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"My House is 'The House of Prayer for and of all nations"

Jesus Christ

"The Skirt of A Jew"

"We will go with you..."

The Writing of the Hebrew Prophet Zechariah

(Zechariah 8:18-23)


"Salvation is of the Jews"

Jesus Christ

And the Word of the LORD of Hosts came to me, saying, "this says the LORD of Hosts; The fast of the fourth month, and the fast of the fifth month, and the fast of the seventh, and the fast of the tenth, shall be to the House of Judah joy and gladness, and cheerful feasts; therefore love the truth and peace."

This says the LORD of Hosts, "It shall yet come to pass, that there shall come people, and the inhabitants of many cities: And the inhabitants of one city shall go to another saying, 'Let us go speedily to pray before the LORD, and to seek the LORD of Hosts: I will go also'

Yes, many people and strong nations shall come to seek the LORD of Hosts in Jerusalem, to to pray before the LORD.

This says the LORD of Hosts, "In those days it shall come to pass, that ten men shall take hold of all languages of the nations, even shall take hold of the skirt of him that is a Jew, saying, 'We will go with you: for we have heard that GOD Is with you.'

Note: The revelation to the Black nations

as written by the Hebrew Prophet Isaiah...

(Isaiah 45:14-16)

This says the LORD of Hosts, "The labor Egypt, and merchandise of Ethiopia and the Sabeans, men of stature, shall come over to you (Israel), and they shall be yours: they shall come after you; in chains shall they come over, and they shall fall down to you, they shall make supplication to you, saying, 'Surely GOD Is in you; and there is none else, there is no GOD.

Verily, You are a GOD that hides Yourself, O GOD of Israel, the Savior.


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