Dec- Independence

   *Special Exerpt
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Emancipation Proclamation


"HE has favored our undertaking"

But Does HE Still?


The Right To GOD S

The 740,000 died


Black Lives Matter

"Last Best Hope On Earth"


Radical Republican

Comprehensive Illegal Immigration Reform


The Moratorium Proposition


Shining Star of David

Heal America

Welcome  and Introduction

The Incredible

Mr. Patriot

We The People Civilian Intitution of Government Supervision
The Tetulary Presidency

Selected by consent of the governed
The Aspiring, Needed & Welcomed
Civil Rights, Homeless activist Leader

"Now is the Time"...to transcend...in order to save humanity from total destruction"

 Christmas, WWI 1914

103 Years Later...

"If they could then, we can NOW"

Compon Cricket Club

The Human Bubble Initiative

Then, Follow Me Now
See this wonderful music video about the homeless
By Santa Monica Sam