“Pray for the peace Jerusalem and prosper”

(Psalms 122:6)


Shalom In Jerusalem

My Epic Journey To Eretz Israel

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Why I Journeyed To

The Promised Land (+)

Big-Time THANKS (+)

Itinerary (+)


First, Stand With Israel

It is my admonishment to fellow American Black US Citizens, i.e. Emancipated, Chattel Slaves exiled from West and Central Africa, by Aficans to stand with Eretz Israel, of Jerusalem and Zion of the Promised Land, whereby all nations are to and shall come to Jerusalem to hear and learn the law and word of the LORD.  See Zionist Entity prophecy of the Hebrew Prophet, Isaiah (+)

This powerful and authoritative Hebrew-Judaic-Christian Legacy and Heritage is foundational in the Emancipation of West and Cantral African Slaves by the government of "We the People of the United States of America"

Second, The Redemption Covenants For All Nations

The Abraham Blessing and Promise

It is my firm belief and faith in the Promise Covenant that GOD, Creator of the Universe gave to Abraham on behalf of all Nations (Goys) of the Earth.  See the Promise To Abraham (+)

In representing the multi-ethnic mixture of exiled West Africans "nation" forged out of slavery, from which they were emancipated, followed by racist United States government legislation that denies them Civil Rights, etc., and yet suffering the consequences of that experience, to this day, I seek to bless Abraham and his children, Isaac, Jacob-Israel and all his children.

By blessing Abraham as such, perhaps his GOD, whom he is a personal friend of, will have Mercy upon us  Blacks as families and a peoples' as we stay in a state of truth telling before HIM and all of humanity.

However, accompanying this wonderful blessing for all nations is a grave warning, that on the contrary, should anyone curse Abraham and his children, they too will be cursed in kind.

Therefore, even if one does not like Israel or even disagrees with him, let that or those person take heed to not castigate, curse nor exact violence upon the Children of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob-Israel...Jews in Eretz Israel, the Promised Land and abroad.

Many great peoples, nations and empires have cursed and attacked Israel from antiquity to recent modern times, all have perished, yet David and his Kingdom remains.  Remember, the LORD says of Israel, "Whoever touches you, touches the apple of MY Eye". (+)

Therefore, while criticism of Israel and Jews is correct when warranted, cursing and violence, etc must be avoided at all times.  Should one find him or herself in grievance with HIS anointed child, instead of cursing and seeking vengeance, they must let their concerns be made known to HIM, not cursing, but still in fact, blessing.

The Temple Covenant to Solomon for the “Strangers”

It is also my belief and faith that in his concern for the "strangers that are not of YOUR people Israel" nations, and thereby keeping with the Promise to Abraham, as he dedicated the first Temple, Solomon, son of David, King of Ancient Israel requested of GOD that when the "stranger" comes to the House, seeking the stretched out arm and Mighty Hand of The LORD, that HE would Bless them too.  Solomon Covenant with GOD (+)

On several occasions I visited with HIM at the Western or Wailing Wall of the House where the Shikinnah Glory (GOD Presence) rests, where Jews and all the Nations come for HIS Great Names sakes.

Though the Temple structure itself is gone, the Promise Covenant remains to this day of which I spoke with HIM about concerning my beleaguered Black peoples.

Is was there, according to the Covenant Solomon made with the GOD of Abraham, HIS friend, that I made my pleas, entreaties, requests, supplications and travailing for the deliverance of my Peoples, family and loved ones, the United States of America, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and all peoples of the world and of course, Jews and Erert Israel, the only Jewish State in the world.

Without a doubt, I firmly believe that HE heard my cries and pleas, and now perhaps will indeed show us Mercy.  This is my hope. This is my faith.

Third, Fruit of Repentance

In order to find atonement, redemption and healing for my Black peoples, we as a people must acknowledge the Truth which will set us free from our self-destructions and pains.  We are to take the following steps:


Ř      Acknowledge the Promise of GOD to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob-Israel as the Inheritors of the Holy Land and pray FATHER's Blessing upon them.


Further, we must back our verbal confession with action of "Taking It To The Streets", that is, make our stance with Israel beyond safety of our homes and churches, in forms of News Conferences, rallies, marches, demonstrations etc.


Ř      "...Faith without works is dead, being alone;" (Hebrew Holy Scriptures - James 2:16)


Fourth, Wait In Faith, Hope and Love Expecting The Blessings of Abraham and Solomon Covenant.

"I Prefer Jerusalem" (+)

Six Day Lighting War (+)

GOD - Abraham Covenant Promise (+)

The GOD-Solomon Covenant Promise (+)


Christians and Blacks: A Duel Day of Atonement (+)