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Racism Against Blacks and Theft of Our Black "Mantle"

Illegal Immigration, Amnesties, Anchorism (Anchor-Babies)

In the immediate aftermath of the US Civil War which freed Black Americanized exiled West Africans from the peculiar industry of chattel slavery (1860-1865), a mere 12 years post the Mexican-American War (1846-1848), the terrorist arm of the Democratic Party known as the Ku Klux (KKK) launched continuous dastardly mission against Black and subsequently, undermining the Founding Fathers Dream for the United States of America

It was this particular White supremacist movement whose sole mission has been and remains that of obstructing and preventing the Black Emancipated Slaves from ever achieving the Constitutionally Mandated full-complete "equal justice under the law" US citizenship "as is enjoyed by White citizens, according the demands of the Congressional Civil Rights Act of 1866 made Constitutional by the edicts of the 14th Amendment

Though housing, gainful employment, health care, welfare, education, general social and economic concourse, government and politics, including religion and more are all in competitive play at the bottom of society between illegal aliens and the Emancipated Slaves citizens of America, the greater threat is the grand theft of another peoples Legacies, Legal-legitimate right to exist within his own country.

If the Black "Mantle" of the Legacies of the Emancipated Slave citizens, especially that of the 14th Amendment which is our National Birth and Citizenship Rights in the United States is taken off of their humbled shoulders and placed upon those of *illegal aliens, American Black Citizens will be subjected to massive ethno-racial cleansing, re-enslavement and/or eventual genocide, fomented by the Nazi-like La Raza Party and movement.

*  "Illegal alien" is not a pejorative, but an actual official federal governmental term for citizens of foreign nations within the United States without official permission from the proper federal authorities

The irony of what is going on in the State of Arizona clearly reflects a situation of willful confusion on the part of those who resist the SB 2070 Legislation by their actions, accusations of racism, racial profiling, calls of "Nazi" and/or KKK at American US citizens who simply want peace by enforced law that they may live their lives in orderly, safe fashions.

Indeed, the original KKK movement was aimed at specifically at Emancipated Slaves and Republicans, was comprised of American White -Caucasian citizens of various ethnicities and nationalities ranging from Irish, Scottish, English, Polish, Italians, et al who donned bed sheets and pillow cases, with guns, noose ropes, and Confederate and US flags in their hands to terrorize Blacks into submission.

However, the very elements that accuses Arizonian law abiders of racism and racial profiling against illegal aliens, who happens to be primarily Hispanic/Latino, especially Mexican...what they call the "Brown" La Raza...turns out is not a separate distinguished race after all, but indeed themselves are WHITE - CAUCASIAN with a predominantly Euro-Spaniard-Roman Catholic cultural foundation.

In fact, the US federal government distinguishes Hispanic/Latino as a White - Caucasian ethnicity and not a race as in Negro (* Spanish for Black) or even African American, nor Asian, et al.  Also, the birth certificates of Hispanic-Latinos designates them as White - Caucasian.

Therefore, where is the racism in the Arizonian legislation?  Where is the racism in the peoples of Arizona?  Furthermore, how can White people be racist against White people?   Unless, one group of Whites love Blacks, which makes them therefore "Black people-lovers" thereby warranting attacks upon themselves by the other Whites, such as the KKK, Neo-Nazis and/or other White supremacist entities.

Remember, the whole race issue of bigotry, bias, and prejudice was initiated around the White Europeans Portuguese and Spanish under the blessing of the Roman Catholic Church, bought into the West African Slave Trade in the 15th and 16th centuries causing added generational chaos to the exiled West African Blacks.

To ease their "Christian" conscious in order to satisfy their immoral anti-Bible greed, White Portuguese, Spaniards and later English as well other European nations that plundered Africa, created a philosophy that branded the Negroes of the "Dark" continent as inferior, subhuman, and even cursed with a "mark" of black skin color as well other features such as kinky, nappy, woolly hair, as a sign of their fate in perpetual enslavement.

So, this Arizona issue is not one of racism by White Arizonians against White Hispanic/Latinos - Mexicans, but rather one about law and respecting international borders between White peoples...Blacks, just happen to be caught in the middle of the fight.

Apparently, there is a race issue at stake, because knowing of the great nation shaping Civil Rights legacies of America, the White Hispanic/Latino - Mexican citizen illegal alien is deliberately running to hide behind the "whipped and bloodied" backs of Blacks and stealing our sacred Black "Mantle" Legacy while it and us as a race shield to destroy the country of his hated "gringo" White enemy.

So actually, the White Hispanic/Latino - Mexican movement is one of race hatefulness seeking the total ethno-racial cleansing and demise of Blacks, while the White Arizonians seek my well being by legislating against an invasion that would destroy the only country that we Emancipated Slaves know and love.

Therefore, we Black Emancipated Slaves will stand in the Battle of Phoenix, not to shield foreign civilian invaders of our nation, but rather with our fellow American citizens who happen to White or any other ethno-racial group.


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