The Book of


Introduction (+)


My Epic Journey To Eretz Israel (+)

Shalom In Jerusalem (+)

Big Time THANKS (+)

Itinerary (+)


YAD VAHEM Admonishment (+)

YAD VASHEM The Blessing (+)


The Blessed Zionist Entity (+)


The Calamitous State of US Blacks (+)




The HEAL America Campaign (+)

Unlawful Immigration (+)

Ethno-Racial Cleansing of Blacks

The Lynching of the Black Man


The Legendary Dome Village

National  Plan To End Homelessness



The Incredible Cricket Venture


Homies & The POPz


US Global Ambassadors




Obama Reparations Request (+)


Ted Hayes As Nat Turner

Rebel Slave of 1830




Financial Pledge and/or Contribution (+)