I L L E G A L    A L I E N S

T H E Y   A R E   N O T   E M A N C I P A T E D   S L A V E S

They Do Not Have Stripes On Their Scared Whipped backs

And we must not forget it, nor allow anyone Else To Nullifying The Race Weapon Part Iforget, either

As They Are Proud of Their "immigrant nation" Heritage...

We Must Embrace Our "Nation Built Upon The Backs of Slaves" Legacy

For This Is The Power That GOD Has Given To Us

See Emancipated Slaves-Freedmen Explained (+)

Racism Against Blacks and Theft of Our Black "Mantle" (+)

Amnesties Are Racist Against Blacks (+) The Two Struggles Are Not The Same (+) Racism and Theft of Our "Mantle" (+)