Stern Admonishing Warning At and From YAD VASHEM...

European and Historical Holocaust of the Jews Museum


"...Yes, for Your sakes are we killed all the day long; we are counted as sheep for the slaughter..."

(Psalms 44:22)

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Vision of Tomorrow and HEALING

"Keep your hands of the 'Apple"


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Whatever the oppressions, persecutions, genocides, ethno-racial religious cleansings that other peoples have suffered at the hands of others throughout history including those of Native Americans, Arab-Palestinians, Northern Irish Catholics, Black South Africans, various Asian and even Black West Africans (* African Slave Trades, including the Transatlantic), only one has miraculously survived an ancient and consistent animosity cast upon them by many nations, and they being Jews, the Seed of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob-Israel

With all due respect for other incidents and stories of terrifying tyranny by one people over another, when honestly compared to that of Jews, throughout history, they pale in comparison. 

This monument of living-dead witnesses Stands With the modern day Jewish State of Eretz Israel as a reminder to all who "pass by", that no matter what offense is hurled against Jews by nations and empires throughout history, GOD has and will also empower them to live on (likiam) through their trials of fire like no other people, while their oppressors have all catastrophically perished.

Such a peculiarity is a mortal WARNING to all nations, peoples, entities, individuals et al, who dare seek cursing and subsequent anialation of Jews, this peculiar people who clearly are The LORD's everlasting Witness of HIS Being.

"...and I Will curse them that curse you" (Genesis 12:3)  See GOD - Abraham Covenant

This hollowed place, YAD VASHEM stands with Israel in Jerusalem where Zion is, as an omen, WARNING of havoc, dismay and destruction upon the heads of any entity or thing that ignores it and thereby brazenly persecutes GOD.

The reality of YAD VASHEM is an admonition particularly for American Black US Citizens, i.e. Emancipated Slaves, as well as all other peoples, that our stance with the Jewish State of Eretz, Israel in the Promised Holy Land be resolute, especially given our spiritual inheritance with Jews of the House of Israel in his "time of Jacobs Trouble".

We must not abandon our Hebraic-Judaic Heritage and Legacy that we, like no other people on earth, share with Jews even in the menacing face of the multitudes seeking once again a "final solution" upon GOD's people.

 It is my belief that when Blacks take this Stand With Israel - Us, we will be shielded from GOD's impending Judgment and Justice that is due to the Muslim-Arab and international de facto coalition of nations seeking to murder "David", the Prince - Israel in his own Holy Land.

Christian Atonement

Christians, it is evident that in generational vicariousness, those of us who are Believers in Jesus Christ have committed the initial transgression against His people (of Whom He is their King), particularly in Europe being justified by accusations that the Jews crucified the Christ..

For over 1800 years, since the days we began calling ourselves "Christian", our doctrine of replacement theology instigated persecutions, pogroms and genocides which came to a crescendo with the European Holocaust extermination of Jews in the last century.

 The past not to be forgotten, today, but the future of Jews is once again confronted by modern schemes of extermination.

Without a doubt, it is time for a generational Christian atonement, followed by restitution, redemption and reconciliation for what is absurdly called the "church" of Jesus Christ that rebelled against the Biblical warning to not commit such atrocities against His people the Children of Jacob-Israel.

The House of Esau

Muslims, it is time for your final intifada, howbeit, this time, not against the Jewish State, Israel, but rather those who consider themselves Islamic leaders in the Houses of Esau and Pershia.

It is these men who rule over the children in the House of Esau (intoxicated on fear, jealousy, self-perceived sense of power and an inordinate desire to do violence to the House of Jacob-Israel) who think themselves to be Islamic vicars - little popes of GOD on earth has held you in the grip of their terror far too long.

Muslim, for the sake of our beleaguered peoples, you and I can enter the Common Wealth House of Israel in the Spirit of Good Will and Peace on Earth.

You can now choose to no longer stand in the fright of your ancestors but rather courageously take your stance at his side.  Jacob-Israel is your brother and you too can be blessed by now standing with him, in this, his "time of trouble"

Keep Your Hands Off The Apple

YAD VASHEM moves me to say to all nations, any thoughts of Jew extermination must be abandoned immediately or risk falling into the fate of former murderers of GOD's Witnesses, and learn from this lesson that such atrocities are not be committed by anyone against anyone any longer.

All nations must now embrace and marry the reality that the "David" Nation is manifest to stay forever, because the GOD that created Israel is determined to keep HIS Holy and Majestic Promise to Abraham.

However, each must do as they please in this most sacred of matters and reap the consequences of their decision to either Stand With or Against Israel..."Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision." 

For all concerned with the legacy of Israel, it is advisable that you keep your hands off of Jews and Jerusalem unless it is to bless them.

It is said of their GOD, that whoever touches Jews, touches the "apple" of HIS Eye.

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