Incident Report

Saturday, June 23 rd,2007

Civil Rights March & Rally To Choose Black America

On Saturday, June 23,2007, the Civil Rights Rally to Choose Black America – Not Amnesty – Not Illegal Immigration was shut down by a rabble of terrorist due to the dissemination of lying rumor.

It was rumored by a de-facto group of individuals and entities that Ted Hayes and Choose Black America were marching with the Klu Klux Klan against illegal immigration.

Given the sentiments and emotions around American Black US citizens and the KKK, such a rumor is a volatile mix for a racial uproar, which is precisely what the rumor mongers intended with great success.

This rumor is the cause as to why we did attract the kinds of numbers of Black folks expected.  There was legitimate fear and concern for violence, et al.

I had heard about the rumor from one of my members just several days before the march on the 23rd.  He alerted me to the fact that there were fliers spread abroad and posters placed in strategic locations.

  • Sensing trouble from a rabble, I sent a letter dated June 14,2007 to both the Honorable LA City Council Member Bernard C. Parks and Mayor Antonio Villariagosa asking them to attend and be in observance.  Refused!
  • However, I was not aware that the Council Member, in whose district the march and rally was to take place, had information about the rumor for several weeks before the event and did not alert me, nor any the responsible authorities.

On Saturday morning, June 23,2007, the Choose Black America organizing crew arrived at the intersection of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Crenshaw Blvd at 11:00 AM to make preparations for the Civil Rights March to Choose Black America Not Amnesty – Not Illegal Immigration to Leimert Park on the corners of 43 rd Street and Vernon, Crenshaw, Leimert Blvds about six (6) city blocks away.

We met with several law enforcement and other city officials including members of the City of Los Angeles’ Human Relations Commission to discuss the days activities, et al.

As we met on the south west side of the intersection, a group of protestors began to gather. 

The gathering crowd became an angry rabble that didn’t seem to have a central leadership, but rather a mysterious de-facto one, were shouting ugly lying epithets and making threats of violence at our group. 

Many of these folks were Hispanic, Latino, Chicano, Mexican and other Mesoamerican groups, while others were US Blacks and Anglo Whites.

It is believed that others were actually citizens of foreign nations illegally within ours.

Under the flag of the United Mexican States and certain ones of Communism as well as banners accusing the Choose Black America group of being racist and Members of the Klu Klux Klan – KKK

We could not help to notice that many of their rabble wore terror ski mask and bandanas on their faces; some (* particularly Whites) were clad in the black hooded outfits of the Black Block Anarchist; others wore the camouflaged military uniforms with masks as well.

Often, several of these folks would cross from their side of the intersection on our in the presence of the police tempting us to commit an act of aggression against them.  Of course, we did fall for their ploy.

However, if one our members were to visit their side, they would be attacked and beaten, therefore none of us made any such attempts.

At one point the LAPD SW Division Captain in charge of overseeing the event said that while we had the permit to take the streets, we would have to share the Leimert Park.

I replied, not so, that we will not share the park.  He said that we did not have a permit for the park, therefore being a public facility, we had to share it.

Of course, I presented to him our permit from LA City Parks and Recreation Department, to which he replied that someone had not sent him the permit and immediately apologized for the error.

At 1:00 PM, the time in which the march began, our group numbered around 125 persons of various races, colors, ethnicities, however, primarily the marchers were Black.

I had expected 300 Black marchers, given the weeks of radio advertisement and flier dissemination campaign.  I was puzzled to lack of showing.  Later, I realized why.

From the time that we began to march south toward Leimert Park behind the thirty (30’) foot Reparations Slave Ship float pulled by the Reparations pick up truck, we were hounded by the rabble across the street all the way to the park, where the LAPD stopped us.

The law enforcement officers stopped us in the middle of the street because the rabble had taken possession of the park and from the behind the skirts of women and children as well as the usual park patrons as shields they threatened violence against anyone who would dare to come into the park including the police.

  • The organizers of the rabble had strategically placed women and children in the park, so in the event that violence breaks out, obviously the innocents would be hurt in which the LAPD and Choose Black America would get the blame.

For three and quarter (3 1/4) hours, I and my organizing crew negotiated with the LAPD and the rabble over the matter until we finally arrived at an impasse and five of us of Choose Black America were arrested.

  • Choose was able to negotiate some issues, but primary objective we lost, which was access to the park to conduct our Civil Rights Rally to Choose Black America – Not Amnesty – Not Illegal Immigration scheduled from 2:30 PM until 4:00 PM
  • As a results of the marchers with Choose were law abiding US citizens, the LAPD elected that it would be politically expedient to resist us, not the rabble even though we had permits for both events (* the rabble did not).
  • We have correctly surmised that the LAPD did not want to tangle with such a formidable force hiding behind innocent folks such as those aforementioned, because of the incident at McArther Park on May 1st,2007.
  • We discovered later, that several folks, primarily Blacks, after they realized that they were on the “wrong” side of the street wanted to cross from the rabble side to ours were denied by LAPD.

At 4:00 PM, five of us were arrested.  According to news reports, the LAPD arrested us because we overstayed our permit for the park.  This statement is erroneous for the following two reasons:

  • The marchers never entered to park because we were robbed of it by the terrorist rabble.
  • Though not allowed to exercise our permit, we were to have the park from 11:00 AM until 5:00 PM.  The rally was to begin at 2:30 PM.  We were arrested at 4:00 PM

After we were taken away, the marches retreated back to our starting point without significant incident.

This statement is true to best of my recollection.

Ted Hayes

Ted Hayes

Chair, Choose Black America


Please Stop The Rumor of Death

The Demands and Requests

To Los Angeles

“Sanctuary City” and “Jim Crow City”

“Illegal immigration is the greatest threat to American Black US citizens since slavery itself.”

Ted Hayes

To The Citizens of Los Angeles and All Others Concerned, including Citizens of Foreign Countries Illegally within the United States of America and Media/Press,

On Saturday, June 23,2007, based on a deadly lying rumor, members of Choose Black America and associates were denied their US Constitutional and Civil Rights by the City of Los Angeles via the Police Department, resulting in threats of assassination and physical harm to Ted Hayes, the national Chair.

Listed are the requests to the “Sanctuary” City of Los Angeles to remedy the abuse, they are:

1.        Meetings between the Honorable Antonio Villariagosa, Mayor of all the citizens of Los Angeles; City Council Member, Bernard C. Parks; Rabbi Allen Freehling, Executive Director of the Human Relations Commission; and the Choose Black America delegation to discuss rectifying the deadly rumor against Ted Hayes, its national Chair and associates.

2.        A denunciation of the rumor by the Mayor and City Council on the behalf of the citizens of Los Angeles

Ø      If the rumor is not denounced by the aforementioned government officials, it must be assumed the City of Los Angeles can be considered a racist led “Jim Crow” City against American Black US citizens, thereby causing need for federal investigations and retributions.

Ø      If in doubt, the city officials must initiate an immediate investigation of the matter on levels equal to those launched for the May 1st, McArthur Park melee involving a street terrorist rabble and the Los Angeles Police Department.

Ø      If the proceeding is not conducted, then it must be assumed that Los Angeles is a city reminiscent racist Anglo American White supremacist Jim Crow America…However, this time the racism exudes from White Spanish supremacists.



“Illegal immigration is the greatest threat to American Black US citizens since chattel slavery”

 Ted Hayes              

714 S. Los Angeles Street, Los Angeles, California, 90014

Wednesday, July 26,2007

Att: Members of the Board

Choose Black America

Re: Los Angeles Update

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen…Shalom in Jerusalem,

As you can imagine, there are lots of “things” jumping off in Los Angeles around the destructive effects of illegal immigration on American Black US citizens.

You may recall, in the latter parts of April, we were beginning to plan for a venture on Capitol Hill that would challenge the US Congressional Black Caucus to honor their oath of office; and to cease from giving our legacies, heritages of Constitutional and Civil Rights, as well as our national and local resources to citizens of foreign nations illegally within the ours.

Then Saturday, June 23rd  hit in which we experienced what seemed to be a victory for the proponents of illegal immigration (for the purpose of destroying the United States of America), when we were denied our Inalienable Rights by a rabble of terrorist and an emasculated Los Angeles Police Department.

Actually, the opposite is the truth.  Our plans worked almost like a charm thanks to GOD, Who is our Deliverer.

Had the rabble not come at us as they did, we would not have received the huge amount of press/media coverage for our Civil Rights March & Rally to Choose Black America –Not Amnesty –Not Illegal Immigration.

Their actions have boosted our cause greatly in the Black communities of Los Angeles.  In fact, it is quite the discussion that seems to be uniting Black folks from all walks of life and even former antagonist.

Folks, its one thing for the forces of illegal immigration to divest our peoples of their economic, social and political resources in the United States, which is devastating enough. 

However, these foreigners are actually going so far as to blatantly steal our Civil Rights Legacies and even our National Birth Right – Identity (* 14th Amendment “Anchor-Baby Clause” – a ticking human time-bomb that will minimize, if not eliminate Blacks existence in America).

So, it appears that the issue of Civil Rights will be the very “weapon” that will stop illegal immigration in its’ tracks and return the concerns of American Black US citizens to top of America’s agenda, including this President and 110th Congress.

Since “that hot day” in June, Choose Black America has been and is being armed with some incredible tools as well as becoming a house hold name (* and respected) in Los Angeles for immigration control, particularly as it relates to its horrible effect on us Blacks.

The Executive Committee of Choose Black America - the local Los Angeles chapter, is in communications with several attorneys on the matters surrounding June 23rd, and local government officials.  We have ideas and strategies.

Last night, in this epicenter of illegal immigration and “Sanctuary – Special Order # 40” city, a gathering of Los Angeles Black folks made it known, loud and clear that they are not going to have no part in our willing self-destruction.

Over eighty (80) individuals were in attendance for a forum on the effects of illegal immigration on Black US citizens at a “respected” church in South Central LA, when they expressed their sentiments.

In the meantime, we will continue to press forward and will keep you updated as much as possible.  Should you need further and direct details, please feel free to call me at 213-892-9065

Thanks for the wonderful deeds that you are doing to strengthen the hands of our peoples in the United States of America.

GOD Is Blessing us,

Sincerely in the service of Christ, country and peoples,

Ted Hayes

Ted Hayes

Acting Chair,


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