark August 28,1963 "I Have A Dream" speech.

It is this American Dream image of “White citizens” practicing their beautiful conservative, Judaic-Christian values that these very special Americans longed for with a desperate wish to get out of the forced, immoral living conditions of the "slave quarters", and be far away from their fellows to live with smart, moral "White folks". 

"Oh, to live large like Mr. Charlie..." was our natural ideal of life in America, because his was the only ideal life of good and apart-segregated from that which chattel slaves and their descendants experienced. 

Ironically, as other Americans, they too wanted to be "segregated" with them away from the twisted, former slaves, not because the latter's skin color (racial characteristics), but rather a destructive, ghetto-slave quarters culture.

Judeo-Christian, Conservative Family Structure

Exiled West African slaves did not journey to, and arrive in America with the same Dream of the White European, willing-immigrants, but rather with a haunting memory of a "yesterday" back on the Mother continent, and the ever growing nightmare looming before them.

The slaves from Africa new nothing of, nor desired the American Dream until they looked up from the bowels of oppression certain Judeo-Christian, family valued conservative White peoples, and ironically, they were the major reason for it to actually exist, because it was done their backs.  

In a certain, twisted sense, American conservatism was bolstered by chattel slavery and Jim Crowism.  Think slowly about that!

A study of West African culture will reveal that the Judeo-Christian, conservative values, particularly those of family, was not something the imported slaves desired, because they then knew nothing of them back on the continent.

When it came to family structure, among many other African values, if it could be afforded, often polygamy was practiced as did many of the ancient Hebrews and other culture around the world.

West Africans knew nothing of the teachings of the Apostle Paul on the matters of family values of the now New Testament era of the Hebrew Scriptures.

However, upon arriving and settling into the peculiar, chattel slavery culture of America, slaves began to see and desire that new Judeo-Christian lifestyle, because they correlated it with FREEDOM, even the freedom to own another human being, as twisted as that was/is. 

* Apparently, during the chattel slave era, there were many Freemen who owned slaves as well.

It is to be noted that in the earlier decades of the peculiar chattel slave institution, reading of the Bible by slaves was forbidden upon the pain of death, if they were caught doings so.

Conservative Sexual Morays For Whom?

The White supremacist not only refused to allow chattel slaves to be taught Christian conservative values and develop them, but they also encouraged immoral, anti-western family behavior, such as "bucking and breeding" for financial profit, an unfortunate trait that has been passed down the generations to the present time and yet to come, if not abated.

It is a miracle of GOD that the Black family structure developed at all, and survived as long and as well as it has, given the relentless Democrat-socialist attack upon it, especially since the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act with deliberate implementation of devastating, family-destroying, socialist values.

Also, official Christian marriage were not permitted for chattel slaves.

Whatever conservative family structures did exist, was at the whim of the slave masters who often would sell off any member of the unit to wherever he deemed it profitable.

In fact, for all the condemnation of savage, un-civilized, African polygamy, this hypocritical practice of capitalistic breeding of human beings was far worse, and indeed unpleasing to GOD in that HIS living property would be treated like domesticated farm animals ny the hands of their fellows.

Honest observation can see that herin lays the root foundation of much of the "unapproved", immoral sexual behavior rampant in among the male descendants of chattel slavery.

Also, making matters even worse, it was common for the slave masters had no qualms about regularly making sexual exploitation of their female properties as "Bibical concubinage" (perhaps male as well) which according to the Declaration of Independence, granted them liberty to have such "happiness" in their lives.

Oftern the wives would endulge in this practice as well. This explains the many and varied shades of skin color, hair textures, etc, seen in the chattel slave descendants.

Racial intergration, at least sexual, was not initiated by the chattel slaves, but rather, the masters.

Conservativism and Jim Crow

The free labor of chattel slaves was used to build the very foundations upon which the immigrants from Europe are able to come and stand free, in liberty in the United States, yet, they themselve could not partake the Dream of New Nation's founding fathers, but to only desperately yearn for it.   "I have a dream...deeply rooted in the American Dream"

Therefore, the slave mentality (DNA'd) of the American Dream was/is either the nightmare portion of not having, but rather watching it; or by some miraculous means, live a large fanciful lifestyle as seen in the dominant "White citizens".

The same holds true post-chattel slavery during the notorious Jim Crow era when Democratic  of Judaic-Christian, conservative-controlled local municipalities, counties, state governments in the South legislated into law policies of racial discrimination, segregation by interposition to nullify edicts of  the 14th Amendments' 1866 Civil Rights Act.

This rebellious, un-Constitutional behavior was in order to nullify the emancipated, chattel slaves-Freedmen's right of access to citizenship “as is enjoyed by White citizens”, according to Section 1 of the 1866 Civil Rights Act.

Yes, the American Dream was and still is to the chattel slave descendant-Jim Crow survivors, those wonderful, capitalistic, property ownership, proprietorship in business, suburbanite, lifestyle, church-going, conservative values longed for in ghettos, i.e., "slave quarters" of America.

Conservative Values For Whom?!?  Slaves Were Not Allowed To Practice Them

The plantation owners enacted policies and later Jim Crow Democrat legislators made laws to keep the freed chattel slaves “in their place”, either in the slave quarters and/or ghettos of racial and cultural segregation, etc.

It appears that the government, social policies and programs enacted to be a rectifying remedies to the generational damages done to the Freedmen and their descendants has essentially turned out to be a fatal concoction designed to wreck havoc on their families as it is to this present today.

 This includes federal government programs such as: welfare, abortion, and promotion of contagious, denigrating, erotic entertainment into the minds of the youths.

The Spooks By The Door, Black Flight and Brain Drain

In fact, it is this intense yearning for the American Dream of conservative values, that caused the “black brain drain”, “Black flight” from Black communities by financially successful Freedmen, dubbed, "spooks by the door" of racial integration.


Theses "spooks" were/are Blacks who were fortunate enough to be personally upward mobile, having more assets, money, education, outside or integrated connections, etc, than other folks in the ghettos.  Being jealous of them, these families or individuals " were often considered uppity Negroes" by the other less fortunate ones.


Yet, these "spooks" were needed by the "jealous" Negoes to remain in their "ghettos" with them in order to be reminded that there is a better life to strive for.


Therefore, immediately upon passage of the Congressional 1964 Civil Rights Act banning racial segregation, the “spooks by the door” understandably, quickly fled the "slave quarter" communities in search of refuge among civil, upward mobile White descendants of willing immigrants, to be unaffected by the self-destructive  practices caused by generations of chattel slavery and legislated discrimination.

To this day, Freedmen who begin to prosper via capitalistic ventures of fiscal conservatism etc., leave “Black community” as soon as possible, fleeing from Blacks in search of the White, middle, upper middle class or even rich American Dream of White folks.  Ask Rev. Wright!

Even successful Hip-Hop Rap artist, with all their anti-American, anti-establishment, Black Power rhetoric also leave the hood only to return to visit and perhaps show-off their "bling."

When the "spooks" left us, all we had for our children to emulate and aspire to were the "Four P's", that is, the Preacher, Politician, Pimp, Pusher.  The worst of these was and is the Preacher. 

* Since the days of the slave quarters and probably before then, the religious leaders, i.e., the      Mother land shaman, and later, the Christian Preachers, ministers, pastors, Reverends, etc., are worse than than the slave traders, politicians, pimps, pushers, gangsters.

Republican Abandonment

The 1964 Civil Right Act, in good historic fashion dating back the notorious 1877 Compromise, the concervative-Republican elements once again abandoned by the chattel slave descendants to the viciousness of the un-sheeted, “suit and tie, G-Q wearing-”, disguised KKK, White supremacists primarily of the Democratic Party and its Marxist-socialist agents.

The last great conservative Republican who stood up for the chattel slave descendant, US citizen, was the late President Dwight David Eisenhower's use of the 1866 Civil Rights Act in Little Rock Arkansas in 1957.

Even though Republican-conservatives actually made the winning difference in the 1964 Civil Rights Bill to Act, for some mysterious reason they refused to claim the victory opting to ironically, allow the former slave masters, Jim Crow, racist, socialist-liberal Democrats to steal the righteous legacy which has left the Freedmen and Jim Crow survivors in the danger that they face now.

The Tea Party To The Rescue

In light of this reality, and the latent conservative values and desires suppressed in the soul of American Freedmen, it now morally behooves the Tea Party-conservative-Republican leaders and spokespersons, to begin re-addressing, freeing and ushering them into the American Dream mindset that their adherents in the movements experience.

We must find Tea Party, conservative, Republican architects of human development who can construct and implement successful non-big government social programs for a people entrapped in generations of unredeemed slavery and legislated civil oppression, upon whose backs this "nation of immigrants" was/is built.

It is time that leaders of the these conservative movements encourage their participants to transcend personal struggles for financial values, and begin including in their rhetoric, policies, objectives and activisms, that positively affects the dire concerns of those whom have been traditionally viewed as the opposite of Tea Party, Conservative, Republicans, i.e. Blacks and the poor peoples of the lowest strata of American society.

Illegal Immigration: The Immediate Unifying Factor

One significant way to begin this outreach, is to proclaim the fact that Tea Party movements, etc, and Blacks have both are against all forms of illegal immigration civilian invasion of the United States. 

 From this standpoint, we can begin other unifying discussions concerning our common yearnings to breathe conservative values in a free American Dream New Nation, implementing ideals that adequately addresses needs of both American White and Black US citizens.

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