"Peace on earth, Good will
towards Human Beings"
[The Bible]

"If They Could Make Truce Then...
if but for a moment in the midst battle...

...We Can and Do so Now,
to prevent battle"

See WWI Christmas Truce of 1914
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* Google: "The Estonian Singing Revolution of 1987-1991"
"Now is the Time...for the global Wite Flag of Truce to transcend political, religious, class status, ethnic, and racial differences in order to save humanity"
We Surrender To Peace, Healing and Civility

It is the sacred objective of the HBI to rectifying the global homelessness situation in which there are over 2.5 billion humand beings - Zer0% of the total 7 billion without the protections of "home" (the majority of whom are Muslims) beginning with Los Angeles, the Homelessness Capital of the United States.
See Zer0% Homeless

Under the Truce of the White Flag, the HBI is does not require anyone to abandon their social, religious, poiltical beliefs to enjoin themselves with the most unprecendented movement in all human history, because they will apply them to our conjoined ultimate objective to fix the hole in the bottom of society, which is global homelessness. See "Hole In Bottom of Ship"

The world is caught in a vortex of division, which leads to wars (ideological and physical), is centered at the heart issue of the United States, i.e., homelessness.

Though We the People proclaim America to be "a nation of immigrants", meaning it is one of the homeless, our denial of that truth maintains and increases our confusion which cause our leaders to prioritize objectives that of no avail for national salvation. "...send these, the Homeless, the tempest tossed to me..." The Statue of Liberty

The divisive turmoil rampant in all sextors and levels of American societ y is rooted in the fact that the United States was born with potentiall fatal birth defect and constructed as "a house divided against itself".

Therefore, if the most powerful nation on earth is confused, divided and falling apart, so the world will follow suit. 

However, when the United States finally addresses its "name sakes" issue and resolve homelessness in America by the Presidential, Comprehensive, National Homelessness Plan in acknowledgement of the Obama chattel slavery - Civil Rights, covenant the swore in his Oath of Office before all nations and GOD Himself on January 21,2013.

Like the immense gravity of the Black Hole Singularity beyond the Event Horizon where the laws of physics cease to exist, the Truce in the weighty, Human Bubble Initiative crushes and condenses all political (left, right, middle), religious philosophies; class status distinctions; ethnic, and racial demographies into one, tiny focused, microscopic, point purpose for the sake of GOD's humanity and all of HIS creation.

Therefore, the HBI objecitve transcends them all, thereby making truce to a new birth of freedom, justice and peace, because we they will have entered into the commonality of our conjoined, right hand of fellowship to eradicate the injustices at the bottom of every society, regardless of their forms of government, etc.
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