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"The Struggles of illegal immigration-migration is not the same as Slavery and Racist Laws Against Blacks.  For anyone to do so, especially a African American spokesperson like Al Sharpton is the worse of travesties"  Ted Hayes



Race, Racial Profiling, Civil Rights, Blacks and Illegal Aliens


Before the accusations made by White-Caucasian Hispanic/Latino –Mexican, the “oppressed” and “Brown” neo-racial minority in America, against “White” Arizonians of racism, racial profiling, and unconstitutional actions, the issue of race classification and experience must be weighed in the balances of justice between themselves and American Black US citizens, i.e., the Emancipate Slaves.


As American citizens enter into what may be the most defining moment of our national identity and purpose of nearly 235 years of existence (1776 – 2010) via the arguments around illegal immigration-migration and amnesties, we must first define the terms that dominate the issues such as racism, racial profiling, Civil Rights, US Constitutional legitimacy etc.


GOD, as “We the Peoples” of the Western Judeo-Christian world know of * HIM as such, has suddenly and evidently brought about a day in this land which could finalize the racial issues that has plagued America from its’ inception in 1776.


(*even Whom the Declaration of Independence, the National Birth Certificate of the United States of America identifies as “…Nature’s GOD…”, and HE Who created all men equal and endowed them with certain inalienable rights)


Ironically, it appears that HE has chosen the wisdom of dealing with the racial issue in our country by the force one nation’s government, in the case the United Mexican States, sending its own civilian citizens unlawfully within the sovereign borders of another, the United States of America, amounting to an invasion.


Despite any justification of that invading nation’s agenda, the Divine Providential Entity has devised a sacred and special ground whereby HE may do HIS work of Justice in the heart and souls of those folks involved in something that they all have inherited from previous generations.


Though innocent of the inappropriate deeds of the past that are foundational roots of the present chaos, the struggling folks of today are to embrace the responsibility to correct, rectify or remedy the effects of “yesterday” in order to secure a blessed “tomorrow” for their offspring-posterity.


The center or “ground 0” around the illegal immigration-migration issue of the United States is ever increasing being exposed as one of race, in which ironically, one people is actually seeking to presume-assume the National Birth and Identity Rights - Legacy and Heritages, i.e., the covering Mantle of another.


Furthermore, the invading forces hold to a notion that they, though foreign nationals who have violated and continue to violate the laws of the invaded nation claim and demand Civil Rights protection from law enforcement and special treatment by its governments (federal, state, county, municipal), and shown favor by the general society in business, housing, education, healthcare, welfare, incarceration, social associations, culturally, language and even religion.


To enforce their claims that belong to US citizens, the invader foreign nationals have taken to themselves the Legacy Mantle of the most vulnerable people in the nation upon whose “bloodied and whipped” backs as chattel slaves, it was hypocritically built.


The invading foreign nationals play upon the “open wounds” emotions of citizens of the nation who suffer a widely and internationally known guilt-complex due to its shameful relationship with its chattel slaves who were generational injured by their enslavement experience as a peoples.


By assuming the Mantle of the Emancipated Slaves citizens of the ill and weakened from the unhealed wound of the invaded nation, the invaders have essentially “body-snatched” all the Civil Rights due to those who suffer generational injuries.  The invaders even claim the skin coloration – “darkness” in comparison to the color of the dominant peoples of the nation to attempt to guilt-trip them into submission..


Ironically, the invader people who are claiming Civil Rights benefits that belong to the Emancipated Slaves who happen to have Black skin, kinky, woolly, nappy hair and other extremely distinguishing features from their former English speaking masters, bear the same racial identities of both being White-Caucasian.


While illegal aliens from around the world have invaded the United States, clearly, the preponderance of them are Hispanic/Latino, with the vast majority of those being Mexican nationals.


The De-facto “Brown” Neo-Racial Minority in the USA

With the audacity of a mindset that somehow reasons that folks, though tolerant due to guilt feeling are stupid, blind and deaf to see what they see and hear, which is a non-English speaking, self proclaimed, de-facto Hispanic/Latino peoples promoting themselves as a neo-“Brown” racial majority-minority in the United States claiming the rights of American Black US citizens, i.e., Emancipated Slaves.


This “Brown” neo-racial minority-majority storming the United States in the name of Constitutional Civil Right belonging to the Emancipated Slaves, has no credibility is being a distinct race from Blacks or Whites, being that the US federal government has designated Hispanic-Latino as Caucasian.  Not separate and distinct race from White, Black or Yellow, but rather a large portion of an ethnicity.


In fact, the birth certificates of Hispanic/Latinos legitimizes them racially as White-Caucasian and not of the people whose Constitutional Civil Rights benefits that they seek to assume upon themselves, that Mantle Legacy of enslavement suffering.


It Is Experience, Not Color nor Race

The fatal mistake of the Hispanic/Latino movement to usurp the place of Blacks, is utilizing the issue of race and color, to which American justice is blind, but rather is at tentative to experience.


The specialized Civil Rights Acts and the three great Amendments of American Constitutional Freedom for the emancipated exiled West Africans was not based on their obviously distinctive and legendary Black skin color and other associated physical features including hair, lips, nose, etc., but rather their horrid, unique and even unprecedented experience in human history.


Furthermore, though the slaves and their emancipated descendants have always been of a minority status in most places in the United States to that of English-European based White-Caucasians, it was/is their experience, not their numbers, that caused the dominant to grant certain, special, privileged Constitutional mandated Civil Rights.


It is to the shame of the Hispanic/Latino movement that its intentions are now exposed for what they are, which is a White-Caucasian peoples continuing, however with greater subtlety, the 20th Centuries version of the KKK to savagely stop the full Civil Rights Contract this New Nation has with the Emancipated ones to be completed, which will destroy the United States.


The citizenizing of the Emancipated Slaves into full “equal justice under the law” US citizenship “as is enjoyed by White citizens” is the American Dream of the Founding Fathers.


In light of this particular view of the illegal immigration issue in Arizona and elsewhere, racial profiling is null and void because Whites can’t be racist against Whites, nor can the experience of Hispanic\Latino ethnicity be equalized with that of the Black Emancipated Slave race.


In conclusion, the Hispanic/Latino Mexican, phony “Brown” La Raza claims of racial identity and suffering experience is now disqualified.


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