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The Solomon Covenant With GOD

Concerning "...the stranger...from a far country"



Finally, after 40 years of virtual "standing in the gap and making up the hedge" on behalf of my languishing Black peoples, ethno-racial nation.  I am literally at the Western or Wailing Wall, the Kotel, the most sacred site of Jews, to seek That Holy Covenants Offered to the Nations

The Kotel -Western or Wailing Wall on Zion


"Is it not written,

My House shall be called by all nations the House of prayer"

Jesus the Jew (Mark 11:17 + Isaiah 2:1-3)


"Whoever Blesses you..." (+)

"...The Apple of MY Eye" (+)




The "Stranger...from a far country"

(All The Nations Ethno-Racial Entities)

(Hebrew Holy Scriptures - II Chronicles 6

Of the Covenant that wise King Solomon made with GOD on behalf of the Nations according to the Promise with Abraham that he would be the father of many Nations. 

It is written in the Hebrew Holy Scriptures...

"Moreover, concerning the stranger which is not of YOUR people Israel, is come from a far country for YOUR Great Names sakes, and YOUR Mighty Hand, and YOUR stretched out Arm; if they come and pray in this House;

Then hear YOU from the Heavens, even from YOUR dwelling place, and do according to all that the stranger calls to YOU for; that all people of the Earth my know YOUR Name, and fear YOU as does YOUR people Israel, and may know that this House which I have built is called by YOUR Name."

(II Chronicles 6:32,33)

"...for all nations shall flow to to it - the House of GOD" (+)

The Apple of MY Eye (+)


The Skirts of A Jew (+)

GOD - Abraham Covenant Promise (+)

Shalom in Jerusalem (+)


Ted Hayes Presents (+)



Short Version: Why I Journeyed To Israel (+)