T h e   1 4 th   A m e n d m e n t   I s   T h e   C o n s t i t u t i o n a l l y   M a n d a t e d   N a t i o n a l   "B i r t h",   I d e n t i t y   a n d   C i v i l   R i g h t s   o f   A m e r i c a n   B l a c k   U.S.   C i t i z e n s,   i.e.,   T h e   E m a n c i p a t e d   S l a v e s . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  

Amnesties Are Unconstitutional and Racist

Against Black Emancipated Slaves

Illegal immigration-migration, including amnesties in all of its forms is not only an invasion of the United States of America, but is blatantly, patently racist at it's very core against American Black US Citizens, i.e., Emancipated Slaves, because it robs them/us of our special Constitutionally Mandated Right to exist.

Any so-called backlash of boycotts, lawsuits etc., against the State of Arizona for its SB 1070 Anti-Illegal Immigration Law, is essentially a racist attack upon Blacks, the Emancipated Slave citizens of the United States (more +)


In the nations deep and sensitive concerns for Civil Rights for Foreign nationals illegally within the United States, what about those of the American Black US citizens, i.e., Emancipated Slaves whom everyone, including so-called leaders of African Americans, have conveniently chosen to ignore their well being in the debate for "comprehensive illegal immigration reform"  Tsk, Tsk, Tsk! 


Unlawful Immigration-Migration, Anchor-ism, Paths To Legalization, Amnesties For Foreign Nationals Within the United States Without Official Permission From Proper Federal Authorities, Is Hate-speech Activism and Attack the Very Heart and Soul of the Founding Fathers' AMERICAN DREAM.


The American Dream Is the Emancipation of the Slaves and the Securing of Their "...equal justice under the law" US Citizenship "...as is enjoyed by White Citizens..." According the Mandates of the US Constitution, the 14th Amendment and the Civil Rights Act of 1866


 Any  Comprehensive  Immigration Reform Plans

That Ignores The Fate and Destiny of American Black US Citizens, i.e. The Emancipated Slaves, Is Ethno Racial Cleansing That Will Lead To Eventual Genocide of Blacks


Ethno-Racial Cleansing Is the Lynching of the Exiled-Out-of-Africa, Black, West African Americanized, Emancipated Slaves Shame, Disgust and May GOD Have Mercy On All Those Who Advocate and Practice Illegal Immigration Into the United States of America...

the Only Home of American Black US Citizens


"I have a dream...deeply rooted in the American Dream"

The Late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Amnesties Are Racist Against Blacks (+)

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