My Epic Journey In Eretz, Israel

A Short Overview Story


             Old Jerusalem Skyline          

Steps and Porch of the Temple



The Golden or Eastern Gate



After the longest flight of my life from Los Angeles to Israel, I landed at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv on the evening of December 21st, 2009 to begin the ten day visit arranged for me by my hosts at Stand With Us.  Walking through that impressive airport in a state of wonderment, I would often tell folks who acknowledged my presence that it was first journey to Israel, all of whom said that I would be blessed.  Of course, they were right.


As we traveled from Tel Aviv up the mountains to Jerusalem where I would reside in a hotel only a block away from the Prime Ministers House, my assigned taxi driver was inundated with a barrage of question from me about everything that was seeable in the night, including certain armor vehicles as memorials to the Six Day - Lightning War of June 1967.


What really struck me that night and often throughout the journey was the little villages or towns on the top of hills shining their night lights and gleaming with Jerusalem sand stone buildings in the day time.  Such beautiful sights, those little towns!   It was then that I began to understand what Jesus Christ meant when He spoke of "city set on a hill"!


The Mountain of the LORD

However, the other excitement that I experienced that first evening was actually traveling up the mountain.  The driver told me that Jerusalem was set on the top of a mountain.  Of course, I thought....because the Bible often speaks of Jerusalem and Zion as being a mountain of mountains, etc. 


Then the realization hit that all my short life, though knowing what the Scriptures says, I thought and imagined that the land around Jerusalem was flat.  Another huge misconception primarily generated by the Hollywood motion picture industry.  It is like when I thought that it was the Democratic, not Republican Party that freed Blacks in America from slavery.


The Cafe's of Kiam

That I had dinner with a STW staff member in a small restaurant club or cafe' near my hotel called "RestoBar", formally known as "Cafe' Moment" that was bustling with the life (kiam) of mainly young folks in their twenties and thirties.


As we sat down to dine, my host explained to me the RestoBar was formally known as "Cafe' Moment" in which a suicide-homicide terrorist exploded his miserable life killing eleven individuals and seriously injuring many others, nine seriously, ironically, at 10:30 PM on night of my birthday of March 9th, 2002. 


Nevertheless, I was told, that instead of closing and being depressed, the owner courageously reopened the Cafe' Moment as RestoBar and started anew, not allowing the evil Islama-fascist taunt and curse, "Death to Israel" to be a reality.


Consequently, thanks to GOD for Kiam, their terrorist attack upon the children of Israel back-fired.  I was awed to be where so much life thrived after death - It was like resurrection.  In fact, I ate several meals at RestoBar and became friends with the manager as well as some of the staff working there.  I would say to them that by their Kiam, the world is a safer place.  Of course they would humbly give me that "from your mouth to GOD's ears" stuff, of which I reply..."that why I say it"


Please see my memorial to the victims at Cafe' Moment



See list of homicide-suicide bombings against GOD's children and the world -


The Martyrs Voices To Me At YAD VASHEM

The next day the STW staff began leading me on my epic journey by first visiting YAD VASHEM - "Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Authority" located at the foot of Mount Herzl on the Mount of Remembrance in Jerusalem, which is Israel's official memorial to the Jewish victims of the Holocaust. The origin of the name is from a Biblical verse: "And to them will I give in my house and within my walls a memorial and a name (Yad Vashem) that shall not be cut off." (Isaiah 56: 5)'


Though my visitation to YAD VASHEM was to pay homage to the martyrs, I also sensed that my presence there was for another but very special and mysterious reason.  However upon returning to Los Angeles and ruminating over the visit, I believe that now I understand my visit at YAD VASHEM. 


While being escorted through the memorial by my personal docent, at the time, sensing that something was going on but not conscious of it, the Martyrs were whispering inaudible words to me.  However, some weeks later, I can now hear and understand their hollowed voices. Please visit Warning At Admonishment at YAD VASHEM (+)


The Mount of Olives

Later, we visited the Biblical Mount Olives where I had the opportunity to look to the east side towards Jordan and Dead Sea to the south.  It is from this direction coming eastward out of the sky that Jesus Christ says that He will return to Earth at the Mount Olives from whence He also lifted into Heaven 40 days after His resurrection.  Please visit The Sign of the Son of Man (+)


Then we went to the West side of the Mount and look westward towards the familiar sight and skyline known around the world as Old Jerusalem featuring Dome of the Rock Shrine; the Al-Aksa Mosque; the Tower or citadel of King David; the Eastern Wall showcasing the East or Golden Gate that Jesus passed through and by which the Jewish Messiah will pass upon His coming and entrance into Jerusalem. 


Interestingly, I was told that the Islamic community has buried thousands of their dead in front of the Golden Gate entrance and along the Eastern Wall in crazed notion to prevent the Jewish Messiah from entering the city because He won't defile Himself by death, subsequently go away and thereby ending the prophecies of the Hebrew Holy Scripture.  Note I said "crazed" See View West Side of Mount Olives (+)


The Old City of Jerusalem

From the Mount of Olives we went into the Old City pausing at the gate by which the young soldiers of Israeli Defense Forces of the June, 1967 Six Day or Lightening War" cemented a masuzza into the wall which says,

 MIDISh'ma Yis'ra'eil Adonai Eloheinu Adonai echad.
Hear, Israel, the Lord is our God, the Lord is One.

  See the Sh'ma at the Jerusalem Gate (+)

The Kotel

Then we passed through the narrow, Old City streets to the Kotel, or Western or Wailing Wall.   This, the most sacred place on Earth to Jews is where the spot that I journeyed for all my life to arrive at.  


There are no words here, other than I went to the Wall and began a series of three discussions with GOD...The GOD of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob-Israel and of King David, about His business with my Black peoples in the United States and around the world.  Please see GOD - Solomon Covenant (+)


The Documentary

All of these experience on this my first day in Eretz Israel from YAD VAHEM to the Mount of Olives to the Wall is on video and being prepared for a documentary, therefore at a latter day you will be able to see in greater detail what occurred set the course for the rest of my epic journey.


Traveling the Land

The next nine days the staff escorted me from the borders of Syria and Israel on Golan Heights, to Nazzereth the boyhood town of Jesus, to the Sea of Gallilee, to the Valley of Megiddo, to Jaffa and Tel Aviv, to the Gaza-Israel border and Sdorot - see Gaza Hamas Rockets (+), to Sheba Medical Center at Ted Hashomer near Tel Aviv, to the Dead Sea, to Massada - see Massada (+), to the Little Village of Peace in Dimona consisting of a community of transplanted, ex-patriot American Blacks, and twice to Bethlehem.


All along the journey, I saw, met, spoke with and interviewed all kinds of people in Israel, including Muslims who were dressed in their full Islamic custom regalia, all of whom spoke well of Israel except on occasion in Bethlehem square.


Israel is ethno-racial-religious composite of three religions which are Judaism, Christianity and Islam.  I met and saw Jews who are Ashkenazi-European (White),   Sephardim Arabian and Persian, Black Ethiopian and Sudanese. 


However, what really struck was the presence of Arab-Palestinian-Muslim men, women and children openly expressing their beliefs and cultures without any harassments from either the Israeli authorities (law enforcement) nor Jewish peoples themselves.


However, no such freedom is extended to Jews and Christians, nor to folks of non-Islamic beliefs or customs in Gaza, Bethlehem, or any other Israel-Holy Promised Lands occupied by the Arab Muslim invaders.


Also, I learned that the majority of Israelis are not from Europe as mythic tale goes, but rather Arab nations from whence they were expelled, even as they are presently being pressured out of Bethlehem since the Israelis turned governance over to the Palestinian Authority in 1993 as part of the Oslo Accords.


Whatever, the religious beliefs, ethno-racial identity, social class, etc, I learned most importantly the people of Israel love each other like no other folks that I have known, including my own Black peoples.  In fact, while there are some in-yo-face- moments between Israeli Jews around various issues like traffic snarls, I could actually sense the love that these Divinely ordered peoples have for one another.


This narration is a quick overview of my journey to Eretz Israel.  However, you will find the rest of my report establishing my reasoning for standing with Israel.  I hope that our Heavenly Father will reveal to you what HE has graciously shown to me.


In the meantime, happy reading and Shalom in Jerusalem - Bless Bethlehem  Thank you very much for your continued interest


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