The Civil RightsShowdown




The Black "Mantle"


 Al Sharpton

  & The La Raza Spirit


Ted Hayes

& America's Black Shield

July 30th, 31st and August 1st 2010, Phoenix, Arizona, USA



It appears that Al Sharpton has really put in his "foot-in-it" this time by actually trying to “pimp” the highly special American Dream-saving Civil Rights Legacies and Heritages of the  Black Emancipated West African Slaves, which is...the "Black Mantle"

When the State of Arizona begins enforcing its federally based anti-illegal immigration-migration law SB 1070 on Thursday, July 29th 2010, Al  Sharpton of New York City has pledged to travel to Phoenix to protest the legislation even with major acts of civil disobedience.  See Whose Civil Rights Anyway? (+)

Over 70 % of Arizona residents favor the new law passed by the State Legislation as a just, fair, and non-biased law designed specifically to curb criminal activity in the Sunshine State of US Senator, the Hon. John McCain.

Yet, the African American, civil rights leader claims that his objection to the law is that it is racist and racial profiling against illegal immigrants, who happen to primarily be of Hispanic/Latino, especially Mexican "Brown" dissent.

Sharpton Aligns Himself With Racist Anti-Blacks

Therefore, Mr. Sharpton has erroneously joined their ongoing La Raza movement chorus of pejorative naming of American White US citizens who simply seek peace through law and order, as racist, Nazi-like, etc.

Mr. Sharpton, soils the Legacy of the non-racially biased, love-filled, Civil Rights struggles of our fore parents by networking it into a La Raza inspired, hate-speech-filled, so-called "Brown-Black" and/or "People of Color" coalition which clearly is an organized, racist affront against American White US Citizens. 

Sharpton Seeks To Abuse Black "Mantel"

Sharpton has dared to tasked to himself the irresponsible "action" of attempting to steal the sacred Black "Mantel" of our ancestors, forefathers and parents from off  the "national" shoulders of the nation's Emancipated Slaves, i.e., American Black US citizens and "network" it on to those of * illegal aliens via the justification of a so-called "Brown-Black" or an anti-White-Caucasian "people of color" coalition.

* "illegal aliens" is an actual, official US federal government term citizens of foreign nations within the United States without official permission from the proper federal authorities. It is not a derogatory sentiment.

"Clearly", Mr. Sharpton's strategy is not for the sake of the Compancinos and Companeros (+) , but rather to assist the multiple mix of movements warring to undermine the sanctity of the United States by applying the Black Mantel to the plight of  Hispanic/Latino illegal aliens who primarily hail from the United Mexican States.

Racist La Raza-ism and/or La Razi-ism

Based on the skin coloration of certain Hispanic/Latinos – Mexicans as being that of "*Brown”, Mr.  Sharpton has joined the racist anti-American, anti- Black, La Raza, Nazi, Ku Klux Klan (KKK), Nazi movement to destroy America.

 "Brown" thereby fraudulently making them a “racial minority” in the USA, which erroneously qualifies them for constitutionally mandated benefits for the Emancipated Slave peoples, yet, Hispanic/Latino is also the nation's "largest minority" being * 15 % of the general population, therefore worthy of a greater portion of American resources than Blacks with a mere 12.3 (?)  In their self generated specialized demographic identity, Hispanic/Latino - Mexican are now recipient of public and private entitlement from both ends of the spectrum.  Hence, they may "eat their cake and keep it too"

* According to census data, 15 percent of the nation's population is Latino, the second largest group after whites. Latinos are the largest minority group followed by blacks with 12.3 percent.

Treason and Betrayal

By his actions, Mr. Sharpton commits treason against the United States of America, as well as betrays the Black Emancipated Slaves by attempting to give the moral, spiritual, and Constitutional Civil Rights Act and Legacies, i.e., the Black "Mantel" to foreign civilian forces invading the only country that we American Black US Citizens have in this world..

America’s Black Shield is recruiting a coalition "army" of Patriot groups, organizations, movements and individuals from around the nation to travel to Phoenix in August to offer up a vigorous defensive tactic against the invading forces of civilian foreign nationals.

We have over 90 days to prepare ourselves for a major defensive in Phoenix to meet the forces of Al Sharpton that could potentially fatally break the back of illegal immigration and amnesties, while simultaneously moving our nation closer towards healing from its' racial-slavery wounds of the past.

ABS is recruiting “soldiers or Soul-Jahs of Justice” for the Phoenix Civil Rights Showdown.  If this action resonates with your American soul, and you are willing to come to Phoenix, committed to non-violent practice in free, democratic-republic demonstrations to defend America, please join us as we fight to keep the Black "Mantle" the Legacy property of the We the People of the United States of America"

For further information, clarifications and/or willingness to join this American Civil Rights "army" of Justice as well as to discuss the Civil Rights Revolution for Mexico and Mesoamerica (* visit,  please contact me at 424-222-6010 or Ted@TedHayes.US  or Terrance Lang at 310-438-9163 or  

Thank you for your vigilance and to stand for American Dream Justice

All the Best of GOD to you and yours,

Shalom in Jerusalem-Blessed Bethlehem

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